1585031925 - A Pro Manufacturing Tutorial (Pro ENGINEER - Wildfire 2.0 )
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1585031925 - A Pro Manufacturing Tutorial (Pro ENGINEER - Wildfire 2.0 )


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14 Pages


A Pro/Manufacturing TutorialPro/ENGINEER - Wildfire 2.0Paul E. Funk Loren Begly, Jr.University of Evansville Whirlpool CorporationEvansville, IN Evansville, INSDCPUBLICATIONSSchroff Development Corporationwww.schroff.comwww.schroff-europe.comSection 1 -- A Quick Run ThroughIn this section we’ll develop the CNC code for a 3 axis CNC mill to produce a simpleCopyrighted rectangular block with a raised letter. Material Figure 1-1 Part for Section 1Copyrighted Pro/Manufacturing can quickly become very involved and complex. This exercise is designed towork through a single manufacturing sequence to familiarize the user with the general procedureMaterial involved. Although a single manufacturing sequence (volume milling), it still involves a lot ofcommands. Since we’re just trying to gain familiarity with the general procedure, we’ll present this example with a minimum of explanation. At the beginning of each step we’ll explain whatwe’re going to do, then we’ll do it and at the end of the step we’ll tell you what we (and you)did. Later sections will go into detail about why you made the choices you were told to makeCopyrighted and what alternatives you have available to you.Produce the Part Model Material We’ll follow the steps discussed in the preface. First, 1) Produce the part model. Beforeentering the Manufacturing menu, enter the Part menu and create the block shown above. A click-by-click procedure is included in the Appendix A and B ...



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A Pro/Manufacturing Tutorial
Pro/ENGINEER - Wildfire 2.0
Paul E. Funk University of Evansville Evansville, IN
Loren Begly, Jr. Whirlpool Corporation Evansville, IN
SDC PUBLICATIONS Schroff Development Corporation www.schroff.com www.schroff-europe.com
In this s C ection o we S ’l e l c d p t e i v o el n o p y 1 t h -e -C r A N C Q i c u od i e c g f k o r R a u 3 h n a xi T s h t C r N o C u e m g il h l to d produ  ce a simple rectangular block with a rai M sed lette a r. t
Figure 1-1  Part for Section 1 Pro/Manufactu C ring ca o n quick p ly beco y me v r ery involved and complex. This exercis  e is designed to iwnovroklvtehrdo.uAglhthaosuingghleasminagnlu M efamctaunruifn a agctsuerqi t unegnscee e qtuoefnac r emi(lviao i rliuzemte a hemiulls l ienrg )w,iitthstthilelignevnoelrvaelspraolcoetdoufre commands. Since we’re just trying to gain familiarity with the general procedure, we’ll present this example with a minimum of explanation.  At the beginning of each step we’ll explain what dwied.reLgatoeirngsetcoti C doon,sthwei o lnlwgoeilln p tdoodiettaa y inldaabtor tuhtewe i hnydyofo g uthmeastde h epthweec t lhlotieclle e syoyuouwd whaetrewt  eol(dantodymoauk)e a P n r d o d w u h c at e a t lt h e e r n P at a i r v t es M y o o d u e h l M ave avai a lable t to yo e u. rial We’ll follow the steps discussed in the preface. First, 1) Produce the part model. Before  entering the Manufacturing menu, enter the Part menu and create the block shown above. A ycloiuckw-bisyh-,clbicutkw C preolclerdeuf o reeritsoiint p calsudbeld y oicnktht r ehrAopu i pgehnodu g itxthAearen h dmaBi.nd t Yerouofce tahnisnsaem d cteitohne.  pSaartvewthhaetepvaerrt and Material 1-1
Window yrighted Close Cop File Ne M w aterial u  Manufacturing  (Leave NC Assembly checked.) Enter the name you want to use for your manufacturing process. We’ll use “block”. (Pro/E will add a .mfg extension.) Sel ct  e That co O mp K letes step 1 C ). opyrighted Assem W bl e e r t e h n e o P w a r r e t a a d n y d f or W s o te r p k M p 2 i ). e c W e e’ a ll cre t ate th e e wor r kpie i ce ma a teria l l th  e part will be machined from using our part as a guide. We’ll make the workpiece bigger than our original  part.
