What Is Automatic Watch Winder? And Why Do You Need it?

What Is Automatic Watch Winder? And Why Do You Need it?


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Published 24 February 2017
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What Is Automatic Watch Winder? And Why Do You Need it?
A watch winder, sometimes referred to as a watch box, is a device that ensures your precious automatic watch stays in tip-top shape, by providing a constant and steady motion to your watch’s mainspring. The winding mechanism in automatic watches remains in operation, as long as it’s on your wrist. However, if the watch is not worn for a period of time, it loses it source of power and eventually runs down. Hence, the watch winder box concept. Winders feature a motor, powered by a battery or an adapter, which slowly rotates the watch holder cup, to mimic the movement necessary to maintain its self-winding mechanism. Some allow you to adjust the turns per day (TPD), while others run the entire day. Majority are designed to wind bi-directionally, whereas others can only turn in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
There are some types of watch winders. Single one is mostly functional and holds only one watch. Single watch winders come in a portable, enclosed box or case, with a single motor. Small enough to travel with, they can be placed on tabletops or stored in drawers. Double winders are also known as dual winders or duo winders, accommodates two watches. Similar to the single winder, it is easy to carry on the go, though it’s a bit larger. Triple watch winders cater to three self-winding watches. These are ideal for casual time-piece collectors, torn between single and multi-watch winder options. Cabinet winders are ideal for huge collections of automatic timepieces. They can hold from 4 to 16 or even more watches at a time. Automatic watches can sit for days or even months in a cabinet winder at a store, and remain updated and ready to wear by the time of sale. If you’re looking for an unmatched security for your expensive wrist accessory, then a safe winder might be what you need. They are typically extravagant, with features that go beyond functionality. Some include LED lighting, independent controls for each watch holder, and even built-in storage drawers for your other prized possessions.
If you are a collector, dealer or just an automatic watch enthusiast, then you need all your watches running on time and in good working order, at all times. While you can easily rewind and reset a watch’s date and time, it can be a bit of a hassle having to do that for more than two watches. That’s why a goodorbita watch winderproves a worthy investment. Just like it’s important to drive your car
regularly to keep it in good working condition, a winder provides constant and sufficient motion vital for the maintenance of your watch. This protects your delicate automatic timepiece from any damage or unnecessary repair costs due to irregular use. So besides saving time, it also keeps your beloved timepiece ticking beautifully, and for longer. The continuous rotation also allows you to keep an eye on the precision of your watch’s gears. What’s more, it ensures that models with complex features such as a perpetual calendar or moon phases, stay up-to-date and ready to wear, even after extended periods of time in dormancy. Additionally, it eliminates the chore of having to readjust the time, when outside time zones, reducing the risk of poor timekeeping. Watches are not only great time-keepers, they also serve as fancy horological pieces of jewelry, easy on the eye. And, because high-end watch winders are built with the finest materials, they can be great platforms of presentation for anyone who wants to showcase their pride and joys, or otherwise enhance their home décor.
When choosing the best watch winder for you, it is important you pay attention not only to the price and construction, but also its brand. While an unknown brand can offer inexpensive winder options, note that a bad winder is worse than no winder. Ensure that you purchase from reputable brands such as Orbita, Volta or Rapport, which provide a range of winders to meet your different needs and requirements. Orbita is unique, particularly for its manual-winding watch winder options, which are rare in the automatic-focused market.
Awatch winder boxis a necessary investment for the continuous care and maintenance of your automatic watch. Not only does it reduce the pressure of having to wear your different watches regularly, it also offers the convenience of wearing your watch at a moment’s notice.