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Inf€uro. NUMBER 21 2001


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NEWSLETTER ISSN 1027­930X FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION uro NUMBER 21 / EN ­ 2001 n this issue leuro: our "motto" The euro: our moñ ι deep is your knowledge For three years we have been waiting for this ie euro? moment! Three years during which the euro has already been the currency of all of us, although i euro and Member States we have not been able to use it in everyday life. lw counterfeiting will be thwarted At times, this period seemed to us to be very long. It was necessary, however, in order to make f'New Currency, Stable Prices preparations for the euro notes and coins and to establish our new currency in international Communication plans of markets. the euro-area Member States There has never been an event on this scale in the / JJie citizens' euro history of money. This world première, which -fy/hat are the Member States we must admit - has not always been easy, is not doing to launch the euro ? now reaching its conclusion; it is actually just getting started. With the euro in our pockets as leuro in the accession countries: well as in our accounts, we shall all have the same yadual process monetary tool, from Helsinki to Lisbon and will eventually form part of economic and down to the smallest village in each participating monetary union in accordance with timetables fnuary and February 2002: country. which still have to be established.



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