Make £2,000 Tax-Free Cash a Month with Matched Betting
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Make £2,000 Tax-Free Cash a Month with Matched Betting


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What would you say if I told you that you could earn up to £24,000 a year, tax-free, for around one hour of work a day? You really can with Matched Betting! You would probably ignore me or click away from what you think is spam. I was exactly the same, until I did a little research and tried it out for myself. I was astonished that it really does work!



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Published 08 June 2017
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Make £2,000 Tax-Free Cash a Month with Matched Betting
What would you say if I told you that you could earn up to £24,000 a year, tax-free, for around one hour of work a day? You really can with Matched Betting!
You would probably ignore me or click away from what you think is spam. I was exactly the same, until I did a little research and tried it out for myself. I was astonished that it really does work!
And yes, it is 100% legal and risk free.
Noǁ I͛ŵ Ŷot pƌoŵisiŶg LJou the ǁoƌld aŶd that LJou ǁill ďeĐoŵe ƌiĐh ďeLJoŶd LJour wildest dreams, but you can earn a decent amount of extra income to make life more fun and more comfortable.
I have been doing Matched Betting for around two years now and have earned £46,000 of tax free cash just doing it for an hour a day. Matched Betting has enabled me to get a mortgage, go on six holidays, buy a nice watch and I am well on my way to being able to find the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend.
As I have had so much success with Matched Betting, I created this site to tell as many people about this method as I can and hopefully it will make you guys a lot of money.
If you are interested in finding out more, please read on!
What is Matched Betting? Matched Betting is a great way of getting guaranteed profits through free bets offered by the many ďookŵakeƌs out theƌe. You͛ǀe pƌoďaďlLJ seeŶ so ŵaŶLJ adǀeƌts pƌoŵotiŶg these offeƌs, espeĐiallLJ
when the World Cup is on or a big fight is coming up. These offers are there to grab your attention and bet with that particular bookmaker. For theaǀeƌage puŶteƌ, it͛s pƌoďaďlLJ goiŶg to eŶd up iŶ them losing money, but not with Matched Betting.
Not only do you get to beat the bookies with introductory offers, there are thousands and thousands of ͚‘eload͛ offeƌs ǁhiĐh ŵeaŶs the pƌofits ĐaŶ keep ƌolling in.
First of all these are the terms you need to learn before we start betting:
Back Bet This is a normal bet where you bet for an outcome to come true. For example, you may bet on Manchester United to win and if it comes true, you win the bet. If the game is a draw or Man Utd loses, you will lose the bet. These bets can be placed with bookmakers such as Paddy Power and William Hill.
Lay Bet This is betting against an outcome to come true. For example, you may bet that Manchester United will not win a game. So, if Man Utd lose or draw, you will win the bet. Lay bets can only be placed on a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets.
Qualifying Bet A Qualifying Bet is the bet we place on the bookies website to unlock the Free Bet.
Free Bet A Free Bet is exactly what it says on the tin. We lay this bet in Betfair and get our risk-free profit.
So what is the actual process of Matched Betting?
So do you want the simple answer or the in-depth answer? The simple answer is: 1.Sign up to bookmakers and earn your free bet 2.Place your bets to cover all possible outcomes 3.Withdraw your profit and move on to the next offer
And the actual steps to making serious money are: 1.The first thing we need to do is register with a tool calledProfit Accumulatorfor your first two free bets. This tool will give you a step by step guide on how to do the bets and also save you hours and hours of searching for the bets yourself. 2.SeĐoŶdlLJ, LJou Ŷeed to ƌegisteƌ ǁith a ͚BettiŶg EdžĐhaŶge͛ suĐh as Betfair or Smarkets. A BettiŶg EdžĐhaŶge alloǁs us to ďet ͚foƌ͛ oƌ ͚agaiŶst͛ aŶ outĐoŵe oƌ to use the ĐoƌƌeĐt teƌŵiŶologLJ, ͚ďaĐk͛ oƌ ͚laLJ͛. This is crucial for Matched Betting and will be where most of the Matched Betting activity is done.
3.We then need to registeƌ ǁith aŶ oŶliŶe ďookŵakeƌ oƌ ͚ďookie͛ suĐh as Coƌal oƌ Ladďƌokes ǁheƌe theƌe aƌe iŶtƌoduĐtoƌLJ offeƌs suĐh as ͚Bet £ϱϬ aŶd get a fƌee £ϱϬ ďet͛.Profit Accumulatorwill tell you where these offers are. 4.IŶ oƌdeƌ to get the fƌee ďets ǁe Ŷeed to plaĐe a ͚QualifLJiŶg Bet͛ ďLJ ͚ďaĐkiŶg͛ aŶ outĐoŵe oŶ the ďookie ǁeďsite aŶd ͚laLJiŶg͛ oŶ the ďettiŶg edžĐhaŶge i.e. Betfaiƌ. The Pƌofit AĐĐuŵulatoƌ Betting Tool will show you the best bets to go for, so you do not need to think too much. 5.OŶĐe the ͚QualifLJiŶg Bet͛ has settled you should have an overall loss of a few pennies depending on the size of the bet. This is absolutely fine as we will make all our profit with the ͚Fƌee Bet͛ ǁhiĐh ǁill theŶ ďe Đƌedited to LJouƌ ďookie aĐĐouŶt.6.We then need to follow the same process as steps 4 and 5 and should end up with a healthy profit once the bet settles. 7.We then repeat this process with all of the other bookies in order to make some good money. 8.Subscribe to the paid service on Profit Accumulator to get all of the bets on a daily basis and keep making money every day. The process may seem time consuming and slightly complicated but the step by step guides will help you at first and you will eventually be able to do several bets really quickly in order to maximise profits. It just takes a little practice, I promise.
