Choosing a Piles Treatment in Anna Nagar

Choosing a Piles Treatment in Anna Nagar


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Description - If you are looking for a piles treatment in anna nagar, then you must visit the Chennai Laser Gastroeneterology Clinic, that offers state of art hemorrhoid treatment services from some of the best piles doctors in chennai. We have been Chennai's premier clinic for piles treatment and have so far treated over 1000's of patients over the last 10 years successfully with our laser based piles technology.



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Published 12 May 2018
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Piles Problem?
Did you know that piles can affect men and women equally?. This is Dr Karthik from the Chennai Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, and if you are looking for the best piles treatment in Anna Nagar, you have landed in the right place!
I am happy to state that, we have had the privilege of treating over 432 patients fromAnna Nagar, Chennai. Before I begin boring you with our achievements in the haemorrhoid industry, I want to enlighten you on piles
What causes piles?
Piles are nothing but a swelling of the rectal veins located in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids are of two types in general. They are namely internal piles and external piles. Either way both types of hemorrhoids can cause problems when you pass stools.
The commonest causes of hemorrhoids though are those that are caused by
1. Improper food habits where you completely avoid fruits and vegetables
2. Constant straining while passing stools (day in and day out!)
Both of the above two factors are key in leading to a piles problem
Does dehydration lead to haemorrhoids?
If you live in chennai, you and I both know, how hot this city can get. Especially more so in places likes Anna Nagar. We have treated numerous patients who looked for apiles doctor in anna nagar area! Close to atleast around 645 patients in the last 3 years to be exact.
Remember to take in loads of water to prevent piles/haemorrhoids
What is the best available piles treatment?
Well, if you are looking for the best available piles treatment. Then remember to choose or go with a laser based piles surgery. The advantages of choosing a laser piles surgery is that
1. The treatment in relatively pain free
2. Patient recovery is usually quick
3. The cost difference between conventional stapler haemorrhoidectomy and laser piles surgery is minimal