What Is the Best Wine Bottle Opener or Corkscrew to Remove a Wine Cork?
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What Is the Best Wine Bottle Opener or Corkscrew to Remove a Wine Cork?


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http://leelalicious.com/electric-wine-bottle-openers/ - The only thing better than wine to give a wine lover? It has got to be an electric wine bottle opener.



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Published 18 February 2017
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What Is the Best Wine Bottle Opener or Corkscrew to Remove a Wine Cork? To beginthe cork removal processwe start with the foil or "capsule" covering on the top of the wine bottle. These may keep the cork clean but they are often difficult to get off. These can be a foil type material, cellophane or plastic. On most corkscrews there is a small knife that is specifically used to cut and remove the capsule, whether it be foil, a plastic plug or cellophane. We suggest that you remove the entire capsule from the wine bottle as this makes for easier pouring. There are also U shaped foil cutters with small blades at each end to use at the top of the bottle if you wish to keep an attractive capsule in place. The foil cutter will allow you to remove the top part of the capsule only. Your choice, of course. As for the type of wine bottle opener or corkscrew to use this is definitely an individual choice. Some things to consider are that you want to use a device that does not break your cork or go completely through the cork leaving pieces of cork in the wine bottle. Ease of use is definitely a consideration as well. There are corkscrews with just a handle and a worm (the curly thing that you put in the cork) which offer no leverage at all and it would take Charles Atlas to get them out! Avoid those, please. Recently new on the market are the electric wine openers that are easy to use and get the cork out quickly. The down side to these is that they can go straight through the cork and possibly cause some pieces to end up in your wine. But for arthritis sufferers this may be a great choice. For many of us the first corkscrew we had was the big, silver wing item that could really pinch you if you were not careful. You place the worm in the cork, twist it down and the silver wings rise up. You then push the two wings down and the cork comes out. It can also tear your cork apart. There are much easier options. A favorite of ours is the Waiter's Corkscrew. Compact and easy to take with you anywhere, these are the corkscrews you will see most often in restaurants. They are so easy to carry that servers can easily put them in a pants pocket. It is a powerful little tool with a small knife, a lever and a
worm that fold together like a Swiss army knife. You use the knife to remove the capsule, then open the lever and the worm. Guide the worm down into the center of the cork turning clockwise while holding the neck of the bottle firmly with the other hand. You should see just the very last turn of the worm remain on top of the cork. Rest the lever on the lip of the bottle and push against it while pulling the cork up. There should be a nice "pop" when the cork comes out. Success! This takes a few times to get the hang of it, but once you do the Waiter's Corkscrew may be your first choice too. You can purchase a good one for about $15. Anothergreat wine bottle openeris a screwpull type. This one has two parts - a long 5 inch worm and a 6 inch long U shaped plastic piece that sits on top of the wine bottle. You put the U shaped piece over the bottle resting it on the bottle. Insert the worm in the cork and through the plastic piece and turn in that clockwise direction holding tightly to the neck with your other hand. The cork just seems to rise out of the bottle. Turn the cork counterclockwise to get it off the worm and pour! Also, the screwpull is wonderfully priced at about $25. If you have more money to invest and are into a bit more fancy and interesting corkscrews the Rabbit Corkscrew is amazing. It is easy to use and opens your wine in three seconds flat. This is a lever type corkscrew that in one easy push and pull the cork is out. Another push and the cork is off the worm. When choosing a Rabbit you will be making an investment of $50 to $100. With a 10 year warranty and tested for 20,000 cork pulls it just may be worth it. Do not be intimidated when opening a bottle of wine. Technology and leverage are now on our side. We have several great choices in wine bottle openers and corkscrews. Happy Toasting. CHEERS! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kathy_K_Hayes/1307568
Finding the Best Wine Bottle Openers
Whenever you go out to buy a wine corkscrew, you may just think that you are buying a wine corkscrew and nothing else. You may also think that that they are all the same, and you can just pick up any kind you want. Well, today we are going to talk about the features that you should look for in a corkscrew to make sure you are getting the best for your money. We will talk about a few of the fancy up class ones and if they are better than the old fashion ones. The corkscrew is one of those inventions that has been remade over and over again. However, what a lot of people do not understand is that the normal lever wine openers are the best for you. We will now go into more details on why. There are some very fancy corkscrews out there that you can buy. However, one of the best is, of course, the lever wine opener. This is one of the best corkscrews, because it requires very little effort on your part. Not only that, but a lot of them come with little replacement tips that you can put on them if they ever get warn out. These are good for people that have very limited arm strength. If you are a person with arthritis, you may like the lever style best. If you have enough money, you can go out and spend tons of money onan electric wine opener,which works great, but most people just need your everyday run-of-the-mill wine opener, and the lever wine corkscrew is for you. Also, be sure to make sure that your wine corkscrew is made out of metal and not plastic. There
