5 Pounds OFF Kodi and SPMC Firesticks
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5 Pounds OFF Kodi and SPMC Firesticks


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https://tvstick.co.uk/fire-tv-4k-3-c.asp - Looking to buy a cool streaming device for the best price, well if you are then checkout this promotional discount code we have found which enables you to get five pounds off a Kodi Amazon Fire Stick or enables you to receive a five pound discount on a SPMC Amazon Fire Stick.



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Published 06 December 2017
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£5 OFF Kodi and SPMC Firesticks
You have probably heard all the buzz about Amazon Fire Stick's and what you can do with them, loads of celebs have been tweeting all sorts of stuff, like….. “just Kodi fire-stick it!”.
Well regardless of what you decide to do with you fire-stick, there is a currently a hidden website that is running a slick promotion, they are offering some awesome discount codes onAmazon fire sticksandAmazon 4k pendants.
Just enter the discount code “FIRESTICK” at thecheckoutto receive £5 off any Kodi or SPMC Fire stick. This discount promotion code works great and saves you a fiver off any product, their prices are already cheaper than amazon fire sticks on Ebay so you can't really go wrong.
“Well that’s cool and everything but aren’t they illegal?”
Well noKodiitself is just a media player and contains no content whatsoever & Kodi does not endorse piracy, they have a strict guidelines around this topic.
“But all the rags in England has been saying they are bad and you are going to prison!”
Well they would considering all British red top newspapers and broadsheets are mouthpieces for the powers that be! companies like Sky & Virgin are probably leaching millions of pounds everyday to people leaving their expensive services, in fact in the USA they are leaving “cable” in droves,see herefor some statistics about peopleleaving paid TVservices in the states.
Tipping Point
We think that we are actually reaching a tipping point, where most people realise that paying £150 a month for cable TV is a bit excessive, especially when you can get all of that content from the internet for free or for a very low fee.
So big business is doing what it does best… destroying all the competition, before it hurts them. They must be desperate to stop everyone switching over to free streamingconsidering all the propagandathat has been pushed out into mainstream media.
The facts about internet streaming TV in the UK
1. Streaming content deemed illegal (free content that can also be paid for) is now illegal in the UK under European lawsee here
2. Selling devices that promote piracy is illegal under copyright protection lawsee here
3. Kodi software is legal, it’s the addition of “illegal” apps or add ons that’s a no no, more about the Kodi disclaimer at the bottom of their pagehereshowing their legality.
4. Selling official versions of streaming boxes is legal seehere
5. Selling official streaming boxes with official versions of software is legalsee here
6. Personally adding whatever add-ons you God damn like to your device and watching whatever you God damn like is however currently deemed illegal... but mostly unpunished in England.
It is estimated that there are at least 10 million installed installations of Kodi on devices in England in 2017 according to the monthly download statistics from “Ares Wizard”.
2018 Kodi going Mainstream
In 2017 Kodi perhaps entered into the mainstream, due to the law change in 2017 the authorities in England have clamped down on stream providers, closing perhaps fifty percent of unofficial Kodi add-on stream providers.
Many stream providers have decided to keep up the good fight and continue to provide the masses with free TV, for which we are forever grateful.
Will 2018 be the year that decides the fate of free streaming TV in the UK, will it become impossible to view free TV?
Or will there still be some naughty outlaws and work-arounds that enable free viewing pleasure.
Let’s see how it all plays out, we reckon its 50 | 50 at the moment, time to place your bets.