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This new algorithm penali zes websites that utilize black hat Black hat methods include but are not limited to creation of duplicate content, cloaking, link schemes, and keyword stuffing.


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Published 28 November 2012
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Google Penguin: Removing Penalties
It is actually difficult to tell the difference between a Google Penguin penalty and a back
linking penalty. The fact of the matter is that it is very confusing even for those who are
deeply rooted in the business. A commonplace question when faced with a penalty from
Google is, “is this a Google Penguin penalty or is it a back linking penalty?” Before we get
further in depth with this, it must first be known what the business of SEO marketing is.
More info:
SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making your website more visible on
search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In other words, an SEO
company will rank your website on the first page of organic results
on, say Google, utilizing various methods like back linking,
RSS Feeds, and target keywords. Back links are what really
caused the mess where SEO companies would link articles to
main websites increasing the size of the website in question
where the article may not even be visible to the typical
Many companies over the years utilized improper back linking methods that cluttered up
the internet with useless jargon. Naturally, Google had to step in to clean up the mess and
allow profession, well doing companies to be listed before unprofessional ones.
Google launched Google Penguin in April 2012 which is basically a codename for a new
algorithm that is being used. This new algorithm penalizes websites that utilize black hat
methods for optimization that are not in agreement with Google’s Webmaster guidelines.
Black hat methods include but are not limited to creation of duplicate content, cloaking,
link schemes, and keyword stuffing. The way that Google penalizes black hat optimization
is by decreasing a websites ranking or by sandboxing the website which is blocking your
website from listings on Google. There are many ways to remove these penalties but let’s
just say that some of these are frowned upon as well.
Orp Media Link Removal is an innovative business that specializes in removing penalties
that have arisen due to Google Penguin. Orp Media Link Removal utilizes white hat
methods and a process of unnatural link removal in order to get your website back on the
first organic page of listings on Google. By locating bad or unnatural links that may cause
bad effects to your website and then removing them, Google will appreciate the initiative
that you took and reward your website adequately. However, in order to actually remove
these penalties you must be in contact with Google to let them know that the right changes
have been made. This is where Orp Media Link Removal excels the rest.