The Stages in the Hair Growth Cycle

The Stages in the Hair Growth Cycle


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The Stages in the Hair Growth Cycle You probably underesimate your hair a lot, thinking that it is not important or the growth doesn’t involve too complicated or diicult process. Well, things are far more complicated than what meet the eyes.



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Published 29 September 2016
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The Stages in the Hair Growth Cycle
You probably underesimate your haIr a lot, thInkIng that It Is not Important or the growth doesn’t Involve too complIcated or dIîcult process. Well, thIngs are far more complIcated than what meet the eyes. ïf you can understand the cycle of the haIr growth, It wIll help to maIntaIn your health and your own beauty rouine.
Hair and Its Origin The fetus wIll develop haIr follIcles when they reach week 22. By thIs stage alone, they wIll have 5 mIllIon of follIcles on the body, scaered from the head to other areas of the body.
The haIr follIcles alone have two structures: the follIcles and the sha. The follIcles look lIke a tunnel that wIll go down to the dermIs area. There are several dIFerent layers wIth dIFerent funcions. The follIcle Is surrounded by the sheaths, whIch consIst of the outer and Inner layers. Sheaths and the follIcles wIll form the haIr sha.
The Hair Growth Cycle The haIr has Its own cycle. Naturally, the cycle Is dIvIded Into three Important stages. Anagen. ït Is the most acive stage In the cycle. DurIng thIs stage, the cells are dIvIdIng quIte fast. The new haIr wIll be formed and they wIll push the club haIr up through the follIcle and out the scalp. The club haIr Is the haIr that has stopped growIng. ïn thIs stage, your haIr wIll grow for about 1 cenimeter In 28 days. DIFerent people wIll have dIFerent length of anagen stage. Some people may have a very acive anagen stage whIle the others may have a short anagen stage. Keep In mInd that the haIr on the eyebrows, eyelashes, legs, and arms have a dIFerent acive phase, whIch makes It dIFerent from the haIr on your scalp. That’s why the haIr on those areas Is usually shorter than the scalp haIr. ThIs stage Is usually more acive In summers than In wInters. Moreover, AsIan people somehow have a longer perIod of thIs stage when compared to CaucasIans and AfrIcans. Catagen. ït Is the transIional phase whIch lasts for around two weeks – three weeks tops. DurIng thIs stage, the haIr growth wIll stop. The outer root sheath wIll shrInk and then aached to the haIr root. ThIs formaion Is known as the club haIr. ThIs Is the resing stage and It Is happenIng to 8% of the haIr. ThIs stage generally lastsTelogen. for 100 days for the scalp haIr and longer for the arms, legs, eyebrows, and eyelashes. ThIs Is the resing stage for the haIr follIcle. Club haIr wIll be formed completely. ïf you pull out a haIr, you should see a hard, whIte, dry, and solId materIal on the haIr root. You can expect 25 to 100 telogen haIr to shed every day.
Stress and an Inadequate dIet wIll aFect the rate at whIch your haIr grows and how long It stays In Its resing phase. UsIng haIr growth drops such as Crece Pelo Gotero –hp:// your scalp wIll nourIsh the scalp, ighten your follIcles and prevent your haIr from fallIng out prematurely. ïf you apply a lot of pressure on your scalp, such as when you wear ight restrIcive haIr styles, you wIll pull the haIr strand out of Its follIcle and may cause the follIcle to enter Its rest phase before It was meant to. So be very careful wIth the way you style your haIr. AIm to use products that feed your scalp wIth nutrIents that encourage healthy growIng haIr.