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Being better informed means consuming better:

Buying organic, ethical, cheaper, or simply better is easy. Thanks to our different guides available for free or paid download, always be well informed about what you are about to add to your basket. From now on, consuming justly and asserting your consumer rights will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Consumption: solutions for eating well

Milk, eggs, vegetables, meats… what do we really know about what we eat? These everyday products are often amazing. Discover our practical guides to "eat well" and marketing studies on our consumption patterns.

If organic is trendy, what do the different labels really mean? How to eat well on a tight budget? Can we limit our impact on the environment by buying better? Find concrete answers to all these questions by downloading advice guides on Youscribe.

Our consumption methods under the microscope

Access different marketing tools that will guide you in your purchases. Our experts scan the labels and decrypt them for you.

How to heat efficiently? Why prefer clean energy? All these answers will allow you to consume while remaining always well informed.

Also access studies and advice on consumer protection. What to find concrete answers in case of dispute or problems after a purchase.

Buying well for our animals

More and more of us have pets. Whether it's dogs, cats, fish or even rodents, practical advice is always welcome.

Made by professionals, sheets are available on our site. You will find clear answers and comprehensive guides on the topics that interest you.