Tips To Remove Flatbed Tarps Easily

Tips To Remove Flatbed Tarps Easily


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Tips To Remove Flatbed Tarps Easily Applying and removing tarps is part of the job for the flatbed trucker.



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Published 20 June 2016
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Tips To Remove Flatbed Tarps Easily Applying and removing tarps is part of the job for the flatbed trucker. It can be a rather annoying part of the job when the wind is blowing or loads have sharp edges to contend with, so the best thing any trucker can do in this regard is pay attention to other drivers in order to learn all those little things that make flatbed tarp application and removal easier. We have addressed applying tarps in other posts, but for this post, we will concentrate on tarp removal. Needless to say that most truckers get better at tarp removal with practice. Below are a few examples of little things you can do while you learn.
Fold Sides up First After 500 miles of interstate driving, there is a big temptation to undo your straps, grab one corner of the tarp and start pulling. You may get lucky on a load that has no sharp edges and is not oddly shaped but more often than not, the "yank and hope for the best" method causes more trouble than it's worth. Before you do anything, your best move is to fold the sides of your flatbed tarp up onto the load. Folding creates a flat surface on the top of the load that is much easier to deal with. As a side note, you may have to get on the load to do this. Be careful. Move from Front to Back The second thing you can do to make your life easier is to move from front to back as you pull the tarp. There are two ways to do this. First, if you have someone willing to help, you can both grab a corner on either side of the trailer where it meets the cab. Then walk toward the rear of the trailer, pulling up and pushing forward as you go. This will essentially fold the tarp on top of itself as you pull it off the trailer.
If you are working alone, start at the rear of the trailer and grab your tarp (with the sides already folded up) at the center. Slowly drag it off the load in an even, continuous motion. The idea behind both of these methods is to cause the tarp to move from front to rear across the top of the load, thus avoiding sharp edges that can rip tarp fabric. Get Some Air Underneath Experienced truckers know that getting some air underneathflatbed truck tarpscan help considerably. This is obviously not a problem on windy days, but what if the weather is still or you in an enclosed terminal? Grabbing one corner of your tarp and flapping it a couple of times gets just enough air underneath to separate the fabric from the cargo. This will make dragging the tarp off a bit easier. Always Use Edge Protectors New flatbed drivers tend to stay away from edge protectors unless they have reason to believe they are in danger of ripping their tarps. Why take the time to apply edge protectors if there are no real sharp edges? There is actually a very good reason: it makes tarp removal a lot easier.Edge protectorscreate space between your flatbed tarp and the cargo underneath. That extra space reduces friction and makes it easier for you to get the tarp off. Flatbed tarps are an inescapable part of the job for anyone who hauls flatbed loads. So rather than continuing to struggle, the trucker is better off learning all those little secrets that make tarp application and removal easier.