iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone 7? How to Fix

iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone 7? How to Fix


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Description - Tried to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone, but iTunes won't sync music to iPhone? Here are the detailed steps for fixing such issue!



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Published 09 August 2017
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iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone 7? How to Fix The whole reason why you use iTunes is to play and organize your music, so it can be a huge pain when it can’t do something as basic as syncing your music with your iPhone. iTunes has an unfortunate amount of mysterious bugs, and it may not be immediately obvious why it’s not working.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is avoid using iTunes altogether and find a good third-party device manager that is more reliable. Either way, here are some tips on how to get around the problem when iTunes won’t sync music to iPhone 7.
How to Fix "iTunes Won't Sync Music to iPhone 7"
If iTunes won’t transfer music to iPhone 7 for some unknown reason, then it’s hard to fix. After some basic troubleshooting, you might be ready to tear your hear out because you can’t figure out what’s wrong. Rather than messing around endlessly with iTunes, you can take a completely different approach: useiPhone music transfertool.
iMyFone iPhone Transferis an ultimate iTunes alternative that can help you sync music easily. It is also faster and easier to use than iTunes.
Sync music to iPhone 7from iTunes/computer without ever opening iTunes. Transfer music to iPhone without covering old music library on iPhone 7. Transfer iPhone music to computer, iTunes, external hard drive, etc. Edit music info & playlists at will: name, artwork, albums, artists, etc. Transfer music, playlists, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, ringtones, photos, and many more. Support all models of iPhone/iPad/iPod and all version of iOS. Share music between many devices, even with different Apple IDs.
As you can see, iMyFone iPhone Transfer helps to liberate you from Apple’s restrictions in addition to helping you avoid using iTunes. If anything, it’s a good alternative to have in case anything goes wrong with iTunes. TunesMate works with just about any modern iOS device, so you can use it with your iPad or iPod, as well as with your iPhone 7.
iMyFone can fix “iTunes won’t sync music to iPhone 7”!
Step 1:Download and install iMyFone iPhone Transfer on your computer and connect your iPhone 7. Step 2:When iPhone 7 is detected, click “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice.”
Step 3:Select what kind of files you want to transfer and click Transfer.
When it’s done, you can find the added music in Music app on your iPhone 7.
Why use iPhone transfer instead of iTunes?
It is more user-friendly. You can transfer any kind of music, even if you didn’t purchase it from the iTunes store. You don’t have to worry about any of your music being deleted mistakenly. TunesMate automatically converts your music if they are not supported by iPhone 7 when you transfer.
7 Tips to Fix "iTunes Won't Transfer Music
to iPhone 7"
Here are some more tips on how to get your music to transfer from iTunes to iPhone 7:
Tip 1: Exit iTunes, then re-launch it.Sometimes this can fix the problem immediately
and you don’t need to go through any other complicated steps.
Tip 2: Update iTunes.If you’regetting Error (-54)or something similar when you try to sync your music, then the first thing you need to do is update iTunes. You can do this
on a PC bygoingto the Helpmenu in iTunes and clickingCheck for Updates.Justfollow the directions on the dialogbox and iTunes will download the latest version onto your computer.
Tip 3: Restart your computer.Occasionally, the problem is some kind of conflict with your drivers, so restarting the computer can fix it. After you restart, open up iTunes, plug in your device, and try again.
Tip 4: Reboot your iPhone 7.Make sure that your device is disconnected from your computer and reboot it. You can do this by holding the sleep / wake button until a slider comes up on the screen. Slide it to turn off your phone. Hold the sleep / wake button again until your iPhone 7 turns back on. After it is back on, connect it to your computer and try syncing it with iTunes again.
Tip 5: Swap out the cable.Your USB cable might be damaged and this could be the
reason why the data isn’t transferring correctly.
Tip 6: Make sure your computer is authorized.Just to double-check, go to the Store in iTunes and click “Authorize this computer” to authorize your machine. Input your Apple ID when it asks.
Tip 7: Try uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it on your computer.On a PC (Windows 10) by going to the Start Menu, clicking on Settings, clicking System, selecting Apps & Features, selecting iTunes from the list, and then clicking Uninstall.
Final Verdict
It can certainly be annoying when your iTunes won’t sync music to iPhone 7, but luckily there are many solutions. Probably your best option is to use a device manager like iMyFone iPhone Transfer because it is very stable and gives you a lot more freedom.