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Aci securite informatique cortos “ control and observation of real

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ACIS´ecurit´eInformatiqueCORTOS “ Control and Observation of Real-Time Open Systems ”
October 30, 2006
The web site of the project is http://www.lsv.ens-cachan.fr/aci-cortos/ 1 CORTOS from an Administrative Point of View The three following labs were parts of the CORTOS project: InstitutdeRechercheenCommunicationsetenCybern´etiquedeNantes ´ ´ (IRCCyN, CNRS UMR 6597 & Ecole des Mines de Nantes & Ecole Cen-traledeNantes&Universite´deNantes),GroupMOVES, LaboratoireSpe´cicationetVe´rication(LSV,CNRSUMR8643&ENS de Cachan), VERIMAG(CNRSUMR5104&Universit´eJosephFourier&Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble). The following people are involved of the project: Name First name Position Lab. Cassez Franck CR CNRS LRiomeDidierMdCECNantesIRCCyN ux Olivier H. MdC IUT Nantes Roux Olivier PU EC Nantes Bouyer Patricia CR CNRS Chevalier Fabrice PhD student DemriSt´ephaneCRCNRSLSV LaroussinieFran¸coisMdCENSCachan Markey Nicolas CR CNRS Reynier Pierre-Alain PhD student Altisen Karine MdC INPG Dang Thao CR CNRS VERIMAG Krichen Moez PhD student Tripakis Stavros CR CNRS