Shopping online with credit

Shopping online with credit

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Shopping Online With Credit Buying goods on credit from catalogues has been a very popular method of purchasing goods in the UK for a number of years.



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Published 14 February 2015
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Shopping Online With CreditBuying goods on credit from catalogues has been a very popular method of purchasing goods in the UK for a number of years. However, recently the way that these companies operate has changed, as rather than being sent a catalogue, people now choose the items they want to purchase by browsing online. The concept of these pay monthly catalogue still remains the same though.
Catalogues with credit allow people to purchase items and then pay for them on a monthly basis. Applications will be determined by your credit rating, but there are still options for consumers with apoor credit history. Somewhere in the description of the product, the monthly payment will be indicated. The total amount of months that you have to pay for the item will vary between products and will be based on a number of factors, including total cost of the item. You will receive a statement of your account every month, and the total amount that you owe for that month will be indicated on the statement.Another feature that catalogues often offer is something called Buy Now Pay Later. This is usually available on individual products that cost over a certain amount, or you may be able to buy a number of items as long as you spend more than the specified amount in total. You will then have a certain amount of months before you have to begin paying for these items. If you pay them off before this period ends, then you will usually avoid any interest charges.Many established catalogues now use this method for people to view their catalogue includingLittlewoodsandGrattan. There have also been new companies that have only ever operated online such as Very. Using catalogues is a very popular way to buy larger items for the home, as it allows you to spread the cost which makes these items more affordable.