Top 3 Concerns of Emergency Medicine Locums

Top 3 Concerns of Emergency Medicine Locums


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Top 3 Concerns of Emergency Medicine Locums At the start of the current decade, there was a tremendous amount of concern over the rising volume of emergency department outpatient visits.



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Published 12 October 2016
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Top 3 Concerns of Emergency Medicine Locums At the start of the current decade, there was a tremendous amount of concern over the rising volume of emergency department outpatient visits. That concern was only exacerbated with the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, legislation that gave more people access to healthcare whether they have family physicians or not. Now we face an even greater demand on the nation's emergency departments.
What is challenging to hospitals has ended up being a boon for emergency medicine locums. Doctors willing to work as locums have so many options that they can basically write their own tickets. Conversely, hospitals and staffing agencies have to keep working harder to attract the kinds of doctors they want in their EDs. They have to concern themselves with the same things locum tenens practitioners are concerned with. Here are the top three: 1. Shifts and Scheduling Today's doctors are working as hard as ever to establish a proper work-life balance. Locum tenens practitioners are especially keen on this, knowing that they have the opportunity to take time off if they want. Along those same lines, doctors look for assignments that provide the most favorable scheduling they can find. This is not to say that a hospital cannot use locums to cover overnight and weekend shifts. It is to say that emergency department managers need to keep in mind that doctors are people too. They need to create schedules that meet not only hospital needs but also the needs of their doctors. Developing good scheduling practices can make the difference in locum recruiting and staffing.
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2. Application Processes Emergency medicine locumshave a lot of different options when it comes to choosing assignments. They tend to shy away from facilities with application requirements leaning toward the overwhelming. As contractors working through agencies, they expect to be able to complete the vast majority of application requirements when they initially sign up with their agencies. If they have to jump through hoops to get a new assignment, they are likely to look elsewhere. Hospitals willing to streamline the application process definitely have a leg up on locum recruiting. The easier hospitals make it for doctors to apply, the easier it will be for those doctors to see themselves accepting the assignment. 3. Medical Malpractice Insurance Medical malpractice insurance is a huge expense for locum tenens doctors. Fortunately, competition among recruiting agencies has addressed this expense for the most part. But when recruiting agencies do not provide the insurance their doctors need, hospitals should step in and take care of it. Being able to offer locums medical malpractice insurance is huge. The reality is that locums try to avoid paying for insurance because their kind of work can vary so much from one assignment to the next. The simple act of covering locums under the hospital's insurance policy goes a long way toward recruiting qualified emergency medicine doctors. America's emergency rooms are facing increased demand thanks to greater healthcare access. That demand can only be met if they have enough doctors and nurses on staff to adequately cover every shift. Locum tenens staffing is a big part of providing adequate coverage. As for locum tenens doctors, they are more than happy to fill staffing gaps at local emergency departments if the incentives are there to make such work worthwhile. Hospitals and recruiters willing to address the concerns of doctors in a real and tangible way will find their recruiting efforts are a lot more productive. Find out what locum doctors want, meet those needs, and enjoy the benefits of a full emergency room staff.
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