Catalogue Breguet - Collection 2012-2013
256 Pages
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Catalogue Breguet - Collection 2012-2013

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256 Pages


Le Catalogue numérique de la manufacture Breguet dans sa version 2012-2013 présente l'histoire de la marque.
Ce catalogue Breguet Watches permet aussi d'accéder à l'ensemble des collections de cet horloger.



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Published 16 January 2014
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The Breguet Collections 2012-2013
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Passion finds its echo
A passion for invention and innovation
A passion shared
Passion from the age of reason
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A dictionary of passion // 4
A word from Marc A. Hayek
Breguet evokes a genuine fascination through its capacity for innovation. Its inventions have left an indelible imprint on
watchmaking history and the developments currently being achieved within the Manufacture make Breguet an undeniable reference
in its field. This philosophy is entirely in tune with my vision of fine watchmaking: its ability to push the boundaries of horological
construction, blending aesthetics with mechanical constraints, makes it a full-fledged art in its own right.
Breguet is not only a brand embodying watchmaking excellence, but also a part of our cultural heritage, brimming with history
and emotions. The timepieces emerging from the Manufacture Breguet are works of art rendered unique by the artisans’ hand, and
endowed with genuine soul. Technology dedicated to serving Art is our watchword, and creating technical masterpieces is our daily
challenge. A mere stylistic exercise? Far from it: our technical accomplishments are intended to provide tangible improvements to the
performances of the watch, its precision and its daily use, the sole purpose being to satisfy the person who has acquired it.
From the start, Breguet had woven close ties with science and astronomy, placing the brand at the heart of European intel-
lectual development. My grandfather and I have made a priority of Research & Development. Today more than ever, engineers and
watchmakers play a pioneering role, working notably on fields such as magnetism, high frequency and the properties of new
®materials – like silicon and Liquidmetal – resulting in major breakthroughs for the entire watch industry. Breguet takes pride in
offering exceptional models.
It is this singular alchemist’s blend of hand-craftsmanship expertise and cutting-edge technologies that I invite you to explore
through our collections.
Marc A. Hayek
President and CEO of Montres Breguet SA5 // PASSION FINDS ITS ECHO
Breguet, from rebirth to continuity.
In 1999, Nicolas G. Hayek took over one of the most pre- Recruitment of the best-qualified watchmakers was reinforced, as
cious names in fine watchmaking which was lying somewhat was training and the passing on of time-honoured skills by artisans
dormant at the time. Driven by a genuine passion, he infused excelling in their respective arts and crafts.
peerless vitality into a brand endowed with an exceptional herit- Substantial and regular investments were made in state-
age and know-how that are recognised by its most prestigious of-the-art testing machinery as well as in research and
peers. But the creative and visionary genius that was Nicolas development. Nicolas G. Hayek attached great importance to
G. Hayek also revived the cultural and emotional dimension of research and initiated work on whole new movement projects
the brand and restored it to its noble pedigree. and new materials such as the application of silicon in watchmak-
A new chapter in Breguet history began, studded with fab- ing, for components like the escapement. Under his leadership,
ulous projects, daring challenges and guided by the principel Breguet developed and registered more than 77 new patents, and
of unveiling the finest treasures that emerge from an encounter also built a new movement each year, several of which were
between art, beauty and technology. truly revolutionary, such as the double tourbillon. This innova-
Now able to draw upon the industrial and commercial tive capacity made Breguet a reference in the field of Haute
strength of the Swatch Group, the brand had all the material and Horlogerie, alongside its unique status as an integral part of the
technical resources it would need to perpetuate the art of fine European cultural heritage.
watchmaking and to create exceptional models in order to meet It is this unique position that inspired the most prestigious
the expectations of brand devotees and connoisseurs. museums to welcome the brand’s legendary timepieces. These
Signs of renewal soon appeared. The brand was first of all initiatives were of course fervently supported by Breguet.
equipped with a manufacturing facility on par with its ambitions. Exhibitions in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, or in the Louvre // 6
in Paris, are just two of these exceptional events that have
delighted connoisseurs and aficionados, as well as Nicolas
G. Hayek, who loved to view culture as synonymous with
sharing. This same desire also led the Manufacture Breguet
to take up magnificent challenges, including that of repro-
ducing the legendary Marie-Antoinette watch that had van-
ished without trace.
This challenge was all the more daring in that the Breguet
master-watchmakers and engineers had only a handful of
archives and technical descriptions, and had to make use of
