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Doc.) Adriana Santos. (Ph.D. Student). Ana Catarina Pinto. (Ph.D. Student) ...... graduate students, or Post-Doctoral Fellows) by the recently established ...... Neurology, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, USA), Claudia Pereira ...... Institut Curie, Paris, France http://www.med.upenn.edu/cellbio/faculty/tran/ ...



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1. INTRODUCTION2. FACTS AND FIGURES3. ORGANIZATION OF CNC 4. RESEARCH ACTIVITY – 2007 Achievements  Neuroscience and DiseaseMolecular Biotechnology and Health Cell and Molecular Toxicology Microbiology Biophysics and Biomedical NMR  Cell and Development Biology
PROGRAMME 6. INTERNATIONALIZATION  Projects in collaboration with laboratories abroad Participation in the organization of scientific meetings7. GRADUATE STUDIES PROGRAMME8. TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 9. OUTREACH PROGRAMME10. CORE FACILITIES 11. SERVICES CNC Services AIBILI Services12. FUNDING – 2007 13. STAFF LIST  Staff and Research Students | General List Research Staff and Students | Research Area
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INTRODUCTION The 2007 annual report of activities, gives an overview of the achievements of the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC), in both science and education and confirms the CNC previous commitment to excellence in research in biomedicine. The CNC is a non-profit research Center of public utility at the University of Coimbra, which is committed to high quality, internationally competitive research in Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and allied sciences relevant to Biomedicine. Research at CNC is organized in six thematic areas, which are further divided into sub-themes, under the leadership of usually a young accomplished scientist : Neuroscience and Disease, Molecular Biotechnology and Health, Cell and Molecular Toxicology, Microbiology, Biophysics and Biomedical NMR, Cell and Development Biology. In 2007, through the “ Contrato Programa para Contratação de Doutorados” launched by FCT , novel group leaders or potential group leaders were recruited, bringing new competences and strengthening some of the research areas at CNC . The main goal of the CNC has been to sustain and amplify the research in the biomedical area. Although the core activity of the Center is still the research in the molecular determinants of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection from the molecular level to in vivo animal models of disease and human patients, research groups with interests in inflammatory and reproductive systems and microbiology open the scope of intervention of CNC to different areas of Biomedicine while simultaneously providing novel lines of research applicable to Neurosciences. The CNC brings together researchers in several groups from the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Science and Technology, at the University of Coimbra, as well as from the Coimbra University Hospital. The diverse scientific background of the CNC staff and the recruitment of new group leaders has been crucial to advance innovation in fundamental and translational research based on the integration of diverse scientific expertise in molecular and medical sciences. The multi-disciplinary nature of the CNC is one of its greatest assets to address future scientific and technological challenges. The excellence of the core activity of Neurosciences at CNC led to the integration of the Center in the Network of European Neuroscience Institutes (ENI), which encourages the interaction with similar Neuroscience Centers in Europe and the development of research projects in an European context. CNC was also included as a partner in the protocol of collaboration between the Portuguese government and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the focus area of Bio-Engineering Systems. This partnership has promoted the research capacity existing in the Center and developed emerging aspects of cell and tissue engineering and computational biology. Education at CNC focuses on the domain of molecular life sciences related to disease, in the fields of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Biotechnology and translational research. The aim of the CNC graduate studies programme is to provide Master and PhD students with a multi-faceted education in those scientific fields, through a Doctoral Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine and the participation in the MIT/Portugal Protocol Doctoral Programme. Under the scope of its Outreach Programme, the CNC continued involved in the promotion of science outside the scientific community through a strong participation in the “Brain Awareness Week”, in the organization of high school students visits to CNC Laboratories and other “Ciência Viva” Programme initiatives. There is also a particular emphasis on translational research involving Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Industries. As a founding partner of the biotechnology association Biocant, the CNC seeks to promote the transfer technology and the creation of novel Biomedical and Biotechonology enterprises. Networking is a pillar of CNC, and in 2008, we intend not only to expand the network of national and international collaborations but also to foster stronger interactions between research groups at CNC. By approving the plans to reallocate groups and by appointing novel researchers as belonging jointly to more than one group will bring the research groups closer and it may promote collaboration. For 2008, the CNC will pursue on its major mission, the understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of disease, trying to identify new therapeutical targets. The annual report for 2007 highlights the researchers within the various research themes being developed at CNC and their contribution to achieve the main scientific goals of the Center.
II. FACTS AND FIGURES (2007)RESEARCH STAFF Members holding Ph.D. (92 and 11 collaborators) Post-Doc Members  Ph.D.Students  MSc Students PUBLICATIONS IN 2007Publications in press THESIS CONCLUDED – 2007 Ph.D. thesis  MSc thesis FUNDING - 2007 Pluriannual (includes salaries*)  International Projects  National Projects  Others  University of Coimbra (salaries*) *Salaries – Staff salaries are supported by: 1.CNC Pluriannual 2.Projects (general expenses) 3.University of Coimbra (estimated as 60% of time  dedicated to research)
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