5 Great Pianos for Live Performance
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5 Great Pianos for Live Performance


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https://jelift.com/blog/5-great-pianos-live-performance/ - Here is a list of a few GREAT Pianos specifically built for LIVE performance. The content under this PDF Document Includes Quick and helpful visual descriptions and Direct Affiliate links to purchase through.



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Published 17 October 2017
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5GREAT Pianos for LIVE Performance
If you’re a Key playercurrently in a worship team, (or just familiar with playing on a platform in general) trying to find new ways to manage or even improve your performance is gonna be a definite.
& besides, It’sawesome to innovate!
So, to help in on the process, here’s a list of a few great piano/keyboard’s that WILL aid in improving your performance.
Just Keepin’ it brief…
Before jumping in, (JustIFyou didn’t know) There’s a difference betweenlive performance(sometimes referred to as stage pianos”)&digitalkeyboards.
Though they technically are one -in-the-same, Live performance keyboards are basically digital keyboardsbetter suitedfor active performance.
LIVE performance keyboards are made for LIVE performance.
They have the ability toaccuratelysimulate the sound of an (authentic) acoustic piano (which in effect, would help in producing amore authenticsound in your music.)
With that understood, let’s take a look at what we’re here for.
Here we go with our first Board!…
#1 Nord Stage 3
See it on Amazon here
To Start off, This is arguably one of the best boards currently on the market.
The Nord Stage 3 comes with a standard set of 88 -keys & adjustable voicings through their “Piano”, “Organ”, & “Synth”, Library functions.
Not only do you have a MASSIVE amount of control over the parameters on your unique sounds, but even the organizing & transitioning between them! (Pretty dope right?!)
You can see an in-depth description video throughhere.
The feel & features are well worth the investment.
See it on Amazon here
#2 Nord Stage 2
See it on Amazon here
Moving on to its earlier form, the Nord Stage 2.
Though it doesn’t come with much of its successors’ pre-developed features, it still comes with the classic weighted, 88, A-C key interface, adjustable voicing parameters, & built-in synthesizer section ready to get accustomed to.
Though it may be a downgrade, it’s easier on a budget, & can still get the job done VERY well. You can see another in -depth video description throughhere.
See it on Amazon here
#3 Casio PX560BE
See it on Amazon here
Now, from this Casio Model, you’ll find that it holds the basic function of a standard live performance board (Reproduction of an acoustic piano’s feel & sound).
It’s a WAY cheaper selection with a set of features all on its own, including:
Touch interface Colored
Tones & Voicings & 550
 The ability to create massive splits & layers, with four zones and a total of 14 layers at once!
See it on Amazon here
#4 Yamaha P45
See it on Amazon here
The Yamaha P45 has a limited amount of voicings (really limited), but has the standard live performance feature we’re looking for,
& if your budget isn’t giving much leniency, this pick might be perfect for you.
See it on Amazon heresustain pedal is conveniently (A included)
#5 Yamaha P255
See it on Amazon here
Finally at the end of our list, The Yamaha P255.
This pick is great on the go, & doesn’t always require external amplification.
It’s equipped with a built-in stereo for smaller settings, customizable EQ (Equalization) & comes with a cool app for iOS which enables voice layerings & splits.
See it on Amazon here
A Few Last Words to Take Away…
Really hope you enjoyed this article.
But before you go!… here’s a few words of encouragement…
All Instruments are respectively diverse.
Choosing the “right” instrument can sometimes be a bit difficult. But just focus directly on the quality & everything it can offer.
& Remember,
your instrument doesn’t have the ability to make music on its own (it can’tthink for itself).
& It’s not the Accessories or Voicings that matter the most or even gets things done…
It’sYouand your craft. How you go about expressing yourself with everything you have.
& To QuoteJesus’words, It says inJohn 4:24(NLT):
“For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.””
At the end of the day…
You make YOUR LIVE performance great!
Again, Really hope you enjoyed this article.
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