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Domain Statistics CollectorTutorialDuane WesselsDNS-OARCAdvanced ccTLD WorkshopSeptember 16, 2008ams-cctld-advanced 0 DNS-OARCWhat is DSC?– A system for collecting, transferring, viewing, and storing avariety of measurements taken from DNS servers.– Opensource(BSDlicense)softwarethatrunsonBSD,Linux,and Solaris.– Used by Root, TLD operators (and others) to visualize DNStra–c characteristics and share data.– http://dns.measurement-factory.com/tools/dsc/ams-cctld-advanced 1 DNS-OARCArchitectureDSC ArchitectureServersF−root E−rootSFO2PAO1 Nodes falkenDXB1 noradMAD1 palaceetccrystalBrowserPresenterams-cctld-advanced 3 DNS-OARCCollector– A DSC Collector process runs on (or near) a DNS servernode.– Uses libpcap, just like tcpdump.– Works with Ethernet taps or port mirroring if you don’t wantto run it on the server itself.– Can be conflgured to collect a number of difierent Datasets.– Writes XML flles to disk every 60 seconds for transfer to thePresenter.ams-cctld-advanced 4 DNS-OARCData Transfer– A cron job runs every minute to transfer XML flles fromCollector to Presenter.– Can send to multiple Presenters.– Usually data is pushed rather than pulled.– Scripts are provided to use rsync/SSH.– Can also use HTTPS and client-side X.509 certiflcates.ams-cctld-advanced 5 DNS-OARCPresenter– AcronjobprocessesincomingXMLflles(andstoresthedatain a format that is faster to read).– Apache and a CGI script are used to view the data.– CGI and XML ...



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Domain Statistics Collector Tutorial
Duane Wessels DNS-OARC
Advanced ccTLD Workshop September 16, 2008