Part/ C WFoirgkupr o ieec1e-2As p sembl y y Mat
We begin by selecting  Mfg Model Assemble C Ref M o odel pyrighted and pick on the part name for the M part we a want t to ma e nufac r ture i (bloc a k.prt l ).  1-2
partEwidlil O sbp p el e a n mysaC thheinpeadr o t. We’ p ll use t y his pa r rt as i a gui g de to c h reate t t he w e orkpiec d e fro  m which the Pro/ c . (Assemble com M ponent a at def t ault lo e cation r .) ial OK Create Workpiece  aWpeargtaivnepitartthemC noadem,et,o o blmoocdke_l p wthp.ewWo y erkrpeine r coew.g i Soeilnegc g ttoente h r Sket t cher, e just as d if we  were building ProtrusDioonne Material Placement  Define and select the sketching plane. Use the right mouse button to highlight the bottom surface of the ri you don’t recall which is the bbloottcokmansdurtfhaecel C )e.ftPmicoku o soenbthutet p ofrnotnotss y eulrefcatciet.((RReeffeerrtt g ooFFiigguur h reeAA)io t ffthee block f d or th  e Reference and select Bottom Material for the Orientation. Select Sketch  Select any two perpendicular edges as references. The actual references are not important the way we’ll dime C nsion t o he sect p ion. S y elect righted Close ial Mater 1-3
and create a rectangular sect o ion as t p he out y line fo r r th i e wor g kpiece h so tha t t it co e mplete d ly  encompasses the outline of our block. Dimension the rectangle you just created to be ½ inch bigger than block.prt on each side M .
Figure 1-3 Dimensioning Scheme
Cop M  Go to the default view and make sure that the protrusion encompasses the part. If it doesn’t drag the depth handle or use Copyrighted to change the depth direction. En M ter 1.0 i a nch a t s the d e epth r of th i e pro a trusi l on.  Select Done/Return and we’ve completed the creation of our workpiece.  In default view the part/workpiece assembly should app C ear as s o hown i p n Figur y e 1-2. righted We’ve completed step 2). We have our original part model assembled within the workpiece from which it is to be M machine a d. terial 1-4
Manufacturin C g Set o up p fo y rm th r e ma i nufac g turing h setup. t  We e will sp d ecify a 3 axis milling  We’re now ready to 3) per operation, create a coordina M te syste a m for t our o e perati r on a i nd cr a eate t l he volume of material to  remove by milling. Select Mfg Setup  Pro/E displays the Operation Setup dialogue box. Click on the “mill icon” at the far right of the NC Machine box. ted Make sure the C Machi o ne Type is “Mill” a r nd th i e Nu g mber o h f Axes is “3 Axis”. Select OK Material and click on the arrow next to Machine Zero. Select Create  and pick on the workpiece. Pro/Manufacturing displays a coordinate system dialogue box. We’ll place a coordinate system at the intersection of the t h op-left edge of the d wor  kpiece with the top front edge. C  Click o on the p top-fr y ont ed r ge t i o ind g icate the loca t tion o e f the first reference. Hold down the control key and c M lick on the top-left edge to indicate the second reference for location of the coordinate system.
