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erasmus newsletter Vol.1991 - No. 11. ERASMUS and agriculture


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ERASMUS and agriculture erasmus newsletter Published for The Commission of the European Communities Task Force Human resources, education, training and youth by ' ¡tÈÚ» iii.H.iÍW-11'iiiWüüiUailt ERASMUS Bureau mam Vol. 1991 - No. 11 A yoghurt production Une in a dairy manufacturing firm in Normandy (France). Food science and technology are discussed as an I integral part of "agriculture" in our special feature (see pp. 2-8). The Ellison Building at the New­castle Upon Tyne Polytechnic where the ERASMUS Advisory Committee met on September 9-10th 1991. Front cover : An aerial view of cattle and crop farming land in the West of France. Photo: INPAR Communication-Rennes NEW ADDRESS FOR ERASMUS BUREAU Readers are asked to note the new address of the ERASMUS Bureau (with effect from October 21st 1991): ERASMUS Bureau, Rue Montoyer70, B-1040 Bruxelles, Belgium. The Bureau telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged: Tel.: (32)(2) 233.01.11. Fax: (32)(2) 233.01.50. ERASMUS Newsletter The text was prepared by the ERASMUS Bureau on behalf of the Commission of the European Communities. The ERASMUS Bureau, an autonomous body of the European Cultural Foundation, assists the Commission of the European Communities in the administration of the ERASMUS Programme. Editor: Brian Frost-Smith. Editeur responsable : Alan Smith. 'fhe anieles and texts appearing in this publication may be reproduced freely, in whole or in part, with due reference to their source.



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