Criteria for the Safe and Environmentally Protective Use of Granular Mine Tailings known as Chat -
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Criteria for the Safe and Environmentally Protective Use of Granular Mine Tailings known as Chat -


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Federal Register/Vol. 71, No. 97/Friday, May 19, 2006/Proposed Rules 29117 section will be considered before we person or vessel may enter or remain in • Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// make the final decision on whether to the regulated area. Follow the on-line categorically exclude this rule from (2) The operator of any vessel in the instructions for submitting comments. • E-mail: further environmental review. regulated area shall: • Fax: 202–566–0272. (i) Stop the vessel immediately when List of Subjects in 33 CFR Part 100 • Mail: send comments to RCRA directed to do so by any Official Patrol. Docket, (5305T), Attention Docket ID Marine safety, Navigation (water), (ii) Proceed as directed by any Official No. EPA-HQ–RCRA–2006–0097, 1200 Reporting and recordkeeping Patrol. Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., requirements, Waterways. (iii) When authorized to transit the Washington, DC 20460. Please include For the reasons discussed in the regulated area, all vessels shall proceed two copies. We request that you also preamble, the Coast Guard proposes to at the minimum speed necessary to send a separate copy of the comment to amend 33 CFR part 100 as follows: maintain a safe course that minimizes the contact person listed below (see FOR wake near the race course. PART 100—REGATTAS AND MARINE FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT). (c) Effective period. This section will PARADES • Hand Delivery: In person or by be enforced from 11 ...



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Federal Register Rules 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Proposed/ Vol.
section will be considered before we person or vessel may enter or remain inFederal eRulemaking Portal:http:// make the final decision on whether to the regulated area.uger.wwws.ontila v.goFollow the on-line categorically exclude this rule from (2) The operator of any vessel in the instructions for submitting comments. further environmental review. regulated area shall:iam- :lFxaEpa.get@edockcra-rvo . List of Subjects in 33 CFR Part 100ehw id naideyletdoo o  sctre tedffciai l Sto(i) 2eev  :p0h2ti mmssle5660272. Marine safety, Navigation (water), (ii) Proceed as dbiyr eacntye dO by any POaftfriocli.a l NDooA -slH:QaiM .nPeE05c,tek35( T)AtRC, RAtmoc dnt2e0n06io stnem0o DoktcteI  D 0AR2C1R ,790  0 Reporting and recordkeeping Patrol. requirements, Waterways. (iii) When authorized to transit the Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., For the reasons discussed in the regulated area, all vessels shall proceed tWwaos hcionpgiteos.n , WDeC r e2q0u4e6s0t.  tPhlaeta syeo uincllsuo de preamble, the Coast Guard proposes to at the minimum speed necessary to send a sepate copy of the com maent to amend 33 CFR part 100 as follows: maintain a safe course that minimizes ar PART 100REGATTAS AND MARINEc) ( awekEnffeeacrttihvee ioctses hiTe. urtsll FhUeR TcHoEnRtaIcNtFpOeRrMsAoTnI OliNstCeOdNbTeAlCoT) e( es. wFOR PARADES be enforced from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. coand HyrevileDrep nI : born soieury ,rd levirec moemnts to: RCRA 1. The authority citation for part 100 opno sAtpuognuestd  5d, u2e0 t0o6 .w If tthhe ratche eins  the DHoQc,tektAtA RCR0620itneno0 11 0390,7D keocIDt o. NPA E continues to read as follows: ea er, Authority: 33 U.S.C. 1233; Department oftemporary special local regulations will Homeland Security Delegation No. enforced during the same time period Constitution Avenue, NW., Room B the next day, August 6, 2006. 1d0el8i, veWriaessh ianrge toonnl, yD aCc c2e0p0t0e4d.  dSuurcihn g the 2. Add a temporary§ 100.35–T05–036 2006.Dated: May 2Dockets normal hours of operation, and to read as follows:, Larry L. Hereth,special arrangements should be made §100.35T05036 Chesapeake Bay, CapeRear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Commander,for deliveries of boxed information. Charles, VirginiaFifth Coast Guard District. uestPlease incl (a)Definitions.