The Easiest Way to Start Losing Weight with Green Smoothies

The Easiest Way to Start Losing Weight with Green Smoothies


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Published 02 November 2016
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The Easiest Way to Start Losing Weight with Green SmoothiesWhat if I toldyou there was a REALLY easywaythatyou can lose weight byonlychangingone little thingaboutyourself?Wouldyou think that I was makingthis stuff up? Well, I’m here to tellyou thatyou reallycan do somethingthat onlytakes 510 min a dayto do. What is this magical hack that I am talking about?
Making a Green Smoothie…
That’s right, just by eating more green smoothies you can drastically increase your health tremendouslyand its as easyaspie, literally. Green Smoothies are chalked full of nutrition and nutrients that not onlytastegood when mixed together but theyare also the buildingblocks of anyeffective diet or weight lossplan. Almost everyone who I work with tells me that addinggreen smoothies into their dailylife has completelychanged the waytheybothLOOKandFEEL.
I can completelyunderstand this and it doesn’t surprise me as I was once in that exact same boat. Green smoothies were mygatewayinto a healthier lifestyle and wayof living. After livingthe wayI am todayI can nevergo back to how I was before. Ifyou would like to read more about how Green Smoothies have changed my life check outmy story.
What’s in a Green Smoothie?Let’s take a second and look at an example of agreen smoothie that I had this morning.
My Blueberry Green Smoothie
2 cups of fresh spinach2 cups of almond milk1 tbspof hempseeds1 banana1 cup of frozen blueberries
Take a second to look at all thegood stuff thats in thisgreat tastinggreen smoothie. Now I wantyou topictureyourself eatingall that over the course of a dayor a meal as if each ingredient was separate from itself. Ifyou are like meyou areprobablythinkingthats horrendouslydisgusting, and it isBUTif you mix it all together in a smoothie it tastesAMAZING. This is thegame changer, whoever invented green smoothies was literally a genius.
This is the Power of Green Smoothies You are getting amazing nutrition, it tastes good, and whats best of all, its the easiest thingin the world to make. You don’t have to dirtya lot of dishes and you don’t need to spend a lot of time preppingyour food ether.Allyou need to do is toss it all in ablenderand you are good to go!
The number one wayyou can increaseyourhealth,nutrition, and tolose weightin the easiest waypossible is to start eatinggreen smoothies. Even if youjust started having23green smoothies a weekyou will be tremendous increasing your health.Try having one everyday and you will be flying!
Can Green Smoothies Be Bad For You? Iget thisquestion asked a lot byclients I work with and to answer it honestlyit all depends. I know a lot ofpeople throwgarbage into theirgreen smoothies and like to think theyare eatinghealthybut over here we do things all natural, and ifyou follow meyou willget results from doingso. Youget results bydoing things right, no cheating.
As longasyou keepyourgreen smoothies free of dairy, andprocessed sugars, for the mostpartyou should be fine. Remember,you should be usingplant based foods with maybe some nuts of seeds to add a little bit of extra healthy fats and protein to your smoothie, especially if your are vegan. If you regularly drink cows milk regularly, tryalmondor coconut milk instead.
What’s Next?Nowyouprobablyhave ageneral idea of what agreen smoothie is now and this is what I used to dramaticallyincrease myhealth when I first started myjourneytowards better healthjust a fewyears ago. There is a lot more to it though and in the nextpost I’mgoingto showyou howyou can make the perfect green smoothie.
Staytuned for thatpost comingupin the next few days. Ifyou would like to learn how to lose weight, feel amazingand have an endless supplyof energycheck out my FREE email course you can enroll in byclicking here.