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BIBLIO E ST- E A S Τ 01 ­ Alone or with others. RENSEIGNEMENTS SUR The tempations of post­Cold War power 02 L'EUROPE DE L'EST: EXTRAITS D'ARTICLES DE 02 ­ European Union enlargement:ProspectsPERIODIQUES. and potential pitfalls along the way0703 ­ Politics of inclusion: The case of theBalticStates 12INFORMATION ON EASTERN EUROPE: 04 ­ Una capacidad europea para la gestion de crisis:14 EXTRACTS FROM 05 ­ Les Balkans, théâtre de guerre 18PERIODICAL ARTICLES. 06 ­ Kosovo: une chancepourl'Europe25 07 ­ Dossier: ImplicationsoftheKosovoconflict: ­ Lessons of internationallawfromNATO's armed intervention againsttheFederalRepublic of Yugoslavia­ The regional implicationsoftheKosovo crisis ­ Italy's crisis diplomacy in Kosovo 30 08 ­ Yugoslavia and the West3309 ­ Die Kaukasus­Politik derEuropäischenUnion3610 ­ Le Caucase du Sud: nouvelenjeupourles puissances. Le syndrome du Kosovo 4411 ­ Rußland:StrategischerPartner der Europäischen Union? 47 12 ­ Globalasylumflowsinthecontext of EU enlargement: The consequencesofthesafe third country rule 51 13 ­ La mobilitétransnationalecomme ressource:EC officials may obtain full text of le cas des migrantsdel'Europe de l'Est 54documents cited, on application to: 14 ­ The enlargement of the EuropeanUnion­ Reflections on the position of Romania andBulgaria57 Les fonctionnaires de la CE peuvent obtenir copie intégrale 15 ­ Agriculture ­ An important economicsector for Romania.



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