the techniques prevailing at the time of its making.
This love of art and beauty led Nicolas G. Hayek toward
the principle of preserving humanity’s historical and cultural
heritage well beyond the watchmaking world through various
prestigious patronage activities with a powerful emotional con- It was this universe mingling art, culture, understatement
tent. The most iconic of all, to mention but one, is undoubtedly and exceptional achievements that Nicolas G. Hayek loved to
the restoration of the Petit Trianon, an authentic tribute paid by share. Following his untimely death on June 28th 2010, Marc
Breguet to Queen Marie-Antoinette, a sincere admirer and loyal A. Hayek has taken up the reins of the brand. The spirit remains
customer of the brand. and the story continues…7 // PASSION FINDS ITS ECHO
Breguet within the Swatch Group.
uphold the prestige of its name, ensure the exclusiveness of its
products and make them available in selected shops.
Not only has the Breguet company seen its turnover grow
dramatically since it joined the Group, even if its output of
watches has remained limited, but its international distribution
now benefits from much increased energy and improved effi-
Since its acquisition by the Swatch Group in September ciency. Breguet has established its essential role in the luxury-
1999, the Breguet company has enjoyed the substantial sup- watch sector by opening its own prestigious boutiques in the
port of the world’s largest watch manufacturer. The company world’s major destinations, including Geneva, Zurich, Gstaad,
has harnessed the Group’s resources in product development, Paris, Cannes, London, Milan, Vienna, Moscow, Ekaterinburg,
manufacturing, marketing and distribution to bring Breguet New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi,
watchmaking to demanding and sophisticated clients. Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Macao,
The Group is committed to preserving the company’s Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul.
watchmaking traditions. Breguet, like the Group’s other com- Manufacturing has received equal attention. Large invest-
panies, maintains its separate identity and will continue to ments have been allocated to the expansion of the Breguet // 8
workshops to provide them with modern manufacturing sys-
tems and the latest tools. The recruitment of highly qualified
master watchmakers will help Breguet meet the growing
demand for its watches.
Creation, that reliable yardstick of a brand’s vigour,
remains a priority. Breguet’s watchmakers are hard at work
conceiving and building novel designs that interpret the
The Breguet Boutique in Gstaad, Switzerland.
brand’s styling heritage in original ways as well as devising
original mechanisms for the Breguet time pieces of tomorrow.
Today more than ever, Breguet thus upholds its reputation as
the supplier of timepieces to people with discriminating tastes
and an eye for the exceptional.
The watches presented in this catalogue express Breguet’s
vision of a future where its legacy provides for the development
of tomorrow’s technologies. 9 // PASSION FINDS ITS ECHO
Watchmaking at Breguet.
Breguet’s archives, kept in Switzerland and in Paris, techniques. The constant modernisation of their equipment
record the developments that have sustained Breguet watch- reveals the motivation of the craftsmen who build the Breguet
making for more than two centuries. The firm is committed watch: pride in their work.
to remaining ahead of its time with a flow of inventions and Driven by the same enthusiasm that A.-L. Breguet
improvements. brought to his art, craftsmen work daily to perfect the time-
Today Breguet watches are made in the Vallée de Joux, pieces that earn Breguet its position as the architect of fine
the centre of advanced mechanical horology. The Breguet work- horology.
shops bring together extraordinary resources to handle the Their workshops provide the technical environment where
essential aspects of watchmaking. The concentration of special- man and machine live in harmony. Like musicians in an orches-
ised knowledge and technology covers movement construction, tra, Breguet’s watchmakers tune their instruments to the fre-
parts manufacture and watch assembly to ensure an authentic quencies and themes A.-L. Breguet composed centuries ago.
product of supreme quality. Although equipped with the latest optical aids and
Equipped with watchmaking tools that A.-L. Breguet could measuring apparatus, the men and women who build Breguet
scarcely imagine, his successors in the Breguet workshops watches still depend on the traditional tools that can only
combine avant-garde processes with closely guarded traditional come to life in the practiced hands of a craftsman. And watch- // 10
makers still keep their old bow-lathes in the bottom drawer of
their workbenches, hoping they’ll find a pivot that needs an
expert’s attention.
Watch production is divided into a dozen very different
workshops. In one, massive presses exert tremendous forces to
cut tiny metal components. In another, removed as far as possi-
ble from all sources of vibration, numerically controlled transfer
Manufacture Breguet at L’Orient, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland.
machines mill complex shapes in metal to tolerances of a few
microns. Concentration is palpable in the dust-free atmosphere
of the assembly and casing-up workshops.
The silence is intensified by the faint hiss of a burner or
the whisper of a file as a watchmaker works some play into a
too-precise component.