How much money is needed to start Matched Betting? This is a ƋuestioŶ that gets asked a lot. I͛ll ďe hoŶest, the ŵoƌe ŵoŶeLJ LJou haǀe at the staƌt, the ƋuiĐkeƌ LJou ǁill ŵake ŵoŶeLJ as LJou doŶ͛t Ŷeed to ŵoǀe ŵoŶeLJ aƌouŶddifferent betting accounts all the time. With that said, I only started with £200 and it took me about a month to finish all of the introductory offers which gave me about £1,500 in profit. From then on, I was able to bet fairly freely and make around £2,000 a month.
How much time does Matched Betting take and how much can you earn? The process at first can be quite confusing and might take a bit of time to get signed up to all of the bookies and build up your bank. However, in my experience, once you have done all of the introductory offers you should be very familiar and be able to do multiple bets very quickly.
I have seen a few people do literally every bet that they can find onProfit Accumulator,every day. Because of this, they are earning about £3-5,000 per month and it is essentially a full time job for them.
Personally, I do Matched Betting during my lunch break at work for an hour and also on the commute to work. I would say I do about 24 bets a day which are a mixture of qualifying and free bets. On average I make about £50-ϲϬ a daLJ iŶ MatĐhed BettiŶg ǁhiĐh isŶ͛t ďad foƌ a Đouple of houƌs work a day.
So really, you can make as much or as little as you want with Matched Betting. I enjoy doing it for a Đouple of houƌs a daLJ oƌ ǁheŶ I͛ǀe got tiŵe to kill and it definitely helps pay the bills. I would say you could easilyŵake £ϭϬϬϬ a ŵoŶth ďLJ doiŶg aŶ houƌ aŶd a half of ďettiŶg a daLJ, it͛s just aďout hoǁ much time and effort you want to put in.
Who can do Matched Betting? Absolutely anyone who is over 18 years of age, has a bank account and a bit of spare time can do MatĐhed BettiŶg. Most of the people ǁho do MatĐhed BettiŶg haǀe soŵe iŶteƌest iŶ spoƌts ďut it͛s certainly not a necessity as all you need to do is follow a process and the actual outcomes of a game or race do not matter.
A lot of the people I have introduced Matched Betting to have full time jobs and do an hour or so most evenings to supplement their income for a few luxuries in their life like a nice meal out or a city break.
The people I have seen make the most money from Matched Betting are stay-at-home parents who do a ďit of MatĐhed BettiŶg ǁhilst theiƌ little͛uŶ is asleep aŶd also studeŶts ǁho haǀe a lot of fƌee time to make money when not in class or out drinking.
So Matched BettingĐaŶ ďe doŶe ďLJ ŵost people, it͛s just ǁho is ǁilliŶg to put iŶ a Đouple of houƌs a day to see real profits.
What tools can help with Matched Betting?
Profit Accumulator Finding the best free bets and bonuses is extremely time consuming, and knowing what strategy to use to turn those bonuses into cash is not easy. This is whyProfit Accumulatoris the best tool out there.
Profit Accumulator shows you all of the most profitable offers available. Then, their videos literally walk you through the entire process step by step. All you have to do is watch the video, follow the instructions, and cash out your profit. It's that simple. Not only do they give you step by step guides to the first couple of bets which give you around £45 profit, but they offer extremely helpful benefits such as: Matched Betting Calculator- This tool tells you what bets to place and how much profit you will make
Unlimited Customer Support- Got any questions? Profit Accumulator has a dedicated customer helpline to help you make money Online Community- There is an online community of around 20,000 people where you can talk to other Matched Bettors and ask for advice and tips
PayPal When signing up to all of the bookies websites, it can be very time consuming having to put in your bank or credit card details in every single time. Most bookies allow you to use PayPal to deposit and withdraw money safely and securely and you only need to use your email address to make deposits and withdraw.
Skrill One of the frustrating things about Matched Betting when you first start out is having to wait for money to transfer between betting accounts and bank accounts, and ultimately affecting how quickly you can make bets and make a decent amount of money. Skrill makes this process incredibly quick and seamless and will have you making money much quicker.
Is Matched Betting Really Risk-Free? Matched Betting is completely legal, it has been tried and tested by hundreds of people and if you follow the process properly, totally risk free. Matched Betting is essentially a method that allows you to flip the script on the bookmakers by utilising their free bet offers.
Matched Betting is completely legal and many of the top bookmakers have said that they do not have a problem with this method.It͛s ďeeŶ Đoǀeƌed iŶ a lot of Ŷeǁspapeƌs aŶd ƌeputaďle ǁeďsites as well.
Go for it and make some money! As I said, I͛ǀe doŶe MatĐhedfoƌ a Đouple of LJeaƌs Ŷoǁ aŶd haǀeŶ͛t lost oŶe peŶŶLJ thƌough MatĐhed Betting and made thousands. It͛s iŵpoƌtaŶt to ƌead the MatĐhed BettiŶg guides fromProfit Accumulatorand really take all the information in and follow the steps to a tee. There are a couple of free bets to start with that will give you around £45 in profit. Once you are confident that this actually works, you can then subscribe to get all of the bet offers and be well on your way to making some decent money.
I am also happy to answer any questions you have on Matched Betting in the comments below as I know it can be confusing at the start. Once you have the process down, you will be making nice amounts of money fairly quickly. Happy Matched Betting and let me know how you get on!
Start your Free Trial of Profit Accumulator here and Start making £2,000 a month of tax-free cash!