are a lot of plastic tippedcorkscrewsout there, but they do not work well. Sure, they may work good for a little bit, but you always risk the chance of these breaking off a lot easier in the cork. Also, over time you will notice that the plastic starts to get bent out of shape. When you first get it, it will be twisted all the way down. Over years of use, the twist in it will start straightening out, and you will have nothing more than a straight corkscrew that is going to do you know good. So be sure to stick with what works, and that is the metal wine corkscrew. Last, but not least, if you are going to get a manual twist corkscrew and not a lever corkscrew, then you need to go with one that is very sturdy and has an off center tip. You will have to have a lot more aim when using these. You risk a much less chance of breaking the cork with the corkscrew. That is because of the chosen spot for the point of the center of the turning radius. Overall, these are things that most people would more than likely not think too much about when they go to get a corkscrew. However, putting just a little time and effort into it could be all you need to get one that will last you a lifetime. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kelly_Hunter/56382
Wine Bottle Openers As a Great Gift Idea
Sometimes, giving a great gift to someone can be challenging. This is especially true when you want the receiver to appreciate your gift. If you are at a loss about what to give a friend or a family member, then you might want to consider giving something useful. Wine bottle openers can be a great gift idea for both men and women. A bottle opener is something that you can give to someone for a birthday, for a holiday occasion or even just as a special token. Wine bottle openers come in different types. If you think that they all come in the same make and package, then you are mistaken. There are a lot of choices as styles and types differ much. You can get traditional types of openers or you can give ones that have a touch of modernity. One type of wine bottle opener is the lever kind. This opener is very easy to use. You simply put the opener over the bottle, pull or push down the lever and you instantly get your bottle of wine easily. There are also wine bottle openers which are automatic. The automatic openers are often uses rechargeable batteries. You do not have to deal with wires or cables so you can use these openers at any part of the house? the wet bar, the kitchen, the living room or even the bedroom. You do not have to charge these automatic bottle openers often as one charge can often open more than two dozen bottles. There are also some openers which allow you to put back the cork back in. If you simply want to consume a little of your wine, then you can out the cork back easily with the same opener.
Wine bottle openers nowadays come in different styles. Some have metallic or stainless steel finish so they would not contradict with your kitchen's or your wet bar's general theme. There are also openers made of plastic and other materials. The exact style and make would, of course, solely depend on your choice or on your budget as some are more costly than the others. Rest assured that you would not find it difficult to comply with your home's theme. The style and finish are not the only considerations when it comes to choosing your wine bottle openers. You can also choose to one that is heavy duty but more durable (best for countertops) or you can choose smaller ones (for portable use). A wine bottle opener is indeed a great gift idea. You can easily buy one online so you would not need to go al the way to a store just to shop for a great gift that is sure to be appreciated. Some of them can even be packed inside a gift box so you do not need to wrap them up. Wine bottle openers can be great gifts to people who love drinking wine, to those who receive dinner guests or to someone who simply wants to be ready to pop a bottle of great-tasting wine. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kirt_Westred/505877
Electric Wine Opener:
An Easy Way to Open Wine Bottles
An electric wine opener provides an easy and convenient way for wine connoisseurs to uncork more than two dozen of wine bottles in a single setting without breaking a sweat. This compact electric device is so easy to use that you will learn how to use it in just a matter of a few seconds. Best of all, it does not have an electric cord trailing out behind it, giving you a great deal of freedom when using it. Opening several bottles of winein a single setting can become a challenge for those who are not used to doing it. Even experienced wine connoisseurs or bartenders admit that they sometimes find a bit of difficulty uncorking wines using a traditional corkscrew after opening the tenth bottle. After uncorking several bottles of wine within thirty minutes, their hands and wrists are strained. This can sometimes result in an uneven corkscrew entry, which can potentially damage the cork, and causing it to get stuck inside the wine bottle. This is one situation where you would not want to happen, especially if you are opening an expensive wine, right? With an electric wine opener, you will no longer struggle with manual and old fashioned corkscrews, which can just strain your wrist or break the cork. In fact, using these handy gadgets will make your life so much easier and simpler. Opening several bottles of wine has become an easy task to do when using these ingenious electric devices. You will be able to open thirty wine bottles without even exerting an effort. This electric wine accessory is truly a welcome addition to any home or commercial bar counter. Using this handy opener is so easy. All you need to do is to take off the tin foil from the wine bottle using appropriate cutters. Then, put the electric wine opener on top of the bottle and press the button to drive down its electric-powered corkscrew and penetrate the cork. After this, you can take it out and simply press another button to release the cork. That is how simple it is. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and comes with a recharging base, so you do not need to buy batteries whenever its power runs out. Just slid it into the slot on its recharging base and let it stay there for eight hours, or overnight if you like. Once fully charged, it will have the power
