Philippine Technology And Discoveries That Designed The World
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Philippine Technology And Discoveries That Designed The World


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Published 03 October 2012
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the philipines made popular the idea a lot that they often maintain karaoke challenges annually. rEar
in the particular Philippines, karaoke units (with tv set check , mic and the karaoke gadget ) were
often affecting classy restaurants and also watering holes. In the course of fiestas and also 1st
birthdays or perhaps wedding anniversaries in the countryside , it was staying hired in order to spice
up the particular celebration. Filipinos wish to sing which actually every day , maqui berry farmers
often engage in karaoke.
Take for instance usually the one whom discovered Erythromycin, an anti-biotic derived from the
particular germs Streptomyces erythreus. ABELARDO AGUILAR, a known Illonggo doctor/scientist
within Iloilo discovered the stress of erythromycin within 1949 through the earth originating from the
residence domain. He or she directed the idea in order to Eli Lilli corp., the employer in the usa so
that you can separate the stress. These people made it happen presently there , though the philippine
govt by no means acquired any kind of vips or perhaps the person who discovered the idea , dr.
Aguilar themselves.

• Angel Alcala is at the rear of the particular creation associated with artifical coral reefs reefs used by
fisheries within Southeast japan.
• Arturo Alcaraz is a volcanologist dedicated geothermal electricity development
• Benjamin Almeda created a food-processing equipment.
• Julian Banzon investigated ways of generating substitute powers.
• Ramon Barba invented practical flower induction remedies.
• Doctor Benjamin Cabrera has developed innovations within drug treatments in opposition to
ailments due to mosquitoes and also gardening earth.
• Paulo Campos created the first radioisotope clinical in the Philippines.
• Magdalena Cantoria is a known philippine botanist.
• Filipino Physicist Josefino Comiso continues to be warning the entire world about global warming.
• Doctor Lourdes jones makes medical benefits to the biochemistry and biology discipline associated
with conotoxins.
• Filipino researcher Rolando p los angeles jones invented a good anti - cancer malignancy face skin
• Filipino researcher Emerita p Guzman investigated the particular distribution associated with real
makapuno timber.
• Doctor further education delete Mundo is credited with research leading to the particular creation of
an increased incubator and a jaundice reducing unit.
• Filipino chemist Anacleto delete Rosario earned the first prize with the planet fair within paris within
• Filipino chemist Ernesto delete Rosario is better noted for the triumphs within medical and also
applied actual physical chemistry.
• Roberto delete Rosario may be the inventor in the Karaoke sing alongside method.
• Daniel Dingel states get invented any water-powered auto. • Filipino researcher , pedrolati Escuro is better noted for the remote location associated with nine rice
• Agapito Flores continues to be commended through some as being the inventor in the very first
fluorescent lamp fixture -- is genuine ?
• Pedro Flores had been the first person in order to produced the particular yo-yo in the united states.
• Francisco Fronda is termed as the father associated with poultry technology in the Philippines.
• Food and also eating routine examiner Carmen Intengan would be a leader which helped enhance
the philippine diet.
• Amando Kapauan would be a philippine chemist whom particular within ecological chemistry.
• Hilario Lara helped establish the national study local authority or council in the Philippines.
• Felix Maramba created any avocado oil-fueled energy electrical generator.
• Filipino chemist , Luz Oliveros Belardo investigated the particular phytochemical properties
associated with vegetation in the Philippines for pure products
• Pioneering foodstuff inventor maria Orosa -- otherwise known as maria y Orosa -- invented
Calamansi go and also Soyalac.
• William Padolina features served because admin in the office associated with science and
technology for that Philippines.
• Eduardo Quisumbing would be a known expert in the healing vegetation in the Philippines.
• Filipino chemist Francisco Quisumbing invented Quink printer.
• Dolores Ramirez marketed the creation of genes in the Philippines.
• Jose Rodriguez is a known philippine researcher and also examiner that has invented ways of
managing leprosy.
• Eduardo San Juan labored on they which invented the particular Lunar Rover or perhaps celestial
body overhead push chair.
• Filipino chemist Alfredo Santos is a known examiner in the chemistry associated with pure products.
• Filipino chemist Francisco Santos studied the particular dietary problems associated with the
philippine diet.
• Filipino researcher , Gregorio Velasque built demanding research associated with bluegreen
• Carmen Velasquez would be a known philippine biologist.
• Gregorio Zara -- popular philippine researcher Gregorio y Zara
• Prescillano Zamora is better noted for the study within place anatomy-morphology such as
taxonomy associated with philippine ferns and the discovery associated with a lot more fern kinds.
The toy “yoyo” that we play nowadays was initially produced in the particular Philippines as a battle
gear. In the fifteenth millennium , when the Spaniards very first stumbled on the hawaiian islands ,
these people realized that the particular natives get this sort of tool (created from wood ) in addition to
the bolo, spear and also bend and also arrow.
Yoyo is a favorite toy within just about all parts of the entire world. Actually anime films within okazaki
, japan feature this specific historic philippine tool in their story and also animation.
water car