What is a house?
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What is a house?

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What is a house?



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Published 29 July 2016
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What is a house?
A house is a structure or building that can be a home, and ranging from simple small dwellings such
as rudimentary ethnic huts of nomadic ancient tribes and the improvised cottages or shacks in
shantytowns to fixed, complex structures of brick, wood, concrete, metall (like shipping container
houses) or other building materials usually containing electrical, ventilation and plumbing systems.
Houses use a wide range of various roofing systems or roofs to keep precipitation such as snow or
rain water from getting into the inner dwelling area. Houses may have external doors with locks to
secure the individual dwelling area and protect its inhabitants and stored contents from various
burglars or other lawbreakers.
Most conventional contemporary houses in most Western cultures usually will contain one or more
than one bedrooms and one or more bathrooms, a cooking area or kitchen, and a living room.
Sometimes a house may have a separate area for a dining room, or the functional eating area may be
part of another room. Many large houses in Canada or United States have a recreation room. In the
most of traditional agriculture-oriented cultures or societies, different domestic animals such as
chickens or even larger livestock (for example cattle) may share some part of the house space with
humans. Household is the social unit that continuously lives in a house area.Most commonly and usually, a household contains a family unit of a certain kind, although many
households may also be different social groups, such as people with relationships like roommates
or, in case of a rooming house, completely unconnected individuals. Sometimes houses only have a
large or small dwelling space for only one family or different similar-sized group; bigger residential
buildings or larger houses often called row houses or townhouses and may contain numerous and
similar family dwellings in the same buiding area or structure. The architectural design and building
structure of houses is also may change as a consequence of such factors like urbanization,
globalization and other economic, social, demographic and technological issues. Various other
cultural and social factors also may influence the architectural building style and design patterns of
domestic area. A house may be often accompanied by different outbuildings, such as a prefab sheds
for gardening tools or equipment or a garage for cars. A house may have a frontyard or backyard,
which serve as additional spaces where inhabitants can eat, relax or work.
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