(1)Coast Guard Patrol[FR Doc. E67618 Filed 51806; 8:45 am] tahtqer eW. espicoo twe ud yfoc poaretesapd a  senalsoyou he t Commandermeans a commissioned,BILLING CODE 491015Pact ers warrant, or petty officer of the Coast cboelmomw e(nste et oFtOhReFcUoRnTtHERpINFOoRnMlAiTsItOeNd  Guard who has been designated by theCONTACT). Commander, Coast Guard SectorENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONInstructions:Direct your comments to Hampton Roads.N Y (2)Official Patrolmeans any vesselAGE C A PtDEI 0D97.keo0c yEc iAloPNp s.oHsiQh tcol alt RaCRAenmm6200ts assigned or approved by Commander,40 CFR Part 278received will be included in the public Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads[EPAHQRCRA20060097; FRL81719] ate  anmadelibaa avlnnielo dkeociw tuohthc tegnahdt tpm:a//y be with a commissioned, warrant, or petty officer on board and displaying a CoastRIN 2050AG27wwwtaluger.vo g,.snoiincluding any Guard ensign. dCriteria for the Safeontimarofni sedulcni te commennless thived,du itnop ornf imaorrspealon (3)Participantincludes all vesselslly entaectiProtna ormnnEivo esU ev fclaimed to be Confidential Business participating in the East Coast Boat Racing Club power boat race under theGranular Mine Tailings Known asInformation (CBI) or other information auspices of a Marine Event PermitPeartioCdh’’; Reopening the Commentta formt inn thation oD .etimbus tod teictrtuta sbyo  fhwci hsir sethe disclosure issued to the event sponsor and approved by Commander, Coast GuardAGENCY:iuoocct teryo ePd alrnntomies n eotb tedrotep hguorht EvnrinohCtBtpI:o//r o htse erwi Sector Hampton Roads. Agencywww.cregulations.govor e mail. Send or (4)Regulated areaincludes the watersACTION:. -delive r u lneo;ineedd iroopfonsitaPmrrC Bfs tgonIo  feiptiin ra eode of the Chesapeake Bay, along the shoreline adjacent to Cape Charles, comment period. only the following address: Ms. LaShan Virginia, to and including waters up to 300 yards offshore, parallel with theSAUgMeMncAyR Y(:E poer si ht gnineenmmcoe t T EheirnAvnoemtnlaP orettcion PA)nOfficer, EAP( aMliC do e3505Atntten iokcoDI teoN DPE ., esynHacoD ARCRoC tnemuW)trol , QH Cape Charles Beach shoreline in this period for the proposed rule entitled RCRA20060097, 1200 Pennsylvania area. The area is bounded on the south‘‘Criteria for the Safe and by a line running northwesterly from the Cape Charles shoreline at latitude Environmentally Protective Use of Avenue, Washington, DC 20460. Clearly 37°16.2North, longitude 076°0128.5rGCtanhaul.’’up ssilbasopaw lisThro p nwa  snisgK tonine Tailar Mno eh dwaamhwt rwy tkroheug c eulplaaaritit moonot rs.agllboevoC  ehT. BIiseteW b  eniofr fhthitmstapta:ni/o/n West, to a point offshore approximately April 4, 2006 (71 FR 16729), and the‘‘ano.nymous access’’system, which 300 yards at latitude 37°163.4North, comment means period ended on May 4, 2006. EPA will not know your identity longitude 076°0136.6West, and contact information unl or because a commenter has However, you s bounded on the north by a line running northwesterly from the Cape Charles rtehqe uiessstueeds  aradidsietdi oinn atl htei mpre otpo orseasl,p owned  atroe  Ipfr yooviud see int di na tnh ee- bmoadily c oof myoemsuern tc odimremcetlnyt . shoreline at latitude 37°1626.2North, longitude 076°0114 reopening the comment period to allowWest, to a point offshore approximately 300 yards at fpoerr iaond .a dditional 30 day comment tawdo wEdwPr.ersAesgw wuilitallhtoiboeuntsga.ougitonovg,m m-ey ruoc laylotracgiu h thhaatpit ltpu:/r/e d latitude 37°1628.9North, longitudeDATES:Comment m be ow of the comment art 076°0124.1 sWest. All coordinates n ay reference Datum NAD 1983. submitted until June 19, 2006. tahnadt  iins cplluadceedd  aisn  tphe public docket and (b) Special local regulations. (1)ADDRESSES:Submit your comments, made available on the Internet. If you Except for event participants and identified by Docket ID No. EPAHQ an electronic comment, EPA submit persons or vessels authorized by the RCRA2006 recommends that you include your0097, by one of the Coast Guard Patrol Commander, no following methods: name and other contact information in
VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 4702 Sfmt 4702 E:\FR\FM\19MYP1.SGM 19MYP1
Federal Register May 19, 2006 / Friday, Rules / Proposed/ Vol. 71, No. 97
the body of your comment and with anyFederal Register inon April 4, 2006 (71 FR non-highway activities. In addition, disk or CDROM you submit. If EPA 16729), proposes mandatory criteria for the commenter noted that the additional cannot read your comment due to the environmentally protective use of time is needed to coordinate so that, as technical difficulties and cannot contact chat for transportation construction much as possible, their comments you for clarification, EPA may not be projects carried out in whole or in part reflect the expertise and views of a able to consider your comment. with Federal funds, and a certification broad segment of their members. Electronic files should avoid the use of requirement. Chat used in ues special characters, any form of transportation projects must be adEdPitiAo bnealli teivmese  tihs er eraesqonatb lfeo,r  however, encryption, and be free of any defects or encapsulated in hot mix asphalt we believe 30 additional days is viruses. For additional information concrete or Portland cement concrete li about EPA unless the use of chat is otherwise adequate. The Agency bes public docket, visit the EPA eves an Docket Center homepage athttp://onti 3alda0  iysiddase this proposal sdaqeauetb ceuapeco sin yrev si  worran eF raredut larihod ze abyta S ote response action undertaken pursuant to round ac the technic and We also request that interested parties lica ral or State who would like information they eanpvpble Fede In the rosal we documents al bnkg previously submitted to EPA to be are iarlsoon rmeecnotmal criteprioa pas enxotteends tivhea.t  Issni nuacpdepd toihrtiteio cng,o  itmth ismshe ronuutl lepd e abrrieeo  dn ot considered as part of this reconsideration action identify the pgruoitdeacnticvee  ouns teh oef  ecnhvaitr ionn nmoenn-t allyrceloospeedn ionng  tMhaey c 4otmh manedn tt hpee rAiogde,n cy is relevant information by docket entry ns ortation cement and c numbers and page numbers. tprraojepcts. oncrete tchoamnmendtears, in fact, will have more FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: eThe comment Stephen Hoffman, Office of Solid Waste rule ended on Mapy,r i4o, d2 f0o0r6 t. hHe opwroevpeors, ed acroe me xm3te0e nntd piynesrg fi trohode m cc ltoohsmee dmd.a etTneth  tephreaertfi otorhdee , f owr e (5306W), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ariel Rios Building, 1200 an tpeurbelsitc  Rceosmeamrcehn tGerr o(tuhe UU..SS..  PPIuRblic is Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Iup (d the comG)m) ehnats  th proposal until June 19, 2006. Washington, DC 20460epays,60 d by riodeht taht gniton  hpnoetel20 ,00qeretse ePAenxtthd  Eea tLisEtnovfi rSounbmjeecntst ailn  p4r0o teCcFtiRoPn,a rCth2a7t,8 (703) 308 s8413, e-mail address Mine tai additional time is needed to evaluate  this on ntl intelFor more nt information on this rulemaking, please iamndp ocrotamntm iessue. Thliisg ecomymenter also IanndDidaatrenedsc:- olMdraaknyd es1e,2p,i2n0g0r6.e , Rlingeremtn,sW saet .uiqropegnit visitepa.www.epaogov/hto/rews /renoted that they need additional time toMatthew Hale, mining/chat/.consult with experts who understand SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: only the chemistry of encapsulatingThe notDirector, Office of Solid Waste. proposed rule that is the subject of this mine tailing, but also the different risks[FR Doc. E67653 Filed 51806; 8:45 am] notice, and which was published in the if the final rule allows use of the chatBILLING CODE 656050P
VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:37 May 18, 2006
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