Phone Repair When Dealing with Water Damage

Phone Repair When Dealing with Water Damage


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Published 11 April 2017
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Phone Repair When Dealing with Water Damage
Out of all the ways that you can damage your smartphone, water damage is arguably the worst possible way. As we all know, electrics andwater don’t make good companions, so sending your phone for a little swim in something can be a bad idea. When that happens, you might be looking at an expensivephone repairoperation if you want to try and get it working right.
It can happen so quickly; you never have the time to react. Before you know it, an expensive and time consumingmobile phone repairservice is needed. That’s right;water damageinto a conventional mobile device today is sadly much easier to make possible than it should be. From slipping out of your hand directly into a drink through to an unfortunate slip in a public restroom,water damageto a phone can be an increasingly likely problem.
And when it happens, it can feel like the phone is ruined with no way back.
A Potential Solution for Phone Water Damage
Fear not, though;phone repairwhen dealing with water damage is possible. One of the most commonphone fixattempts to try before conceding defeat, for example, involves a rather peculiar technique.
First off, take the phone that is in need of repair, take it apart, and sit it out on a table. Go into the kitchen and grab a bag of rice. Pour the rice into a large bowl, and then place the phone in the bowl of rice. Make sure it’s more or less entirely covered, giving it around 24-hours to pass before you try and do anything once again.
So, let it sit out overnight and then put it all back together. Try switching it on.
Nothing? OK, no problem at all. It’s not always going to work at the first time of asking, so it’s worth considering leaving it for that extra 24 hours.
While a little time consuming, this is worth trying. If it does not work after the first day, try it againsometimes, 48 hours within the rice can make all the difference. It can take three, even four, days before the absorption ability of the rice kicks in and does the job it should.
This works because rice can absorb up much of the water, given that rice is one of the most absorbent forms of food on the planet. Using this allows for the rice to potentially suck up all of that excess moisture and even take the moisture right out of the damaged pieces of hardware, bringing them back to life.
Should you try this and it does not work, then you are in a bit of a pickle. It might be time then to consider bringing in tophone repair shopsnear you. Water damage in a smartphone can be fatal when it happens badly enough however if you are in Hackney area and need your Smart Phone Repairthan just step in Decent Mobile’sMobile Phone Repair ShopHackney and one of our team members will be more than happy to take a look and see if we can find a solution that works perfectly for you.