Tips For Keeping Your Childrens Teeth Healthy

Tips For Keeping Your Childrens Teeth Healthy

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Tips For Keeping Your Children Teeth Healthy Keeping yourrola health atits prime is of utmost importance. You cultivate good oral health habits at an early age.



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Published 11 September 2015
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Tips For Keeping Your Children Teeth Healthy
Keeping yourrolahealth at its prime is of utmost importance. You cultivate good oral health habits at an early age. Therefore, it is important to instill in the minds of your children the need to protect their teeth and keep it healthy while they are still young. However, oral health isn’t just about the teeth. The gums and bones around the teeth are also of the essential. Do not miss out on them when creating a healthy oral care routine.Importance of Healthy TeethYourchildrenwillbenefitfromhavinga healthysetofwhiteteeth.Whenyoukeep your children’s teeth clean and healthy, it will minimize the build up of bacteria and plaque -‐ that can damage your teeth over time. On top ofdamagingyourteeth,itcanalsoresult to gum disease or cavities. According to the pediatrics dentists atBensalem Pediatric Dentistry, when your kids eat a meal, sugar combines with bacteria to form acids that willconsume your gum tissue and tooth enamel. This can cause your teeth and gums tobecome swollen, red and develop holes. Moreover, it can even get inflamed if you waittoo long to treat it.
Teaching Your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth
It is one thing to get your children to understand the importance of having healthy teeth. It is another issue altogether when you have to convince them to improve their oral care routine. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to combat this problem: Brushing at least twice daily. According to S o u t h P h i l a d e l p h i a dental experts from Philadelphia Dental Arts, brushing your teeth at leasttwo times a day is the minimum requirement for optimum oral health. Ideally, your kidsshould brush their teeth after breakfast and before going to bed.
Quality but thorough brushing. There is no right or wrong way to brush your teeth. It is important to use gentle but thorough strokes to ensure that you can get rid of bacteria or buildup in and around your child’s teeth and gums. Make sure they brush their teeth at least two minutes every session.
Soft bristledbrushisthebest.As -‐ mentionedabove,yourchild shouldusegentlebutthorough strokestoensuretheirteethare healthy.Todothis,youwill need touseasoftbristled brush.This meansthatyouare gentleonyour teethwithout sacrificingtheability tocleanitand ridofbacteria.
Always use mouthwash. When you are teaching your kids to clean their teeth, it is a common mistake to focus solely on brushing. The use of mouthwash can also provide a host of benefits such as getting rid of bacteria, debris or any object that might be left behind when you brush. You need to check the mouthwash you are using to ensure that it is approved for use on kids.
Always supervise your kids even at a young age to ensure that they learn how to protect their teeth. Aside from encouraging them to brush and floss regularly, you need to teach them what food and drinks can be most damaging to their teeth. The sooner you get started on developing a healthy oral habit, the better!