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▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲® BENCHMARK 800-III ICPETCH and DEPOSITIONTHE AFFORDABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE DRIE AND LOW TEMPERATURE PECVDPLASMA PROCESSING SYSTEMS®The BenchMark 800-III Inductively CoupledPlasma (ICP) Processing System from AXIC, Inc.defines a new concept in Deep Reactive Ion Etch(DRIE) and low temperature-low damage PlasmaEnhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (ICPPECVD) plasma processing. The system is basedon a modular design starting with a universal cham-ber and cabinet unit with ICP etch and depositionbottom electrodes available for easy installation intothe chamber unit. We are confident you will findthe ease of use, variety of plasma processes, service-ability and attractive pricing of the BENCHMARK®800-III unsurpassed by any other plasma prod-uct in the market.SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONIn the research and development of plasma pro-cessing, there has always been a great need for ahighly versatile and reliable tool. With the ever-changing requirements in plasma research, the sys-tem selected must offer the widest range of processparameters and a high degree of repeatability forprocess verification. It also must be easily modi-fied for new process requirements. We believe that®our BENCHMARK 800-III ICP etch/deposition plasma system satisfies these very demanding requirements.®The BENCHMARK 800-III ICP tool is a plasma tool that can be used in research, process development orlow volume production for precise etching and deposition on ...



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The BenchMark 800®l ylepuoCInductiv-III Plasma (ICP) Processing System from A defines a new concept in Deep Reactiv (DRIE) and low temperature-low damag Enhanced Chemical Vapor Depositio PECVD) plasma processing. The system on a modular design starting with a unive ber and cabinet unit with ICP etch and d bottom electrodes available for easy inst the chamber unit. We are confident you the ease of use, variety of plasma proce ability and attractive pricing of the BENC 800-III®unsurpassed by any other plas uct in the market. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION In the research and development of pl cessing, there has always been a great highly versatile and reliable tool. With changing requirements in plasma resear tem selected must offer the widest rang parameters and a high degree of repea process verification. It also must be ea fied for new process requirements. We b our BENCHMARK 800-I®IIICP etch/deposition plasma system satisfies these very demanding r The BENCHMARK 800-I®plasma tool that can be used in research, process devIIICP tool is a low volume production for precise etching and deposition on substrates up to 8" in diameter. accommodate pieces of wafer. In designing the BENCHMARK 80® mhttai ncro teea s ateysrid itcew evt sal, t toorimehe p-0I PCIII the quality, reliability and process control capabilities of dedicated production-oriented syste reducing cost, maintenance and floor space requirements. The BENCHMARK 800-I®IIICP tool’s unique cabinet and electrode design allows for easy inst laminar flow module or cleanroom. Selection of proven, quality components, modular suba chamber and electrode design, compact size, automation and field proven process recipes ma MARK 800-II®I ICP tool the plasma engineer’s “system of choice”. FEATURES APPLICATIONS Single-piece chamber construction DRIE  1,000W, 13.56MHz RF ICP PowerHigh rate and low damage etching 600W, 13.56 MHz RF Bias Power Submicron etching  Auto RF matchingLow temperature-low damage  Downstream pressure control PECVD of2SiO and S3iN4  Computer control with Windows 2000 operating so oPylmidi etehcgintferaw  Pumping: Mechanical and turbo pumps for etching; Passivation etching  mechanical pump with roots blower for deposit aCnobrtionopis eedtnoobiun na  Field proven componentsAR  Proven process recipes  Endpoint detection (optional) Specialized Thin Film Equipment X-Ray, Laser and Plasma
