978-1-58503-369-0 -- AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial
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978-1-58503-369-0 -- AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial


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®AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial Randy H. Shih Oregon Institute of Technology SDC PUBLICATIONS Schroff Development Corporation www.schroff.com www.schroff-europe.com ® AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial 1-1 Lesson 1 Geometric Construction Basics Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material Copyrighted ♦ Create and Save AutoCAD Drawing FilesMaterial ♦ Use the AutoCAD LT Visual Reference Commands ♦ Draw, Using the LINE and CIRCLE ♦ Use the ERASE Command ♦ Define Positions Using the Basic Entry Methods Copyrighted ♦ Use the Pan Real-time Option Material ®1-2 AutoCAD LT 2008 Tutorial Introduction Learning to use a CAD system is similar to learning a new language. We need to begin Copyrighted with the basic alphabet and learn how to use the basic alphabet correctly and effectively through practice. This will require learning some new concepts and skills as well as learning a different vocabulary. All CAD systems create designs using basic geometric entities. Most of the constructions used in technical designs are based upon two-Material dimensional planar geometry. The method and number of operations that are required to accomplish the construction are different from one system to another. In order to become effective in using a CAD system, we must learn to create geometric entities quickly and accurately. In learning to use a CAD system, lines and circles are the first two, ...



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AutoCAD LT®2008 Tutorial
Lesson 1Geometric Construction Basics
Create and Save AutoCAD Drawing Files Use the AutoCAD LT Visual Reference Commands Draw, Using the LINE and CIRCLE Commands Use the ERASE Command Define Positions Using the Basic Entry Methods Use the Pan Real-time Option 
1-2 AutoCAD LT®2008 Tutorial
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Geometric Construction Basics 1-3
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Drawing Unitos Setpupyr g e tEhveervyaloubejeocftthweeucnoitnsstrwMnitcuathnhiitaADCACetsysDtetyssemiesbmmerseraoefiaueerrctdiainnugntlihtess.etntieioeemrtciWfeisrst.gddehoulineterm  1.In the pull-down menus, select: [Format][Units]hted rial
1-4 AutoCAD LT®2008 Tutorial
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hted ial 3.Set thePrecisiontotwo digitsaafter the deecimalrpoint as shown in the above 4.PickOKto exit theDrawing Unitsdialog box.  Drawing Area Setup Nweoxt,inwgeawreilal.sItetcuCanaeolsthpDobreauwsienpdgtoLpirmeyivtess;tnrenitctnosiigttheurtcgoDnroaruwteifshnreidgeenLtihctemeittghsdiratcertlomsilstinosmarkdhtdnaathee s a extents of the display of thegrid. It also serves as a visual rk tphloetroegpitioonnftohratgedoefminetersyacnoanrsetrautcotiboen.plotted/printeed. Norte tihat thais setlting does not limit 1.In the pull-down menus, select: [Format][Drawing Limits] ighted erial
ted TheZoom Allcommand waill adtjust tehe disrplay so thaat alllobjects in the drawing are displayed to be as large as possible. If no objects are construct ed, theDrawing Limitsare used to adjust the current viewport.
coordinates <12.00,9.00>.
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Geometric Construction Basics 1-5
t heENTERkey once to accept the default message “Specify upper right corner d 4.On your own, move the graphic cursor near the upper-righ t comer inside the drawing area and note that the drawing area is unchanged. (TheDrawing Limitscommand is used to set the drawing area; but the display will not be adjusted until a display command is used.)  5.In the pull-down menus, select: oom][All][View][Zted al
1-6 AutoCAD LT®2008 Tutorial
Using theInfoCenterto Get More Information Prior to creatiCng geoometric opbjects,ylet’srexaimine tghe usahge of tthe InefoCentder opt ion to obtain some help on the subject. 1t.TyepeDrrawiin theaInfroellCaetnetdeirnifnoprumtabtiooxton. search for anyDraw 2.ClickDraw Geometric Objectsin the AutoCAD LT Helplist as shown.  3i.tIaGhnrgeuetidhcdeoee,snAcgrstuiehrtbunoeceCit.adrAoltDnisnLofoTrfe2mg0aoe0ti8moenUtdrsierecrgoasbr ngjdeicts4.eLCmilioncrekeairDnfOroabrjwmecaLttsioi.nneaorn Ohobwjetcotcsoturttecgston  5.On your own, clickDraw Linesand itthhgOAeneLnuitnyooeotviowADCurte,rwTLnLetiahendeerctdrehsmocodhiptiohgtnamu eonf.d descriptions listed inConcepts, erProcRfeeicedurneaere.n,aldQ uick Drawing Lines with theLineCommand1.Move the graphics cursor to the first icon in theLineicon. Ahelp-tipbox appears next to trhe2iD Draw andhmoditfypaneel. Thids ico n is g the cursor.  2.tSelectethe icroniby cliackinglonce with theleft-mouse-button, which will activate theLinecommand.
Geometric Construction Basics 1-7
3.In the rea nea en, the message “_line Specify first point:” is displayed. AutoCAD expects us to ideChtyocmfitnoartinadtsmepocangltprpmoytion,oarf aiiagerstrhtg.enbohmtotitlhevfooMehttotguAehteiDpChAarcdacwusdrirs htedierescgnnsior graphics window and watch the display of the coordinates of the graphics cursor at the bottom of the AutoCADdrawing screen.The two numbers represent the location of the cursor in the X and Y directions. We can treat the graphics window as if it was a pieMce of paaper atnd weeare ursingithe garaphlics cursor as if it were a pencil with which to draw. 
Coordinates of the location of the graphics cursor.
 2 We will create a freehand sketch of a five-point star using theLinecommand. Do not be overly concerned with the actual size or the accuracy of your freehand sketch. This exercise is to give you a feel 4ghted for theAutoCAD LT 2008user interface. rial 4.We will start at a location near the bottom of the graphics window. Left-click once to position the starting point of our first line. hted two numbers, displayed next to the cursor, represent the current cursor position.The Note that the same two numbers are also displayed at the lower left corner of the option. Tooltips areMdisplayaed netar theecursorr, wihichaare dlyna mically updated as the AutoCAD main window. The displaying of tooltips is known as theDynamic Inputcursor moves.