On the Fence about Government Locum Tenens?
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On the Fence about Government Locum Tenens?


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http://www.vistastaff.com/job-board - What’s it like to work government locum tenens? The inherent benefits of locum tenens work are the same—including flexibility, job security, travel opportunities and more. But government work comes with some bonus perks.



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Published 08 February 2017
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On the Fence about Government Locum Tenens?
What’s it like to ǁork goǀerŶŵeŶt loĐuŵ teŶeŶs? The iŶhereŶt ďeŶefits of loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ǁork are the saŵe—including flexibility, job security, travel opportunities and more. But government work comes with somebonus perks.
You can expect financial advantages, simplified licensing and credentialing, actual work-life balance and the freedom to create your own schedule, with many exciting and different professional opportunities to choose from:
Serve the major branches of the militarythe Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines Make a difference in the lives of veterans at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities Bring much needed support to American Indians and Alaska Natives with Indian Health Services Make an impact on public health by supporting psychiatric hospitals or correctional facilities
Whether LJou’re doiŶg ŵilitarLJ or ĐiǀiliaŶ ǁork, ĐoŶtriďutiŶg to the Ŷedžt groundbreaking advance in medical technology or bringing care to underserved populations, taking a government locum tenens assignment comes with the chance to give back.
If LJou’re still ǁoŶderiŶg ǁhat it’sreallylike to ǁork at a goǀerŶŵeŶt faĐilitLJ, here’swhat two doctors have to share about their experiences.
͞MLJ patieŶts iŶspire ŵe…͟
Dr. “teǀe HolseŶďeĐk thiŶks of his ǁork as a psLJĐhiatrist at a ǁoŵeŶ’s adŵissioŶ uŶit iŶ a state ŵadžiŵuŵ seĐuritLJ foreŶsiĐ hospital as his ͞soĐial justiĐe joď.͟ He aĐkŶoǁledges that the advantages of state facility work are not readily apparent to many peers, but it won him over.
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͞“oŵe [of ŵLJ patieŶts] are seǀerelLJ disadǀaŶtaged aŶd soŵe are seǀerelLJ ŵeŶtallLJ ill. Their psLJĐhiatriĐ aŶd persoŶal histories are mixtures of tragedy, inspiration and perseverance. Few psychiatrists are drawn to this population, but they are ǀerLJ ŵuĐh iŶ Ŷeed of our serǀiĐes aŶd ǀerLJ appreĐiatiǀe.͟
͞EǀerLJ daLJ is a learŶiŶg edžperieŶĐe…͟
Dr. Duany describes every day at Muskogee VA Hospital (Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center) as a learning edžperieŶĐe froŵ his patieŶts. ͞If LJou’re a phLJsiĐiaŶ oŶ the feŶĐe aďout ǁhether to take a goǀerŶŵeŶt health Đare position, I would say give it a try. There is always something to learn from our ex-military personnel. Hear their stories. Give them some relief when in need. It becomes really hard to leave when you get to know a few of them. It becomes a Ŷeed to serǀe theŵ after learŶiŶg ǁhat ŵaŶLJ of theŵ haǀe ďeeŶ through.͟
͞The ǁork is douďlLJ reǁardiŶg…͟
Dr. HolsenďeĐk refleĐted oŶ the ripple effeĐt of proǀidiŶg support ǁhere it’s Ŷeeded ŵost. ͞As the patieŶts do ďetter, so does all of soĐietLJ… This joď ǁill test ďoth LJour adaptaďilitLJ aŶd deterŵiŶatioŶ, ďut the persoŶal reǁards are great.͟
Giving back through government locum tenens may be the greatest professional gift you can give yourself. Interested in learning more about expanding your medical career with government work?Contact VISTAtoday or visit ourjob board.
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