I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer


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Published 01 January 1997
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EXT. - Camera pan over the ocean and around reapers curve. camera zero's in on a man sitting on top of reapers curve holding a silver medallion that says "I love you". The man is drinking. Fireworks are set off, it's the 4th of july.

EXT. - The croaker parade --- Floats are up and down the street and people are cheering.

INT. The Croaker queen contest.---

MC -

That's got to be the prettiest girl we've ever had in this competition, I tell you. Now let's welcome back our six finalist on stage, come on back out girls. There they are, pretty as can be I tell ya. were proud of you girls. you've worked hard.

On the balcony. Barry Cox, Julie James and Ray Bronson are cheering on Helen Shiver.

Julie - Look at her she was born for this.

Ray - I never knew her breasts were so, ample.

Barry - She does these exercises to pump 'em up.

Julie - Guys, I'm on sexist overdrive as it is, kill the commentary.

Back on stage

MC -

Now in the spirit of Mother Teresa what will be your comtribution to your community and the world at large?

Helen - Well Bob, at summers end I plan to move to New York City where I will pursue a career as a serious actress, it's my goal to entertain the world through artistic expression, through art, I shall serve my country.

Back to the balcony

Ray - Do you believe all this shit?

Barry - Work it babe. Their eating it up, look she's incredible.

Back to stage

MC -

And now. this years Croaker Queen is...Miss Helen Shivers

The crowd cheers as the announcers gives Helen her crown and septor.

Barry - That's my girlfriend, yeah!!!!

EXT. The streets of SouthPort --- On the street the song My Baby's Got The Strangest Ways is being preformed live by Southern Culture on the skids a hundreds of locals are parting.

Helen and Julie walk in.

Helen - How's my hair?

Julie - Hurricane proof.

Helen - Hey, it's all about the hair don't you forget that. especially when you become some big hot shot laywer those professional women types thinks its all about brains and ability and compleatly ignore the do'.

Julie - So the do's vital, got it.

Helens sister Elsa appears.

Elsa - Hey you riding with me?

Helen - No tell mom I'll be home late.

Elsa - Ah is little miss Croaker getting sauteed tonight?

Helen - Oh a twit with a wit.

Elsa - Eat me.

Max runs up to Julie

Max - Hey Julie, I brought you a shooter on the house.

Julie - Oh thanks Max but I have this mental block, can't get past the slime.

Max - How about I take you out before you leave town, you know kind of a bon voyage.

Julie - Ah you know, I don't think so.

Max - We've been friends since forever, now you cant just leave without farewell right?

Julie - Right.

Barry and Ray walk up .Barry takes the shooter from Max.

Barry - A toast to us, to our last summer of immature, adolecant decandence.

He drinks the shooter

Helen - Somebody's buzzed.

Barry (To Max) - Yo chumbake, take a hike.

Barry then pushes Max to the ground and a fight breaks out. Ray pulls them apart.

Helen - Barry their just friends.

Barry - Okay Ray just taking care of your girl like I promised.

Ray - Thanks, Buddie, now lets blow.

Helen - Yeah okay, lets beem down to Dawson's beach. Enjoy a ride?

Julie (To Max) - Bye.

EXT. Reapers curve --- Driving along the highway, driving very dangerously.

EXT. SouthPort beach --- The four friends are on the beach.

Ray - So the boy and girl are making out right? When they hear over the radio that this lunatic killer's escaped from an insane asylum, he gots this long sharp hook for a hand.

Barry - No, you're telling it wrong.

Ray - Shut Up! So the girl, she gets all scared right? And the boy, all hot and bothered, he gets pissed and peels out.

Barry - No, no, no no. That's not the way it goes, okay the boy goes for help and the girl stays in the car and she hears this scratching sound...

Helen (interupting) - It's not a scratching sound, it's a drip, drip, drip.

Barry - No. its scartching because the guys been hung from a tree limb and his feet are scratching on the roof of the car.

Helen - No, he's been decapitated and it's the blood for his severed neck that's dripping on the car going drip, drip, drip.

Julie - No he wasn't decapitated, he was gutted with a hook. That's the way I heard it.

Ray - You're all wrong, they get back to the girls house and find the lunatics bloody hook in the car door. Now that's the original story, that's the way it really happened.

Barry - Hey, hey none of it really happened, it's a bullshit ghost story to begin with .

Ray - No it's not, it's true.

Helen - Yeah I don't think so Ray

Ray - I swear it.

Julie - Please, it's a fictional story created to warn young girls of the dangers of having premarital sex.

Ray - Well actually honey, you know how terrified I am of your IQ but it's an urban legend, american folklore and they all usually originate from some real life incident.

Ray smiles.

