019 Meat inspection, comment on Annex VIb.revRH
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019 Meat inspection, comment on Annex VIb.revRH


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FEDERATION OF VETERINARIANS OF EUROPE Brussels, 13 April 2007 FVE/07/corr/019 Members Mr. Ronald Dwinger Directorate General SANCO Austria Animal Health and Standing Committees Belgium B-1049 Brussels Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Subject: SANCO/2696/2006 amending Commission Regulation (EC) No Estonia 2074/2005 Finland France FYROM Germany Greece Dear Mr. Dwinger, Hungary Iceland first of all FVE would like to thank you for the opportunity to comment on the subject Ireland Italy of discontinuous slaughter. Latvia Lithuania FVE carefully considered the redrafting of Annex VI b, and we contacted our Luxembourg Malta members in order to provide an alternative text to the Commission. Netherlands Norway Poland In small craft style butcher shops we can accept the practice that Official Portugal Veterinarians can carry out ante-mortem inspection in the morning and come back Romania later for the post-mortem inspections. However, our main concern is that this Serbia/Montenegro Slovak Republic derogation will be extended to middle sized establishments and that some Member Slovenia States may allow the Official Veterinarians to do the ante-mortem inspection in the Spain morning, and then come back later to do the post-mortem inspection on material Sweden Switzerland which ...



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