The Most Loved Cable Company in America
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The Most Loved Cable Company in America


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The Most Loved Cable Company in America So much has been written about cable company hate, it is easy to forget that not everyone despises their paid Cable TV providers.



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Published 28 May 2014
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The Most Loved Cable Company in America
So much has been written about cable company hate, it is easy to forget that not everyone despises their paidCable TVproviders. The cable industry has undoubtedly earned its spot as one of the least liked industries in the country with customer service challenges, ever-rising prices and less-than-stellar quality.
On a 100-point scale, most non-cable companies score an average in the high 70s for customer satisfaction. Cable companies average about 65 on the same scale. This year, AT&T U-verse and DirecTV (DTV) beat their competition with scores of 69. In addition, AT&T U-verse also experienced the smallest drop in customer satisfaction compared to last year. The drop was only 3%, a significantly smaller amount than other cable companies.
Now that AT&T has purchased DirecTV, the combined companies may be able to offer pay TV along with internet service to more of the country. The merger will also place the merged services in direct competition with more of the other cable companies and ISPs. Consumers hope this new mega-company will place customer satisfaction at the top of their to-do list, which will help the company improve both market share and satisfaction ratings. Perhaps the competition will also force cable rivals to improve their customer service as well.
The number of subscribers a cable company can claim does not necessarily correlate to better service or customer happiness. In many locales, there are very limited options when choosing a pay TV providers.
Most areas can only utilize one or two providers, so customer preference for a company plays little role in their market share. Available services and price structures are less dependent on customer preference than on company profits. Consumers are increasingly aware of this and express this as part of their overall dissatisfaction with the industry.
Changes in the cable industry should include fewer “channel bundles” and more consumer-driven choices. As more content is delivered online, cable companies will feel pressure to improve their performance. The threats to net neutrality on this process are as yet unknown but may put the brakes on streaming internet content. Continued mergers of cable provider companies are also likely.
These factors will reduce the incentive for cable companies to produce more customer-friendly initiatives and improve customer services simply due to the effects of reduced competition. Incoming years, the Most Loved Cable Company in America may be the one that infuriates its customers the least. As an independent broker ofCable TV Services, customers can be assured all price comparisons have already been done for them. Just Call 702-421-7563 for details.