and capacity to open up to thirty wine bottles in straight succession. There are even some models that have thecapacity to open up to eighty wine bottles in a row.The electric wine opener is such a handy and useful device that you would definitely forget about using manual and traditional corkscrews. There is such a large selection of these types of devices that you are sure to find the one that would fit your tastes. With this electric wine accessory, your life will definitely become easier. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Suzie_Sanchez/456211
Make Your Wine Experience Stress Free With the Help of a Wine Opener
You may have previously attempted to open up your favorite bottle of wine and experienced difficulty using a normal bottle opener. After all the pushing, pressing, twisting and rumbling, your friends tell you that there is an opener specifically made for wines. Then, you have bought one and tried it yourself only to discover that all the experiences you had can be prevented if only you own the right tool. Certainly, wine openers can save you from all the challenges that go with opening up wine bottles with a minimal effort. The usual types are the durable lever and the squeeze hand grip models. If you use any of these two, you would just need a little hand pressure to open up wine bottles which are always safe and secured. The best type would depend solely on the user's decision. It is basically your choice to find the best opener that can work perfectly for you and can be found from its extensive selections. You may opt to consider buying a lever-style opener that has its own stand. It firmly holds the bottle as secure as possible and comes with a side-arm balance to make sure that the weight is divided evenly to prevent drip and leaks. All you have to do is to place the opener on top of the bottle, push the lever down and you now have your favorite wine bottle opened up for everyone to enjoy. There is another style of wine openers that is a bit lighter and placed on top of the bottle. With just a single push of the lever, you can already enjoy your opened bottle of wine. It is usual to see sets that already comes with a separate stand and corkscrew. One more type that works well is by punching a hole through the cork. Then,the bottle cork is precisely removedwithout being broken. The only down side is that there are bits of cork that are left inside the wine bottle when
the cork gets pulled up. Wine drinkers should be aware thatthe best bottle openeris essential to the total satisfaction and enjoyment of drinking wine when you serve it at home or in a different place. Here are some details to consider before you shop for the perfect wine bottle opener: 1.) Simple and easy to clean 2.) Durability of the materials used 3.) Functional duration prior actual replacement (Life Span) It is important to use up your bottle opener for a specific period of time to test how reliable and durable it can stand. The lesser expensive bottle openers would sometimes fall short during the most inconvenient times. The ease and simplicity of use are just part of the many benefits using a wine opener. Moreover, it prevents the cork bits from breaking apart and be left inside the bottle. You may have experienced the tacky feeling that comes after pulling out cork bits from wine that has been poured into elegant wine glasses. Definitely, finding the best wine opener that works well for you is fun and interesting most especially if you take pride in being a certified home tools fanatic. You do not have to be a wine lover for you to consider purchasing a wine opener for your home. It is recommended that you own at least one for your home to ensure convenience when the need arises. With a right wine opener at hand, a different level of grandeur is being displayed during the actual experience of opening a wine bottle in front of your family and friends. In fact, your guests may think it seems easy and trouble-free, only to find out that it is actually effortless. True blooded wine aficionados will simply prioritize to own a functional bottle opener for their wine parties. It is now time to make that wine opener be part of your newest collection of wine tools. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Ramintessah_Aihara/436010
Open Up a Bottle of Wine This Valentine's Day
It's that time of the year. When love is in the air, expect chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, and, of course, wine to be sold at almost every turn. In fact, many studies have concluded that among the special occasions we celebrate all throughout the year, Valentine's Day remains to be the day which gives most business establishments a good turn in profits. With the feeling of wanting to make our loved ones feel cherished during Valentine's Day, we are prepared to go through our limits, be it physically, emotionally, or financial. What's a couple of hundred dollars when you can see your partner so happy to the point of tears? There is no doubt about it, Valentine's Day bring out our romantic albeit cheesy sides. When talking about romance, one of the things that come to mind is vino. Wines are almost always associated with celebrations and who doesn't want to paint the town red during Valentine's? Forget about Chinese take outs or McDonald's drive through. Splurge on fine dining and treat your partner to a posh restaurant. Make the occasion more memorable byopening up a bottle of wine.There are restaurants which allow their customers to take home the wine label as a remembrance. If you are inclined to something low-key, try your hand at cooking. Surprise your spouse with his