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Accounting is a very important discipline in companies and organizations, because it will make it possible to list and record the various figures which make it possible to reflect economic activity or its heritage .

A complicated but compulsory discipline

Complicated, time consuming and often useless (at least at first glance) for organizations and companies, accounting is nonetheless compulsory. Indeed, States oblige companies or other organizations to use it for mainly tax purposes.

You will therefore find in this section many documents (to download or read online) that will allow you to better understand accounting . For this, we offer books and guides on accounting (free or paid).

Accounting concepts: the accounting glossary

Before getting interested in the different aspects of accounting , it is interesting to learn the different concepts and definitions of accounting thanks to the publications on our site. Among them, the glossary will undoubtedly be one of the most interesting, because it will allow you to better understand the different accounting concepts .

When you know what an income statement , an accounting balance sheet , a depreciation schedule , but also the difference between general or cost accounting ( on this page ), you can learn how accounting works. For this you just need to read our books and guides on this discipline.

Accounting documents to learn

This theme brings together a wide range of documents to understand accounting principles and therefore to know how to do accounting operations. Our books on this discipline will therefore be very useful to you.

If you are already an accounting professional, Youscribe also offers documents that should answer some of your questions. Among them you will find charts of accounts , the accounting reports or studies on companies to facilitate your accounting audits. Youscribe also offers legal accounting documents such as the latest laws relating to this discipline or accounting news.