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Quit NOW NOT Later


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Quitting cigarettes is the hardest substance to quit. Well, second to junk food, but that’s another topic. Cigarettes are ranked harder to quit than cocaine, alcohol, and even heroine.



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Published 22 March 2017
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Quit NOW NOT Later!!
Why it’s Hard to Quit!
Quitting cigarettes is the hardest substance to quit. Well, second to junk food, but that’s another topic. Cigarettes are ranked harder to quit than cocaine, alcohol, and even heroine. After a while, smoking cigarettes becomes habitual, just like anything else. Essentially, your mind says “this is what you do daily, so this is what I’m used to.” It becomes normal and fulfilling to spark one up after a meal, when you wake up and sip coffee, I’ve even seen people spark one up after exercising. However, habits or routines are more linked to thepsychological addictionspectrum. This side of the spectrum, on the other hand, is not the prime reason for it being one of, if not THE, hardest addiction to quit. No. It is the fact that after that first cigarette, your BODY begins to believe it’s necessary. Food is necessary. Oxygen is necessary. Water is necessary. Though cigarettes are not, your body treats it as if it were food, water, or oxygen. Cigarettes create what is called aphysiological addiction.
Your BODY, not just your mind, is addicted to it. Thank thenicotine. The nicotine in cigarettes rush to your brain and create a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. As if you haven’t eaten all day, then you take that first bite of your sandwich. How satisfying. You NEEDED that sandwich, because you were starving. Smokers need the cigarettes as if they were starving. However, it’s not really the cigarettes they need, but the nicotine. Nicotine affects the brain as a drug, enabling an increase in the neurotransmitter dopamine, which causes a sense of pleasure. The dilemma is that your body is addicted to nicotine, but your mind is addicted to the ACT of smoking. This is why it's best to take up activities that will keep your mind and body occupied.
Why to Quit Smoking NOW!
It’s no question as to why you should quit smoking. The majority of the population can admit that cigarettes have a terrible effect on your body, mind, soul, and just your quality of life in general. However, the majority of people also don’t know the full risk of smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes do more than just mess your lungs up - even though the damage to them is tremendous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention label it the leading preventable cause of deaths in the U.S. To put in perspective, automobile accidents are labeled a preventable cause of death. Cigarettes kill more people in the U.S. than car accidents. Actually, it causes more deaths than Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Illegal drug use, Alcohol use, Motor vehicle injuries, and Firearm-related incidents… combined.
Cigarettes are linked to roughly 500,000 deaths annually. That’s half of a million people in the U.S. alone that die from cigarettes annually. I’m not trying to scare you, but the statistics are. Numbers don’t lie. How do cigarettes kill you? Studies show that smokers are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke, along with a higher risk of
Lung, Bladder, Blood, Cervix, Colorectal (Colon and Rectum),... (*inhales*)... Esophagus, Kidney, Ureter, Larynx, Liver, Oropharynx, Pancreas, Stomach, Trachea, and Bronchuscancer. Try saying that one time fast. Or try living with it. Neither would be easy. Not only does smoking increase the risk of developing these cancers, but increases the chance of them being fatal. So the smoker has a higher chance of getting cancer and dying from it.
6 Activities to Help Quit Smoking
This section is geared towards activities you can partake in to take your mind off of that cigarette. As I mentioned, your body is also addicted so more physical activities are the best way to go. 1.Exercising. The most obvious one, which can solve many problems. Going to the gym to exercise is a good activity in general, but really helpful when trying to quit cigarettes. It is physical, which occupies the body from NEEDING it.
Eat Healthy. After you take a jog, run, or hit the gym eat an apple. Or eat some almonds. Or make a smoothie. Savor whatever it is that you are eating. Enjoy it. Maybe go out to eat. Which brings me to my next alternative….
Spend time with friends and family. Preferably ones who do not smoke. Go out to eat with your friend. Take your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever, out to eat. Go watch a movie. Go out to the movies. Have fun with those around you that support you. Speaking of friends….
Quit together. Find friends that also want to quit and be each other’s motivation. A lot of the time people don’t have motivation. Other than their health or their family’s health, they don’t feel they NEED to quit. The fact is, you should quit when you WANT to quit. Not when you NEED to quit. Because by that time it is too late. You and your friends can motivate each other as if you were workout partners. You may be able to do the other activities with them as well.
5.Play a sport. Playing a sport you enjoy is a good physical activity to occupy your mind and body. This can be anything from basketball to baseball to golf. Playing a sport that you enjoy can be a good activity to aid your process of quitting cigarettes. 6.Be creative. Making a website, drawing, or even song. Creating something is a good activity to get your mind and body occupied and not focused on that cigarette. Also helps expand you views on just about everything. Nicotine Substitute Using a nicotine substitute is a proven effective way to quit smoking cigarettes. However, it's a tricky alternative however because it still keeps you addicted to that nicotine. On the other hand, it does help the process of quitting cigarettes which has other harmful ingredients in them as well.If you would like to try a nicotine substitute you may click on the image or name of the replacement.Nicotine Patches are the most popular and most effective nicotine replacement out of the three listed.
Nicorette Gum are another popular substitution that helps relieve the urge for nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes are also an alternative which are popular, but the least effective. Electronic cigarettes continue both the physiological and psychological addiction. Smoking electronic cigarettes are systematically the same as smoking real cigarettes, other than lighting up and inhaling all the harmful chemicals.However, as with the other alternatives, using them in the beginning could aid in the process of QUITTING. Quit Smoking Magic
There are many e-books on the topic of quitting cigarettes. The benefit of these are that it doesn't require you to take pill, use patches or gum, or anything regarding nicotine. It is strictly nicotine FREE!Quit Smoking Magicprovides a system that has a 98% satisfaction guarantee, and can cure your smoking disease in as little as 7 days. The author of these helpful books is a man named Mike Avery. He is a former smoker for 20 years He's done countless research on the topic Him and this product has hundreds of positive reviews This product evengives your money back within 60-daysif you don't see a difference. With this product you'll learn how to:Quit smokingfast Avoid spending EXTRA money to help you stop Avoid withdrawals and mood swings Avoid Cravings and restlessness Avoid changes in appetite Force yourself to quit smoking QuitsmokingNOW NOT later
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