GREAT TASTE NO PAIN - Lose Weight and End Digestive Problems

GREAT TASTE NO PAIN - Lose Weight and End Digestive Problems


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A Review Explaining Why Everyone Should Get GREAT TASTE NO PAIN To Easily Lose Weight and Get Rid of Digestive Problems with the GREAT TASTE NO PAIN Digestive Health Breakthrough
Sherry Brescia's GREAT TASTE NO PAIN SYSTEM as she presents it in her BOOK is a wonderful way of eating in order to lose weight and alleviate your digestive problems. Following the Great Taste No Pain system is so simple, yet so very, very effective.
You will Lose Weight! - Your Digestive Problems
will be alleviated! - You will Feel Better than ever!



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Published 01 May 2018
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GREAT TASTE NO PAIN - Lose Weight and End Digestive Problems with this Digestive Health Breakthrough
- REVIEW -By Gerald Hagen
Benefits of GREAT TASTE NO PAIN – Easily Lose Weight and Get Rid of Digestive Problems with this Digestive Health Breakthrough
Reveals you how you can take control of your digestive pain and help turn it around at a primary root cause
Get Rid of Your Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Acid Reflux and Colitis
Does not require special foods or costly meal supplements—all foods are available at your local grocery store
Get Rid of Your Crohn’s (IBD), Gastritis, IBS, Hiatal Hernia and Ulcer
Helps you gain a better understanding and appreciation of the significant role your diet plays in your health from head-to-toe?
Get Rid of Your Bloating, Constipation and Diarrhea
If you’re sick, in pain and want relief, let the GREAT TASTE NO PAIN system help you. With the right blend of our nutrition-based products and diet tips, you can start feeling better fast.
Get Rid of Your Gas and Heartburn
My Rating of GREAT TASTE NO PAIN - Easily Lose Weight and Get Rid of Digestive Problems with this Digestive Health Breakthrough
Rating: Top-Rated-Best
My Review of the GREAT TASTE NO PAIN System – Easily Lose Weight and Get Rid of Digestive Problems with this Digestive Health Breakthrough
Help For Anyone Living With Digestive Health Issues….
Get help with your digestive problems – FROM – Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Acid Reflux, Colitis, Crohn’s (IBD), Gastritis, IBS, Hiatal Hernia and Ulcer – TO – the accompanying Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas and Heartburn
I personally used Great Taste No Pain to end my repeated attacks of diverticulitis. My diverticulitis attacks were so serious that I had to be hospitalized four times. My attacks were so severe that I was even scheduled for colon re-section surgery. But then I found Great Taste No Pain by searching on the internet, and I have had zero diverticulitis attacks since starting Great Taste No Pain. Beyond that, my persistent constipation has also disappeared. And my doctors have never again mentioned the need for colon surgery.
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Quick Summary Description
With over one third of United States adults (70 million) taking OTC pills or prescription drugs for digestive problems and the pain connected with them, we, as a nation, have very serious digestive health problems. And we are spreading our problems around the planet.
What is frustrating to most people is that even if they eat in a style that most health professionals consider healthy, a big percentage of people
still experience digestive problems. As a result, most people resort to drugs, surgery or eating blah-tasting bland foods. Or they simply continue to endure their suffering.
That is why the Great Taste No Pain System was developed – to help slash some of the 42 billion dollars that the people of the United States spend on digestive pills.
This simple system for eating food is designed to dramatically lower the acid pH measurement in a person’s entire body – not just in the stomach. First, it does so by increasing the ratio of alkaline forming foods that you eat. Second, it shows you the correct way to combine foods in a way that sharply decreases the quantity of acid digestive juices that are required to break down foods in the stomach and small intestine. Do you follow me so far? I hope so, because this is very important information to help you with your digestive health.
One of the main components of the Great Taste No Pain System is the science of food combining, which was developed in the United States in 1911 by Dr. William Hay, a surgeon from New York who used it to cure his Bright’s Disease, a kidney disease which was often fatal. In fact, among the thousands of lives it took was Teddy Roosevelt’s first spouse, who developed Bright’s Disease and passed away at just 22 years of age.
A basic understanding of Junior High School chemistry is all it takes to grasp the logic behind this science: Mixing foods that require alkaline digestive enzymes with foods that require acid digestive enzymes slows and will even stop the digestive process. Such mixing may and does delay digestion by up to 10 hours and more. That is incredibly bad for the body. The Great Taste No Pain system eliminates this slow-digestion problem, and thus speeds food through your body, allowing your body to soak up nutrients from foods at a much increased level.
In addition, in Great Taste No Pain, Sherry Brescia presents the proper way to combine foods as clearly as I have ever seen this knowledge presented. Follow this easy guide and your body will burn up less energy during the digestion process and thus leave with more energy for healing and for your other daily functions.
This is a very timely set of guides because, with our society’s addiction to the simplistic ease of bagged, boxed, and canned processed foods, as individuals and as a society, our nation health challenges are far worse than they have ever been.
Great Taste No Pain author, Sherry Brescia, is one of the millions who once suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferer herself. In fact, in 1991, she spent 7 days hospitalized with bacterial colitis.
As a medical health insurance researcher and Chief Underwriter, Sherry Brescia was in a great position to research the advantages of an alkaline – balanced body. And over the following 20+ years, she perfected the system she now calls Great Taste No Pain.
Brescia meshed numerous philosophies that have been proven to assist in alkalizing the body to create this easy system that anyone can follow no matter where they are and no matter what food choices are available to them.
