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DRAM TUTORIALISCA 2002Bruce JacobDavid WangUniversity of DRAM: Architectures, MarylandInterfaces, and SystemsDRAM: why bother? (i mean, besides the “memory wall” thing? ... is it just a performance issue?)think about embedded systems: A Tutorial think cellphones, think printers, think switches ... nearly every embedded product that used to be expensive is now cheap. why? Bruce Jacob and David Wangfor one thing, rapid turnover from high performance to obsolescence guarantees generous supply of CHEAP, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.HIGH-PERFORMANCE embedded processors to suit nearly any design need. University of Maryland at College Parkwhat does the “memory wall” mean in this context? perhaps it will take longer for a high- http://www.ece.umd.edu/~blj/DRAM/performance design to become obsolete?UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND DRAM TUTORIALISCA 2002 OutlineBruce JacobDavid Wang• Basics University ofMaryland• DRAM Evolution: Structural PathNOTE• Advanced Basics• DRAM Evolution: Interface Path• Future Interface Trends & Research Areas• Performance Modeling: Architectures, Systems, EmbeddedBreak at 10 a.m. — Stop us or starve DRAM TUTORIALISCA 2002 BasicsBruce JacobDavid WangDRAM ORGANIZATIONUniversity ofMarylandfirst off -- what is DRAM? an DRAMarray of storage elements (capacitor-transistor pairs)Storage element Column Decoder“DRAM” is an acronym (explain) (capacitor)why “dynamic”? ...



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