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Description - Bitcoins are known to have volatile values. Therefore, most of the betting sites that offer btc deposit gambling tend to restrict the betting amount to smaller amounts as they would be short of cryptocurrency if the amount that is won is substantial



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Published 14 May 2018
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Dec 26, 2017 Admin Gambling
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Cloudbet.comis one of the most impressive bitcoin sports betting sites online. This bitcoin casino can be accessed from desktops as well as mobile devices. There are several attractive features incorporated to lure punters. For starters, whoever is considering joining this site is given 5 bitcoins absolutely for free. It is, perhaps, the best option for those who are looking for ways on how to get free bitcoin. Certain conditions apply for their withdrawal, but it is a really good o×er.
Currency movement and opportunities:
Transferring bitcoins to a game played anywhere in the world is not a problem simply because there are no in-between banking regulatory systems. The speed ensures that the person betting does not lose any opportunity to bet. Bitcoins are transferred immediately and bets are placed immediately too. Users can even bet on outcomes of games such as NBA, MLB, Twenty 20 Cricket, Indian Premier League Cricket, English Premier League Football, German Bundesliga, etc., here. It is also possible to bet several times.
Casino games:
There are many casino games as well on The list includes traditional favorites like American Blackcjack, American Roulette, slots, Bingo, Baccarat, Video Poker, etc.
There is a free play as well, enabling one get the hang of the game, or enjoy playing without using any money.
In all there are 57 table games, 449 slot games, 20 Jackpot slots, 49 video poker games, 36 instant win games and 8 Bingo and Keno games to choose from. Needless to say, the’s casino options are numerous and very diversiÒed. There are even live casinos in which the bet can be as low as 0.0010 btc.
Bitcoin casino bonuses:
Most of the bitcoin based sports betting sites o×er a bitcoin casino bonus. Cloubdbet is no exception. Here, the player gets a 100 percent bonus on whatever amount he or she chooses to bring into the site the Òrst time. Considering that there is a 100 percent bonus on the Òrst deposit, the player stands to gain a substantial bonus in bitcoins if he or she opted to transfer a larger number of bitcoins here.
Transaction size limitations:
Bitcoins are known to have volatile values. Therefore, most of the betting sites that o×er btc deposit gambling tend to restrict the betting amount to smaller amounts as they would be short of cryptocurrency if the amount that is won is substantial. But on, the player can bet with larger amounts as well.
Transactions can be in 1000s of bitcoins. This means that the site is well equipped to handle large amounts of bitcoins like a large bank.
Withdrawal:, players can withdraw their money within minutes. At the most it could take a few hours. In contrast, most sports betting facilities and sites can take almost a week’s time to credit the amounts.
No fees:
Notwithstanding the size of deposits, transactions, and withdrawals, the site does not collect any fees for maintaining such accounts and for managing the relevant transactions.
Since bitcoins have a very high value, the site ensures that security is given the highest priority. Bitcoin related accounts’ information, especially the deposited amount, is stored oÖine or in cold storage as well. This is done so as to ensure that no data is ever lost or tampered with. Only a limited number of bitcoins are transferred from that cold storage into the online wallet for betting transactions. Bitcoin based accounts can be further secured with the help of Google’s authenticator mobile app, which includes a 2 step authentication process.
The software of this bitcoin casino is audited frequently and is also RNG tested. Each transaction is wrapped up with encryption technology in an impenetrable way.
Customer support:
Cloudbet.comuses the services of real people for customer support rather than some automated tool. It also o×ers customer support round the clock, 365 days a year.
Even though the site is new, it o×ers sports betting opportunities on almost all popular sports, in addition to regular gambling opportunities o×ered in other btc casinos. It also o×ers information to a person who does not have any bitcoins on how to go about obtaining some bitcoins. The minimum deposit is also quite low, i.e., just 0.001BTC, which is also the minimum amount of withdrawal and the minimum amount of betting on this site.
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