Shopify Integration with the Help of API
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Shopify Integration with the Help of API


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Published 08 July 2014
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Shopify Integration with the Help of API
While conductingeBusinessmerchants have to deal with a lot of problems.APIis considered to be the best solution for the issue. It provides merchants with very beneficial opportunities.  Allthe data manipulations are easy as anything with API. Furthermore, it is akey to successwhile conquering the market . Analyzing all digital market’s demands, it is worth to mention thatintegration between different platforms and services with the help of API, is increasingly required.
Step by Step
1. ShopifyIntegration 2. Whatis API2Cart 3. API2Cart’sBenefits
Shopify Integration
Shopify is powerful shopping platformwhich is reasonably in the top position among various shopping carts
8 years of successfulwork and an army of plethora adherentsmore than100 000 online shops are powered by Shopify
Shopify Integration
Integrate your eBusiness soft with Shopifyin order to increase your income
Retrieve, update and sync various data from your clients’ stores on Shopify and integrate it with your software with the help of API
What is API2Cart
A robust solution for the problem is API2Cart ,a unified shopping cart data interface that provides single API to work with 30+ e Commerce platforms
API2Cart’s Benefits
Dozens of customers have already integrated with Shopify with the help ofAPI2Cart
4 mln API callsare served by API2Cart per month 1000+ online storesare supported, which is definitely not a limit products, prices,customers, orders and other informationcould be retrieved, added, updated and synced
API2Cart provides you with quick and secure Shopify Integration which is a crucial factor of success for such eCommerce systems:
Mobile Commerce
Challenge: Have troubles with synchronization of e Commerce and mCommerce stores functionality?
Solution: with API2Cart get products, customers and orders from online store and transfer them to mobile one sync an estore with mstore including products, prices, orders, categories, customers, etc.
Email Marketing System
API2Cart’s Benefits
Challenge: Have difficulties with retrieving customers info from Shopify store in order to implement highly efficient email campaigns? Solution: API2Cart will help you seamlessly retrieve and synccustomers’ names and email addresses with ease
Accounting System
Challenge: Faced with obstructions of keeping record of accounting transactions or managing receivable as well as payable accounts?
Solution : get and update customers’ info, product count, orders’ list, pricesand other necessaryinformation as easy as pie
Inventory Management
Challenge: Puzzled with keeping track of inventory, proces payments and replenishing stock levels?
Solution: retrieve information on inventory and stock leve including products, prices, orders, products quantity, categories, etc.easily and effortless