The Truth About Magnesium Citrate Weight Loss
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The Truth About Magnesium Citrate Weight Loss


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Description - In this free ebook you will find out the truth about magnesium citrate weight loss and if it can really help you lose weight as many claim. You'll find out things like: Is it a safe weight loss product? Is it effective? Is it a good long term weight loss solution?
Make sure you read this so you know the truth before you try this weight loss supplement.



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Published 12 February 2017
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The Truth About
Magnesium Citrate Weight Loss

Fat burning can be quite difficult. I know it sure was for me. There always seem to be
certain areas in your body where trying to lose all that fat seems next to impossible.
That bit of a tummy, those little bulges on your legs or under your arms. It can be really
embarrassing. It really made me re-think a lot of my choices for clothing. Rather than
choosing something a little more form-fitting, I noticed I was choosing things that were
a little more loose fitting – like I was trying to hide my body a bit.
I was always self-conscious about how I looked to others, but worse than that – I was
not happy with how I looked to myself and it really affected my self-confidence.
And it’s things being promoted like magnesium citrate weight loss that really gets my
blood boiling.
Stuff like this is often another marketing trick designed to sell so-called “weight loss
Here’s the truth about magnesium citrate and weight loss: it doesn’t work.
Do you want to know what magnesium citrate is used for? It’s a saline solution designed
to relieve occasional constipation.
Can you lose weight using a laxative?
Sure you can.
But you’ll put that weight back on as soon as you begin eating.
And using a laxative as a continual weight loss solution is a recipe for MAJOR health
issues – if it even works as part of a long term weight loss scheme. Why does this bother me so much?
Because it gives people false hope when it comes to losing weight.
In addition to that, then when people don’t achieve their weight loss goals then they
lump all fat burning products, diets and exercise together as being something that
doesn’t work, when the truth of the matter is that there are legitimate weight loss
programs and products out there that do work.
There aren’t a lot of them, but they are out there and I was pretty lucky to discover them
fairly early on.
Some people have had the misfortune to have to search for years and spend thousands
of dollars before finding out what I discovered.
But with my discovery and fairly short weight loss journey, I’ve not only begun losing
weight and getting my figure back, but my self-confidence is at an all-time high.
I can’t begin to explain how absolutely incredible it feels to not only feel sexy but to
LOOK sexy. To be able to look in the mirror and actually smile at what you see. To be
able to fit into clothes that you thought you’d have to throw away – to be able to wear
the clothes and styles that you want.
But it was really hard to do before I found my solution.
I tried all kinds of crash diets and only ended up fatter.
I bought gym memberships and did hours of cardio and it made no difference.
I picked up weight burning supplements my girlfriends recommended – but they didn’t
work either.
I can honestly say I feel like I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I was heavier, felt and looked worse than before I had started and was living in a cloud
of despair – figuring that nothing would work for me and that I was doomed to carrying
around that extra weight for the rest of my life.
And then I found something that actually worked. I mean really worked.
It turns out that I was listening to advice that wasn’t going to work no matter how I
It was incredible to find out that I could get the results I wanted without having to work
as hard as I had been before.
And my solution came in two parts: the exact usage of certain fat loss supplements and
specific exercises.
And following the plan is really important, as after I started getting results, I thought I
could make some changes to what I was doing and guess what? I started putting on
weight again!
But more on that later – first I want to get into how certain fat burners can help speed
up the fat loss process. The process of losing weight isn’t always an easy one (I sure
know that!) but if you continue to work at it like I did, you can see incredible results.
The Lows Before The Highs
Let’s be honest, we all went through that rough patch before getting to the clearing on
the other side. See if you can relate to some of these experiences.
At some point we joined the gym with the hopes of leaving with trim figures just like the
people we see on the brochures and TV ads. What we were not prepared for was the
amount of work and time we would have to put into it to achieve that ideal body. Soon enough we lost a little weight and were proud of ourselves but would still wolf down a
few chicken nuggets when we got home and plopped down on the couch. Obviously this
was not going as well as expected.
The trips to the gym became more dreaded and when the weight loss stopped, and the
belly fat did not melt off, we gave in. And that was the last we saw of the gym.
We even tried the protein bars and the shakes to build on our non-existent muscles.
Instead of decreased body size, the pants became a little snugger. This is not what we
wanted! This is not what we signed up for. We needed to change the course of things as
soon as possible. So we looked for the slim teas and pills that everyone raved about. All
these made us do was heave a lot and we ended up really dehydrated. Sometimes
getting up was a problem and our bodily functions were not right. This was becoming
too difficult. Then we did a little research on these pills.
What in the World Are Fat Burning Pills?
I would call the one that works a lifesaver – the rest are money wasters. Officially
though, fat burning pills are pills made up of chemicals and herbs. They usually contain
thermogenic ingredients; this means they raise the body’s temperature to a much
higher level to make the body burn more fats and calories. This supercharges your
metabolism and is what helps you look slimmer. There are hundreds of fat burning pills
to choose– with many of them not working at all!
How the Heck Do Fat Burners Work?
We all love to eat and at times we tend to overindulge a little – thinking the exercises we
do afford us the luxury of being able to overeat a bit, thinking these fat burners will
make up for it. Many types of fat burning pills can help you lose weight fast by decreasing your appetite, increasing your metabolism and giving you that extra energy
kick. Let’s break it down into much simpler terms: the higher your metabolism, the
faster your food is broken down and the more calories you will burn. This in turn leads
to weight loss and building more muscle which we all want to achieve in the end.
