The science of Santa

The science of Santa

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The science of Santa FUNDAMENTAL STATS Approximately 2.



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Published 01 April 2015
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The science of Santa
Approximately 2.2 billion people Santa has approximately 36 hours
identified as Christian in 2010 to deliver all of his presents
• A straight line around the equator is about• Assuming a standard glass of milk
25,000 milesis 8 fluid ounces, that means Santa
drinks about 137 million gallons of
• Santa and his reindeer would be travellingmilk over the night.
at 694mph
• A human stomach can hold two to
Santa would be travelling somewhere aroundfour liters of liquid
Mach 2
Santa would be able to skip 4.2 million
Santa would get hit with more than 17,000gs,glasses of milk
or more than 4 million pounds of force
Santa would be drinking 1.3 million
• Even the most optimistic estimates say thatbottles of sherry wine in an hour
100 gs of sustained force would probably kill
a person
• Let’s pretend all 2.2 billion people have been• If Santa were a person, he’d have
‘nice’ and all want an action figure weighinglate-onset diabetes by the 3rd hour
7.2 ounces.
• Assuming each household in the
• That means Santa’s sleigh would be haulingwhole world leaves out two chocolate
500,000 tons of toyschip cookies, at each house he would
stack up: 170 calories, 14g of sugar
If it’s a Barbie doll, the total would be uppedand 8g of fat.
to nearly 700,000 tons
In total that’d be: 374 billion calories,
500,000 tons travelling at 694 miles per33,000 tons of sugar and 151,000 tons
second creates enormous air resistance - of fat
this will heat up the reindeer in the same
fashion as a spacecraft re-entering the
earth’s atmosphere
• Assuming Santa’s running an 8-minute
mile, he’d have to run for about 109
centuries, or 109,000 years in a row,
without eating to burn off the calories
from just those cookies