APPLICATIONSway, the ion energy  eneg sti htiWf processing modorsus leceitnoo anty cesheil uhtt ,nEeBi se-nHodC N MARK 800-III®e ofrangsma  plaei sitfsao d arbissecorpnoc gn.lytnedtrolsacon  he T- aCP Iedni delidep tions, from sophisticated submicron RIE etching to deposition of high quality PECVD films at low temperature.ttheen npar oisc eseparhaatedb f Working closely with our large customer base, we havae  cdeeravemliocps sew dicndmw, e field-proven process recipes, guaranteeing that your system will be upo and running from the day you install it.  Only the hightshepseht e arqinuct eaplnirtneysa siusr ea to autt subcomponents are used in manufacture, ensuring that yoof utr hBeE pNlCasH-ma envi MARK 800-II® llivorpot w loIrtne-iler iblepossime, uptht edi ese tihhg ability, repeatability and serviceability.PmRO.CESS SPECIFICATIONS The popularity of the BENCHMARK 8®0l oo tCP IIII0--irp eud siPUThMeP IsNysGtem is s marily to its attractive cost of ownership and a highly versatile design, providing features and process benefits not found on mpalonrut dsebid wisyt sth mechani.silahcmnea piwp muootsth rspmup otc eor fme; nghi These include a small footprint for laminar flow installatiofors  daednmt hleuse- pu evaiaallbioit Vn.ospsezi fo oiras suc tiple electrode configurations. Substrates up to 8" in diamet r can be mps are processed. the required vacuum processing levels. BASE SYSTEM PRESSURE CONTROL Basic components in the BENCHMARK®I-008P IC A oIdInc ioltolucdes esonwtsl isntrovide prop ererma eocssrutom rof dcerp eroop pressure conor.l   Alcsodel onclortsys  meti si a Windows based PC controller with recipe storage, 4 chacbnentewlse ennf  dtihgei- process chamber and pss pump.  The sy tal mass flow control with expansion of up to 6 channels, temperature roce compensated capacitance manometer for measuremecnltu doef  ap r1o0c0emssm servo valve and pressure controller connec vacuum, 100mm vacuum plumbing for maximum procecpslasep tagec aiast uactnoocnme- amtiaonn oomf tehteer  pirno tchees sp rporceessssu rceh.amber providing ductance, KF or ISO fittings for ease of service, plus many other pro-cessing and service features. Gas lines are stainless steelCwOitNhTVRCORLcLoEn-R nections. A Pentium computer is employed for complete system c PROCESS CHAMBER CompleteThis includes a hard drive and CD ROM. Windows The BENCHMARK 800-I®III PCt ool snaodized aluminum t-w oacrropen tusiequipsmoefntwlop  seoifd prsagln my ilwudint cess chamber is constructed from a unique single-piecelvoi ddge i.gsdenigtumotacio  ramunbe operated in an cam teys she TckinerPloI Ci n tns.tem dys ,naaregs otupetnd acire spe , etch and deposition systems use the same chamber sign. The a chamber’s upper portion contains the ICP coil and ceramOiPcTwIiOndNoSw. The lower portion contains the substrate electrode, the vacTuo ufumr tphuerm ipn-crease its capabilities, the BENCHMA®RK 800-ing port, and all necessary valves and vacuum monitorinICg Pe tqouoilp omffeenrts. a broad selection of available processing opt An automatic hoist raises the upper portion of the chamclbuedri nfgo re enadspyoint detection, water chillers, oil filtration and access to the lower electrode. systems. Exhaust gas abatement systems can also be sup ELECTRODES The ICP coil and ceramic window are the same for both ICP etch and deposition systems. The ICP etch electrode is specially designed for maximDWIuidMmtE hNp:eS4rI6fOoN5r"-Sm)8c11( mance in the lower vacuum ranges.  The stainless steel bottom .elec-trode is temperature controlled via an optional recirculatiCDneagpb icnthehi:ltl3 eH7r .ea5igd"nht3:)19mc6("mc59() supplied with a dark space shield, containing the plasma between the ICP coil and bottom electrode.htWeiglaH Tto :e i3g5h0t :oisn gnoo tp- c7)m("3145inndpede (g)7k22 - 951( .sbl 005 The ICP PECVD bottom electrode is of similar design; however, it is capable of being heated to 400ºC.UTILITIES PLASMA SOURCEstem:Pp:umSy23060, , Hz0V23 ,zHA025 ,V06/0noylac l)mps 10 Ahani(mec 1,000W 13.56MHz RF to the ICP antenna produces a plasma d2e2n-0V, 50Hz, 5 Ams sity up 5 x11e0V/cm3 in p(in argon plasma) at a low plasma potential while the second 600W 13.56MHz RF power supply poweAWris:ar ttehre: sub-ooling 1.5 gal/noit08( isp )orFal v overapeele roFc edortc m ( 075Fº) strate electrode for RF biasing. All power sources are solid state and air-cooled. Also supplied are automatic matching netwoGNr2a:kss:isth . nI tnev rebmahc roFi)ps0  2 -15 (es,s sagcoserPsting fit VCR ARGi3 nian49 95054 lara, CAS naatC S rtee,ta.ww.cixmocr@teicaxom.c w AMSALP 804 :xaF1-: el T4  0 80ia:lE M-mtsap so80   94   052 Specifications subject to change without noticevs. 02-28-05