Some time has passed on the beach and Helen is running around while Barry is laying on the ground.

Helen - So by that time, I will just be finishing my two year contract on Guiding Light, coinciding with your first year as starting quaterback for the steelers...

Barry - Cowboys!

Helen - Whatever. Then we can elope in Europe or the Caymans or wherever where I will let you impregnate me with the first of thrre children, before you head off to rehab and then we can live hapily...

Another part of the beach. Julie is walking alone on the beach calling out for Ray.

Ray (running behind her) - I'm gonna hook you!!

Julie - Hey Ray you don't really believe all that crap do you?

Ray - That's true.

Julie - Please, it's really a phallic symbol.

Ray - Oh really?

Julie - Yeah ultimatly castrated. God I'm gonna miss you.

They sit down on the sand.

Ray - You don't have to, you can always ditch this Boston thing and come to New York with me.

Julie - Yeah well we can't all sit in the village coffee house and ramble esoterically on our laptops. There just isn't enough room.

Ray - See, no one gets me the way you do.

Julie - I understand your pain

Ray - Precisely.

Julie - I hate this. I really hate this. You're gonna go off and fall for some head shaving-black wearing-tattoo covered-body peircing philosophy student.

Ray - That sounds attractive.

Julie - And I'll never see you again.

Ray - Hey, did you know the success rate of high school sweetheart realationships is higher than any other type of relationship?

Julie - Yeah? Name your source.

Ray then puts his hand on his heart. Julie begins to remove her jacket.

Ray - Are you sure?

Julie nods yes. Music comes up and the two begin to kiss as they lay on the ground.

Cut to - Helen and Barry at Barry's car. Barry wan't the keys to his car.

Helen - Okay manmeat give me the keys.

Barry - Who's car is this? Nobody drives my car but me.

Helen - I know that baby but the Croaker Queen has to get home now.

Helen then grabs the keys from Barry.

Helen - Thank you.

Julie and Ray walk up.

Helen - Hey you two.

Helen tosses the keys to Ray.

Barry - Give me my fuckin' keys.

Ray - You're trashed pal.

Helen - Come ride in the back with me, I'll let you do things to me.

Barry (to Ray) - Nobody drives my car but me you got that shit smear?

Ray - Loud and clear. Get in the car.

INT. Barry's car. --- Ray is driving, Julie is in the passanger seat and Barry and Helen are in the back seat making out. The car shifts and Barry sits up.

Barry - You can't drive for shit you know that?

Julie (to Barry) - Can you say Al-co-hol-ic???

Sappy music is playing on the radio.

Barry - What the hell is this crap?

Barry then puts on some thrash music and climbs out the sunroof while swilling back the booze and screaming. Barry then drops his bottle on Ray and the car starts to slide.

Julie - You asshole.

Ray - What's wrong with you?

Barry - WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

The car hits something hard and skids off the road.

Helen - What was that?

Ray - I don't know.

Julie - Is everybody okay?

Helen - Yeah

Ray - Maybe it was an animal

Barry comes down through the sunroof.

Helen - Oh my god you're bleeding.

Barry wipes the blood of his face.

Barry - It's not mine.

Ray - It must have been a dog or something.

Barry (screaming) - Jesus Christ, my fuckin' car.

They all hop out and look at the smashed up car.

Barry - Fuck! Can't you see where you're going??

Ray - Look, it came out of nowhere, I didn't see it.

Julie - A dog couldn't have done that.

Barry - Yeah well a fucking deer could.

Ray - You dropped your bottle, I was just...

Barry (interupting) - My dad is gonna freak on my ass.

Helen - It was an accident leave him alone.

Julie - Where is it? If it was a deer then where is it??

Ray - Maybe it ran off.

Helen - I hope so, I hope we didn't kill it.

Barry - Fuck that. Lets go.

Julie sees a mans boot on the side on the road with blood on it.

Julie - Oh my god.

She runs and picks it up.

Ray - No way.

Julie - Oh my god.

Helen - But I thought...

Ray - I didn't see it.

Barry - No there's no way.

Julie - Oh my god this isn't happening.

Barry runs and gets some flashlights out of the trunk of the car. They begin looking.

Barry - You check that side.

Ray - Yeah.

Barry - Come on Helen.

Julie screams in horror, there is a body laying on the side of the road.

Ray - I couldn't see him, I swear.

Helen - Is he dead.?

Ray - I don't know

Barry - Check his pulse.

Ray - No way

Barry - You're the one who rammed him.

Julie - Just do it.

Ray goes towards the body and checks his pulse.

Ray - I think he's dead.

Barry - SHIT....FUCK!!!

Helen - Who is he?

Ray - I can't tell, his face is all messed up.