This is the main thing that worked incredibly for me with the fat burning pills I used –
they stopped me from eating too much. In fact, I felt full more often which reduced how
much I ate and as a result how much weight I put on. (I’ll give you a link to the exact
product I used below.)
But it’s important to know that burning pills work really well when paired with a good
diet and some exercise to achieve maximum desired effect. In fact, if you aren’t
following a proper exercise program, your weight loss results will be dramatically
limited – and this was the second big factor in my success finding a very specific
workout program that was backed by science and actually gave you results. You can see
one of the best training programs I’ve ever come across here if you’re interested. Or you
can always look through some of the programs put together at
Why Use Fat Burners At All?
This journey of fat loss begins rapidly and results are easily visible within the first few
weeks once you’ve started using the correct fat burner and an exercise program that
works. After some time however, the progress seems to slow to a crawl. Before, you
used to be able to make a lot of fast progress which kept you motivated. Once you reach
this point, the process of maintaining gets harder. Needless to say, if you don’t maintain
what you’ve worked so hard to get you could find yourself quickly losing all of all the
progress made and easily regress which would defeat the purpose of the whole fat loss
process. We wouldn’t want that at all. We want to keep improving. And this is where fat burning pills come in as they can help target those areas where fat loss is a bit more
stubborn – it’s what kept me on track and seeing results.
Increasing Your Energy FAST
These pills contain stimulants that make you energetic. Increased energy levels are as a
result of thermogenesis; your body gets hot and you need to expel this energy one way
or another. Working out is a good way to burn the excess energy and as a result there is
an increase in the amount of fats being burned in the body. The extra energy helps burn
more calories. And the less fat you have available to burn, the more difficult it becomes
to lose it. I’ve found that fat burning pills can help in this area and make one less cranky;
giving you more energy to workout and once I’ve completed the workout it helps put
me in a better mood in the process. The specific fat burner I used gave me a good shot
of energy, and I’ll show you exactly what it is below – as soon as we cover a couple more
things that are critical to your success.
Two Key Points to Supercharging Your Results
You cannot expect fat burning pills to serve their purpose if you keep indulging in all the
wrong foods. Yes, you will have to adjust your diet a bit.
I didn’t go crazy, but I did start to eat a bit cleaner and cut out some of the junk food I
If you keep your diet the same you will probably still see some results, but the results
won’t be as quick or as dramatic as if you adjust your diet at the same time.
These pills work effectively when paired with the right diet. Greasy foods like fried
chicken and French fries could counter the effects of the fat burning pills.
In addition to that, to burn calories effectively, you need to follow an effective workout
routine, which you can either put together yourself or you can follow one an expert has
put together for you that is guaranteed to work.
WARNING: Moderation Is Important
Fat burning pills contain stimulants. If these pills are taken in excessive amounts, our
bodies become very dependent on them thus making us weaker in the process. Regulate
the amount taken to reduce such effects and for a healthier body. If you take them in
moderation, you can easily stay on your sleep pattern and you will be less jittery all day.
The caffeine in them gives you a kick start which is best handled by regularly working
out to burn off the excess energy. They can also dehydrate the body, so make sure you
drink more water to keep the body properly functioning.
What You’ve Been Waiting For……!!!!
Ok now that I’ve given you all of the background information about fat burners, how
they work, how you need to follow a good exercise programs and that you need to
watch your diet, I feel confident giving you the link to the fat burner that I used. You can
see it here.
I found this supplement to work really well – fat seemed to melt off me faster than
anything else I’ve ever tried.
And there are a lot of other people who have had similar (and even better) results than I
had – but with all the success and fame of this supplement, you need to be aware that
there are a lot of companies out there who develop fake and knock off products to steal
your money.
I don’t say this lightly. Some companies have been caught with little to no of the essential fat-burning
ingredients in their products, and others try to sign you up for automatic rebilling.
This is where they offer you a free trial (or ask you to just cover the cost of shipping) in
exchange for your credit card and they send you some of their product.
Then they automatically ship new product and bill you at a new, much higher price.
The people who have fallen into this trap have found that it’s next to impossible to stop
them from continuing to charge your credit card.
That’s why I’ve linked to the exact company I purchased the fat burner from, as they are
honest and don’t engage in this sort of fraud.
Again, you can check it out here.
Final Action Plan Checklist
As I’ve mentioned, in addition to getting a fat burning supplement, you need to make
sure you’re watching what you eat and exercising.
But if you’re following an effective exercise routine watching your diet and using the fat
burning pills I’ve recommended you should be seeing amazing results in no time.
So here is your action plan checklist:
1) Get the proper fat burning supplement here.
2) Get an effective workout program. You can put together your own workout
program by following some of the advice at or you can get
a program put together by a pro that’s been proven effective and has a guarantee
of results here. 3) Watch your diet. I recommend by gradually changing your diet to eat a bit
cleaner and begin gradually reducing the amount of junk food you eat. Don’t try
to radically change your diet all at once or you won’t be able to maintain it.
Instead make tiny, easy to follow changes that you can sustain and keep doing
until you’ve developed a habit.

The most important thing for you to do is to start on the action plan RIGHT NOW. Don’t
procrastinate. Don’t put it off for later or wait for a “better time.”
The best time to make a positive change in your life is right now – begin taking some
steps towards achieving your fat loss goals today.
You can be healthy. You can lose fat. You can have the body you want. You can look and
feel incredible.
It`s just a matter of getting started and following the 3 simple steps I`ve listed above.
Just don’t fall into different weight loss scams like magnesium citrate weight loss.
I wish you the best of luck in achieving all your fitness goals,