Figure 1-4 l Pro/ E C Axis o Disp ay p M
Click on the Orientat C ion Ta o b. If ne p cessar y y, flip r the i x axi g s so tha h t it ex t tends to the d right  and flip the y axis so that it extends from the front to the back of the workpiece (Fig e ure A). Select OK M OK Figure 1-5 Part Home
Cop To complete the manufacturing setup, we still need to specify the volume of material to be removed. We’ll select the entire M workpie a ce an t d the e “remo r ve” the p a art from  this volume Select . Mfg Geom Mill Volume  and enter a name. W C e’ C ll r u e s a e o t e “mv1 p ". We y ’ll use r the i sketc g h com h mand t to cre e ate the d volu  me of omuattseirdiealtthoebpearrte.mSoevleecdtfromourM workpie a ce. W t e’ll e remov r e all i the a work l piec  e material that lies Sketch  Done Done sketchinAggpaliannuesaentdhet C hreiglhetftm o moouusseeb p buuttttoonnty toohsiegl r helcitgih i tt.thMeg abkoettsourm h estuerfpar t coteruofsi e tohneawrroo d rkwpeiex  cteenadssthe from the bottom of the workpiece M upward a and s t elect e Okay r . Se i lect a Botto l m f  rom the SKET 1-6
eVdIgEesWasmreenfueraen C ndcepsi.ckSo eolnetcthep front s y urface r of t i he w g orkpiec h e. Ag t ain s e elect tw d o pe  rpendicular Close Sketch Material Edge Use and select all four outer edges of the workpiece  (not the part). Select Close pyrighted Up t M oSDuorfnae a ce terial and pick the top (Figure A) surface of the workpiece. (You may want to use the default view.)  Select O W k e’ve s C elected o our en p tire w y orkpie r ce a i s the g mill vo h lume. t  But e we nee d d to l  eave the tmhaeteprairatlftrhoamtrtehperemsielnltvsooluurmM pea.rtS.elAe a tctthist point e Pro/E r pro i vides a a Tri l m f  unction that will “trim” Trim  and use the right mouse button to select the part we wish to be “trimmed” out of the mill volume. Use the left mouse button to accept the selection. Done/R C Detounren/R o eturn pyrighted Material 1-7
rn and we’ve defined th C e D v o o n lu e o / m R e e t t o u b p e remo y ved (t r he w i orkp g iece m h inus o t ur par e t). d  We defined a 3-a createdAancdoowrdeinvaetceosmysptleetmefdotrhoeM umrawnourfkap a citeucrien, t gansedtcu e rpe.ated r a m i ill v a olum l exries  prmeislleinntginogptehreation, material that is to be removed by machining.  Machining Sequence Let’s 4) define the machining operations. We’ll select a volume milling sequence, define our tool and machini C ng para o meters p (tool s y ize, cu r ttin i g spe g ed, etc. h ), crea t te a r e etracti d on pla  ne and specify the volume of material to be removed (created in the previous step). Select Machining Material NC Sequence Done (Leave Volume and 3 Axis highlighted)  Done (notice the checked parameters we must define) Copyrighte l Mater Fi i gure a 1-6   SetUp Parameters  Copyrighte Material 1-8
Pro/E will display a Tool Setup Table. Copy Ma Figure 1-7 Tool Setup Table Copy Ma  eCWxuahttimleerpltehD.eiauCmsliecrk C caonntmhoe o .ds2ipf5eycaifn p iyedofptahr y aemveatleu r resa,n i wdechllag jnugsettsope h thcieffyot t lhloewdiina e gmevtaelrud easn:dl  ength for this _ Length 2 Material To save the values and exit the Setup table, Apply OK  and Pro/E will C display o S th et e re p mainin y g mac r hini i ng pa g ramete h rs. W t hile t e he user d can  modify any of the values, all parameters th M at have a a valu t e of -e 1 mus r t be i spec a ified. l  1-9
C Figure 1-8 Machining Parameters Use the following val C ues: opyrighted SCtuetp__FDeeedpth.61025 Material Step_Over .125  Scan_type Type_Spiral (We’ll explain why you change this later.) Spindle_Speed C 100th0 o above p values y , sele r ct ighted _ Clear Dist 1 After entering all e File Material Exit to save the values and exit the table. Select  Done Pwrioll/Ewintohdwraprwotmopetascuh C sttiomcerie o tarteetraarce p ttsrafrcotimo y nthpelaw r neo;rki i ep,ieacpe g l.anWeetolh ldpetuetra t mrienterat e chteiohneipg d lahtnteh  oenteoionlch above the part (0.5 inches above M our coor a dinate t syste e m). S r elec i t al 1-10