Preferred Home Table Lamps
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Preferred Home Table Lamps

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Preferred Home Table Lamps


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Published 13 November 2011
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Preferred Home Table Lamps
Are you thinking about acquiring a
table lamp
for your bedroom? If so, there are some things you should
consider before you buy one.
For starters, will you be using the lamp to read by? One thing to consider is whether you’re going to be
using the lamp for reading.
Even if you don’t read much, a good reading lamp is an essential for preventing eyestrain and its
accompanying headaches. It’s essential to have a bright reading light, especially for an older person.
For reading, the bulb needs to be at least as bright as a regular 60-watt bulb; and ideally, it should be as
bright as a 100-watt bulb for people over forty. Lamplight loses a great deal of brightness the farther it
travels, so you need to hold your book close to the lamp.
A potential drawback with having a lamp near your book is glare. You don’t want light to reflect off the
book onto your eyes, so you’ll should divert the light away from them. To test this, you can place a
mirror on top of your book when you’re reading at the lamp; if the light that reflects from the mirror hits
your eyes, change the angle of the light by moving yourself or the lamp.
I advocate a dimmer for the lamp, though a three-way bulb is almost as nice for mood lighting.
If you’re getting a lamp for a child’s room, make sure it’s unbreakable and safe. Don’t use halogen bulbs,
as their high heat can burn kids or become a fire hazard.
You shouldn’t let the
bedside lamps
shade hang over the edge of the table it’s sitting on If you want a
lampshade that lends a warm glow, pick one of material or semi-opaque paper. An opaque lamp shade
reduces glare from lamps that will be close to a television set. Drum shades fit in well with a modern
decor, while conical shades are perfect in a more classical bedroom.
Here are five popular kinds of table lamps:
Wrought Iron Lamps
As the name suggests, these lamps are made of wrought iron bars and parts. The iron can be formed,
welded or bent, lending itself to an infinite number of styles. You can apply various types of finishes on Release 2011
them. To set these lamps off nicely, select a organic, light, background colour, like pearl white, tan or
Tiffany Lamps
The lampshades, built of hand-rolled stained art glass, are what characterize these lamps. The light that
filters through these classy
desk lamp
is attractive. Don’t worry if you notice lines, seeds or bubbles in
the glass; these aren’t defects, but rather the design and grace of genuine stained art glass. Because all
hand-rolled art glass has many subtle shadings, every Tiffany lamp is truly unique.
Wood Lamps
Being natural, wood has a soothing affect on a person’s psyche. Observers are calmed by its natural feel.
Most wooden lamps have traditional styling, but the fullness of wood also imparts itself to today’s latest
table lamp styles.
Mica Lamps
Mica is a natural rock that is composed of numerous fine, transparent sheets. Mica can be of several
colours: from pale brown to black, yellow or green. When light shines through a mica lamp-shade, it
produces a mystical look that hypnotises you.
Accent Lamps
If you’re someone who likes to make fashion statements, accent lamps might appeal to you. They’re
available in a wide range of types and styles, and they often turn into centrepieces.
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