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Alternative to Solutions 21 Dental Marketing When it comes to getting help with marketing a dental business, dentists need the best support they can find.



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Published 03 July 2014
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Alternative to Solutions 21 Dental MarketingWhen it comes to getting help with marketing a dental business, dentists need the best support they can find. After all, most dentists have clients that they need to see to, and they likely don’t have the time to worry about the marketing issues as well. While many people may be enticed to go with a company like Solutions 21, there are plenty of better solutions out there. Here are some alternatives to Solutions 21 to get the best dental marketing in the industry. Find Another Reliable CompanyAlthough there are plenty of dental marketing companies out there, dentists should be careful in the one that you eventually choose to go with and select to work with. Many companies will do all they can to persuade dentists to sign up with their services, but the second they are locked in they’ll become just another client who gets thrown to the wayside. Instead, a company like Crawford and O’Brien has a long lasting reputation for working closely with all of their clients. When it comes to finding a great dental marketing alternative to Solutions 21, a dentist can learn a lot off of what previous customers say about the company. And in today’s internet age, it is much easier to find out exactly what people think about a company after they have worked with them. Do It AloneInternet marketing could potentially be done completely by a dentist. It’s certainly not the ideal route to go, especially considering they have patients to worry about and concern themselves with. However, if dentists want to ensure that they get the type of work that they desire, than by keeping it done in house will work. Stay LocalAnother option for doing it inhouse is to hire a freelancer or a local company. In some cases, a freelancer may be able to even come in to an office and work with the dentist, that way the dentist can assure they know that the freelancer is doing the work they say they will. Staying local also gives dentists more of an onhands approach, in comparison to going with a large company like Solutions 21. There is no escaping the importance of marketing your dental brand on the internet. However, hiring a company that does not care for for a specific dental company will only do more harm than good. Before a dentist makes a final decision, they should be sure to weighall of the alternatives to Solutions 21 to make sure they find a company that is truly best for them and will do everything their dental office deserves.