Top 5 American Muscle Cars

Top 5 American Muscle Cars

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Title:Top 5 American Muscle Cars Oneof the mostexcitingtimes in the American automobileindustry was



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Published 10 September 2015
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Title:Top 5 American Muscle Cars

Oneof the mostexcitingtimes in the American automobileindustry was in the 1960s70swhen
there was amassive production of now classic Americanmuscl e cars. These carswere notable
for being loud, big andpowerful! Itwas also during thisdecade whenAmerican
car manufacturersraised the bar when itcomes to the production ofrubber burning
machines. These carscombinetopnotchexteriorstyling with brute enginepower.

If you are looking forvintage muscle carsto add to your collection, these are the top5
recommended models you need to check out:

1970 Oldsmobile 442

introduced in1964 but
officially became a
model in1968 to1971.
The name 442 was
derived from the car’s
four barrelcarburetor,
four speedmanual
transmission and the
dualexhaust (hence, 4 4
-‐ -‐
2). Even though other
availablewith three
they werestillreferred
to as442.
Overthe years,there are
different body stylesmade available including 2doorcoupe, 2door convertible, 2door sedan
-‐ -‐-‐
and4doorsedan.Butthe Abodyplatform remained thesameforthese types.
-‐ -‐

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

This isconsidered as one
of the top10 classic
muscle cars and
thereforea ismust
in thislist. Thismid
sizedmuscle car
manufactured by
Chevrolet with the first
model being released n
1964 andthe latest at
1977.It features anA
body platform and
isconsidered as one of
successful nameplates.
production of the Chevrolet Chevelle stopped in1977. Thismuscle car comeswith360
horsepowerand500ftlb torque.

1967 Corvette

If you are lookingfor
the best American
muscle cars, no listis
ever complete without
the 1967Chevy
Corvette. Thefirst
Corvette model was
released in 1953 ata
car conceptshow.
TheCorvette isalso
one of the most iconic
muscle carmodels
produced by
Chevrolet. Itcan
produce up to 400

1971 Mustang

The first generationof
Ford Mustangmuscle
cars was releasedin
1964 andproduction
continued until 1973.
The 1971Ford
Mustang model isone
of the mosticonic
muscle cars fromFord
to be releasedin
America. Themost
notable feature ofthe
car is the longhood
and short deck, which
created a waveof
imitators. It features an
FR layout platform.The
1971 Ford Mustangcan
produce up to290
horsepowerand290ftlb torque.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Last but not the least,lis notth ofe best Americanmuscle carswillever be complete without
the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.With up to335horsepower capacityand425ftlb torque,this
is no doubtp aerformance car thatis built with power! It quicklyth outsolde GTX, also
manufactured by Playmouth, because the RoadRunner delivered both in performance
and affordability. The production of the Plymouth Road Runner lasted until1980.Italso is
availableinvarious bodystyles such as2doorcoupe, 2door hardtop and2door convertible.
-‐ -‐-‐

Which of these classic American muscle cars would you like to drive?