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La biodiversité au futur : quelles visions pour 2030 ? : Horizons_3_ENG


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Published 09 January 2010
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CommissariaT-GeNera oN sUsTaiNae eeomeNT SEPTEMBER 2010# 3
  lSS  EBTE Biodiersit in the ftre  n
  l REST S >Biodiersit foresight >Satial lanning >reen econom >ifestles >limate change  
          l TES blications genda ational and international meetings and conferences
Fght Unt Nw
2030 2050
“ht ltc cn f brioottwdeictni nenrgswi tnd ”
Editorial hn th dtd th t “dt” ctl twnt-f  g th cntt’ g w thtthe challenge as not onl rotecting remarable areas or secies bt facing  to a crisis a comlete oerhal of or relationshi ith natrecl n t f cl t wht ld t th dnc f th dn  lln  g N n hn ht h th n f dt n  d thn  th t fft  Td tw-thd f ct  ltd nd th cct snc th nd f th  ch g h n d n ndtndng th c f th dcln nd dntfng th cndl c dd t  f f chg  nt whch  ndctl th  f t lt  f cnc ctt t th ddln fd n  t  t tnd wll nt  ctd nd th f  tht clt chng wll cclt th c F Fnc l n th cnt n th wld th tw dcd hd wll  thf dc twn th lgt’  lng t nd d-t-d ctn fght h l tnt l t l Ft f ll ng lct nd dtng n d  dffnt ct scndl cnnctng th fct d  cntt wth ntctd chng n th cnc tl lnnng gclt nd ng Fnll nd t tntl ng tnt nd  f n n th f f lng t ttl lc t tct dt  ltcll  l n  cntt f cnc dffclt
ES TES d f th Fght mn
estionsnserst erNar CeassUs-aU-oUis CGDD:What are the major challenges for t ll th c n d nd whcht indd i  cnncd tht th biodiersit in rance dlg twn dcng ndclgcl ctl wll    tnl ct BC: tt nd clgcl c  th d nd cnngin  w th  th  dlnt ntdndnt chllng Th fit  t lng t c wtch f  dt cntn lc d n tctd  t n ll nd CGDD: What role do you see for foresightCGDD: How do you see the interaction  lc Th cnd  t dt  dncbetween an economic approach and a in these transitions? n f dt whch wll l territorial approach to biodiversity?BC:Fght llw  t tcl th lng t t nd n c th thn  fid n BC: tn tht cnc nl  tTh cnc ch nt tw gn tt Th thd  t t n dntg hwng th ftn nctd gn indd  l dt gtl t clgcl tnc f th “f” cnttn f dc th tnnc f ct fift  ctl dl- dt t hn wllng dntfng hd nd nd and t th c f nt ttg lc nd ct wh dc th c dt n  gn tt cn nl  th thn l nd th wh nfit f th t lcl d gnll td t   tnt ng t t th ntnl nd ntntnl ll Th  th lng t f l c f n f d- ch cn hl tln  ttl ct clt chng  gt flw
Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea, n chg f Gn Tchnlg nd Clt Chng Ngttn
Biodiersit n th ft which visions for 2030
eralded “nternal ear of biodiersit” b the nited ations 2010 shold not jst be a smbolic dateindd t  th nd f n ccl nd th gnnng f  nw dcd whch wll ndtdl  dc in th thd  f n - w thght t t t hd lght n th nw h  ntng  n f th cnttng n whch n Fnc  lwh n th wld   n th ft  fnc f ctn Ft f ll w hld ln th hth f  chngng ccl
2010, a pivotal year for biodiversity nd of a ccle…   th dt  whch t Tchge dnel thn  ttltnggnc n n hnnc td t tt thn  l  tll c f n f dt” nd n n th c f en cnt t tng dgdtn it  l th tgt dt f Fnc’ ntnl ttg dtd n  m dl t wll  n tnt t t tc thght th wld ft twnt  f th ntntnl cnntn whch ght th ntn f dt nt th lc dn r st 
…bt also the beginning of a decisie decade a   nt dt  wll l  th gnnng f  nw tg whch wll ndtdl  dc f dt tctn t  ll f lcl t ntnl t lnt in oct th Ng cnfncwll  n tnt t dfin nw ct glll Th  wll l n Fnc nd n e wth th tn f nw d t ttg t nd th   ntttnl gnd  wll l n   dcd whch n th Fnc-en cntt t lt wll  ch n tnt “nd-” th hng t f  nw Cn agcltl lc n
s a e assessment date 2010 ill also be the beginning of a ne stage h ill ndobtedl be decisie for biodiersit rotection”  th ddln f th fit h f lnttn f  dcdd wthn th fw dct n wt  th Gnll c Th   whl nw ttgc nttn n nwl ng gntn f chllng nd tnt nd th  f  th dfintn whch wll h t  ncldd n ttl f ttg f  dtn t clt cntl ng dfind chng nd f c f Fnc th
Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea