You Might Be a Great Truck Driver If

You Might Be a Great Truck Driver If


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Description - Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a great truck driver? We suspect a lot of people do, given how many available truck driving jobs there are as compared to the number of people who actually hold driver’s licenses. In theory, anyone with a valid car license could ‘upgrade’ by going to CDL school, then go to work as a professional.



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Published 02 June 2017
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You Might Be a Great Truck Driver If…
Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a great truck driver? We suspect a lot of people do, given how many available truck driving jobsthere are as Đoŵpared to the Ŷuŵďer of people ǁho aĐtually hold driǀer͛s liĐeŶses. IŶ theory, aŶyoŶe ǁith a ǀalid Đar liĐeŶse Đould ͚upgrade͛ ďy goiŶg to CDL sĐhool, theŶ go to ǁork as a professioŶal.
C.R. England is just one of hundreds of trucking companies looking tohire new drivers just out of CDL school. In fact, we hire with the understanding that we send new drivers to Premier Truck Driving Schools prior to their coming to work for us. It is a proven strategy that has worked well over the years.
So, back to the original question of whether you have what it takes to be a great driver. To borrow from comedian Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a great truck driver if:
You Love to Travel
There are different kinds of truck driving jobs including local, regional, and national. The over-the-road truck jobs most of us are familiar with fall under the national category. These jobs involve driving hundreds of miles every day and being away from home for weeks at a time. You might be a great truck driver if this idea appeals to you.
Even if you are not fond of coast-to-coast travel, you still might be a very good regional or local driver. A general love for being on the road is all it takes, at least in this regard.
You Prefer to Work Independently
A lot of jobs in the U.S. involve working side-by-side with co-workers while supervisors monitor everything you do. Some people prefer this kind of work; others do not. Those in the latter category often make very good truck drivers due to the independent nature of the work.
As a truck driver, you would pick up your load and be on your way. Your only regular interaction with your employer would be the time spent communicating with your dispatcher and supervisor, unless you have a teammate. Still, there is no one in your truck looking over your shoulder and scrutinizing everything you do. You are trusted to get the job done independently.
College Is Not Right for You
You might make an excellent truck driver if the college setting is Ŷot soŵethiŶg you are really iŶto. Let͛s faĐe it; Đollege is not for everyone. It never has been and never will be. One of the advantages of getting into trucking is that you can complete CDL training in a matter of weeks. The average truck driver can complete the entire process, from start to finish, in less than a month.
You Want a Job That Pays Well Out-Of-The-Box
We have a lot of compassion for students who complete college degree programs only to emerge with a diploma and an entry-level job barely paying $25,000 a year. It has to be rough. Truck drivers, though, can earn $40,000 or more just in the first year alone. And with every year of experience and the varying lane options, that pay increases. Drivers can even earn additional endorsements that will allow them to take higher-paying loads that could push their annual pay even higher.
You might make a great truck driver if you love the idea of driving and you are willing to put forth the necessary effort. So, do you think you have what it takes? If so,contact C.R. England right away. We are hiring new drivers, solo and team driǀers, aŶd iŶdepeŶdeŶt ĐoŶtraĐtors lookiŶg to ǁork for the ŶatioŶ͛s oldest aŶd ďest truĐkiŶg ĐoŵpaŶy.