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What I Like:
Unlike most restrictive diets, Great Taste No Pain cannot actually be called a diet because it lets you eat even great volumes of luscious, delicious food as long as you combine the foods consistent with a couple of simple guidelines. It truly requires little or no willpower. Perhaps the best news for those that like to eat is that the 176 page recipe book that comes with the system is filled with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks which are unbelievably tasty. There is not a rabbit-food type of eating. This is gourmet type all of the way, yet the
meals (if you happen to love to cook) only take between 15 minutes and 30 minutes of prep time and make a whole lot of yummy leftovers. So throw away the false conclusion that you simply cannot eat healthy on a super-busy schedule. Yes you can!
I love that you simply do not need to read 300+ pages before learning what to do. In the first guide, “How To Finish Stomach Pain Forever”, you are given a short background of the science after which it quickly moves onto the step-by-step “how to”. I love that.
The second Guide in the GTNP System is “What To Eat With What.” This is a thorough list of each and every food you can possibly eat with the corresponding foods that can be combined with them so that you will have simple comfortable digestion. Likewise, it shows which foods that you cannot combine because if you do, the combination will interfere with your digestion. This guide is so complete and really easy to follow, that for those who screw this up these simple directions, it’s back to pre-school for you.
Even More Simplicity:
Traveling is the one thing that may ruin even the healthiest eaters. But in Great Taste No Pain, Sherry Brescia provides you with a ‘Pocket Guide For Pain-Free Dining Out.’ This handy tool is outstanding. You will be able to keep this little baby along with your credit cards, and, until you realize what combines with what, all you need to do is pull out your pocket guide and quickly note the rule, so that you can eat and be digestive pain-free for the remainder of your day. Would you suspect that you would be able eat McDonald’s food and never suffer gassiness and reflux? Well, now you can!
Eating Meat:
While meat isn’t something individuals with digestive issues usually tolerate well each day (hence the daily pain), the issue isn’t the beef. Instead, it is what you eat with the meat.
That is why all the Guides within the system, including the recipe book, lists every possible food you can combine with meats without suffering. Plenty of people suddenly have the ability to eat beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, venison and any other meat they would like. So long as you mix it right… you will have no pain in any respect! And broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and other veggies that may create havoc suddenly are not going to. That I love.
Eating Fruit:
Ask anyone who suffers stomach problems about fruit and you will hear horror stories. So sadly, probably the most perfect food on this planet is shunned by an enormous a part of our world’s population. Not any more. Since you will soon learn why fruit causes you trouble and the way to simply change how and you eat fruits, you’ll be comfortably eating fruits again.
While the GTNP system is detailed and complete, the details are “dumbed down” for us using the clearest language possible. So I do not doubt Brescia’s claim that any 11 year old could teach it. This I really love.
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Things To Look Out For:
The one thing you must look out for is that when you begin eating as prescribed in Great Taste No Pain, you feel so good so quickly that you start to feel all powerful. You could begin to think you might be “cured” of your digestive problems because they went away so fast and because you will have such a big boost of extra energy.
That could be a mistake for you.
Technically there is not any “cure” for many digestive problems, because technically they aren’t really diseases. Instead, they are conditions or maladies brought on by eating improper foods and by eating them within the wrong combinations. So the food principles found in Great Taste No Pain aren’t a “cure,” since individuals with sensitive stomachs and digestive systems will always be sensitive. Instead, GTNP is merely the way to get rid of all symptoms and keep them away forever plus provide you with oodles more energy.
For example, let’s say have Diverticulitis or Crohn’s. Great Taste No Pain allows you to get rid of your symptoms very quickly.
But a year later, when you slough off and start eating just like you used to, guess what? Yep, the symptoms will come back again. You see, the foundations that Great Taste No Pain are predicated on are sound. They work for everybody. But when you think, because you have been symptom-free for an extended time, that you’ve been “cured,” reconsider. Go against these easy to use principles of simple digestion, and the issue can come again with a vengeance. Remember, good health comes from living a healthy lifestyle, not a “do it once and you’re fixed” approach.
Another thing that you should be prepared for is that since Great Taste No Pain cleanses your digestive tract, initially may get a bit of diarrhea. If you happen to experience constipation on a reasonably regular basis, you could get a bit “looseness” at first, but it will end quickly.
Also, as a result of detoxing going on in your system, you may get a runny nose or get some other cold-like symptoms to start with. It’s nothing to fret about. In case you do, while it won’t be fun, it does mean the new eating style is working. It means your body is getting more pure and the toxins are leaving your body. And that is excellent.
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When I started to use Great Taste No Pain for my constipation and my repeated attacks of diverticulitis, I was truly amazed by the increased amount of energy that I had, even late at night. I had no pain, no discomfort, and no bloating.
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Professionally and personally, I am delighted with and I strongly recommend Great Taste No Pain to anyone who wants to dramatically reduce or end the pain and discomfort of any digestive problems and to anyone who wants better health with more energy and sounder, longer sleep. Visit Great Taste No Pain and get the Book. You’ll be thrilled with the results.
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