How To Make Money Just Messing Around On Facebook
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How To Make Money Just Messing Around On Facebook

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15 Pages


In this short guide you are going to learn exactly how you can start earning money in as little as 24 hours, doing the things that you already do on Facebook!



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Published 04 February 2018
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In this shortguideyouaregoingtolearn exactlyouy howcan
startearning moneyin aslittleas 24hours, doing thethings that
youalreadydo onFacebook!

Did youknowthatsocialmedia has become oneofthebiggest
driversofsales and new customersforbusinesses? Companies
that used to spendmillionsofdollarsonradio advertising, TV
commercials andbillboardsigns,arenowshifting hugechunks
oftheir marketing budgets tosocialmediasites likeFacebook.

So whyare theydoing this? The simple answeris.....


Whatdo youthinkismore valuable toabusiness? Someone
seeinganadvertisement fromabusiness thatsays:

'Buy our newsmartphone,greatit hasfeaturesand isreasonably

Orthat same person seeingaFacebook status update fromtheir
friend saying:

I LOVEmy newXYZsmartphone,thecameraon itisamazing

Ofcourse,it's thelatter.Andthat'swhy socialmediaisso

Whatyou maynot realise though,isthatyouhaveunwittingly
becomeanunpaid marketing agentforthesecompanies!
EverytimeyoumentionabusinessonFacebook, recommenda
productorservice,or'like'abusinesses page,youaremaking
thatbusiness money.


Andwhatdo yougetinreturn?

Does itseemfairtoyouthat thesebusinesses shouldbemaking
allthis moneyof theback ofyourtime andefforts, while you

Imagineif youcould getpaid forthe actionsyoutake

Howgreatwould it beif youcould get paid everytimeyou'liked'
apage, sharedanarticleorleftacomment.

Insteadofwastingallthose hoursyouspendonFacebook,you
could turn themintoa wayto make some extra cash.That would
bepretty awesomeright?

Well nowyoucan!

Andthe keytoall ofthisisaffiliatemarketing.

Sowhat exactly isaffiliate marketing?

At it's mostbasic level,affiliatemarketingiswhenabusiness
paysyou acommissionorfee,forhelping them getnew
customersorsalesfortheir business.

Forexample,abusiness thatsellsaweightlossprogramonline
for $100,mayhaveanaffiliateprogram that pays50%
commissionforeach saleyouhelp them generate.You could
jointhis affiliateprogram and then get paidfortelling people
about thebusinesses website.

Astheaffiliateprogram pays50%commission, and theproduct
sellsfor $100,youwould get paid$50 foreach customerthat
yousend to thatbusinesses website.

It's thateasy.

Ifyouwereanaffiliate forthis weightlosscourse,all youwould
need todo isfind peoplewhoareinterestedinweightloss,get
them toclick onyouraff(which williliate linktake them tothe
businesses website) and thenyouget paid$50 foreveryperson
that buys theproduct.

Facebookistheperfectplace to make moneydoing thisasan
affiliate, because throughtheir Facebook accounts peopletell
youexactlywhat they areinterestedin(andthereforewhatthey
may beinterestedinbuying!).

Through the pages that theylike

Andthe groups that theyjoin

Youcanthen usethis information to recommend productsthey
may beinterestedin (usingyouraffiliate links),and whenthey

It's not spamorunwantedmarketing becauseyouareonly
givingpeopleinformation about products andbusinesses that
youknowtheywill beinterested in.

Forexample,letssay youseeapostonFacebook where

Cananyone recommenda goodandroidphone?Imyjust brokeold
one andIneed tobuy anew oneASAP!

Normally youwould reply toapost likethis with the nameofa
phone brand,or alinktoaphone manufactureswebsite that
youhave heardgoodthings about.

However,as anaffcaniliate youthe samestill providehelpful
advice, butyou canget paidforit! Insteadofjustgivingthem a
linkto the top selling Android phones,you can givethem an
affiliate linkinstead.

Theywillneverknowthedifference because theystill gettaken
to the same web pagewith the topselling Android phones, but
now iftheybuy aphone from thatwebsite, yougetpaid.


Areyouexcited to get started?Well the
the affiliateprograms.

f i r s t stepistojoin

Chapter2– JoinAfliate Programs

There are two majoraffiliateprograms thatyoushouldjoinif
you want tomaximizeyourearningsas anaffiliate on

As youprobablyknow,Amazonisthe biggestretail website in
the world andsells pretty mucheverything from baby diapersto
coffins. Whatyoumight notknow isthatyou canbecomean
affiliate forAmazon with their program'Amazon Associates'.

Onceyou jointheir affiliateprogram,you canearncommissions
whenyousend someone totheir site throughyouraffiliatelink.

Amazonisthe bestaffiliateprogramforpromotingany kindof
physical product, suchas asmartphoneorwatch. Theyhave
overthat1,000,000 productsyou canpromote, andyou canearn
upto8.5%commissiononthe salepriceof anitem.

8.5%commission might not soundlike much,buton a$500
smartphoneforexample, itmeansyouget paid$42.50just for
givingsomeonea linkto thebuypageforthatphone.

C l ick h e r e t o join t he Amazon a ffiliate p r o g r a m

Clickbankisthelargest digital marketplaceonline, which
means thatitsells anything thatcan bedownloaded to a
computer, smartphoneortablet.

Thisincludes things like ebooks,audiocourses,videos,
computer programs etc.Clickbank hasanaffiliateprogram
whereyou can joinand get paidacommissionforpromoting
any ofthe productsintheir marketplace.

Andbecauseall ofthe productsinthe Clickbankmarketplaceare
digital, thecommission rates are much higher thanwith
Amazon. Youwillpaidtypically get50-75%commissiononany

C l ick h e r e t o join t h e C l ickb a n k affiliate progra m


Afteryouhavejoined theaffiliateprograms, the next stepisto
startintegrating affiliatemarketing intoyour dailyFacebook
usagesothatyou canmake somemoney!

Don't get aheadof yourself though.

You can'tjustgoand start pastingyouraffforiliate linksrandom
productsall overFacebook. The mostimportant thing to
rememberwith affiliatemarketingonFacebook is....


Whenyoupostanaffiliate linkonFacebook itmustberelevant
to to thediscussion, personorgroup thatyouare
communicating with.

Ifyoujust randomstart sending outaffiliate linksto anyone you
come acrossonFacebook, withoutanythoughtasto whatthe
offerisand whether that personwill beinterestedinit,then

Andnotonly isbutit spam,it'salso awasteof yourtime.

Ifyouarejust sending outaffiliate linksto randomoffers that
you don't evenknow ifpeople aregoingtobeinterestedin,then
itisarevery unlikely theygoingtobuyanything.

Onthe other hand,if youare smart about whatyou do,and
givepeopleaffiliate linksthat areand servicesto products
relevanttothem,you canmakealotofmoney.
And aswe discussedpreviously, Facebook makes itsupereasy
foryouto find outexactlywhat people areinterestedin,thinking
aboutorfeeling atany givenmoment.

From apersonsFacebook accountyou cansee ataglance:

•Status updates–Tell the storyofexactlywhatis
happeningin apersonslife atany givenmoment(having a
baby, startedadiet,agoing onholiday etc.)

•Likes a quick– Giveoverviewofwhat typesofthings
people areinterested in.

•Groups–Peoplewith similar interestsall jointogetherina
single grouponFacebooksothatyou caneasilyreach out
toalarge groupofpeoplewithatargetedoffer. Think
aboutFacebook groupsforpeople that want tolose weight,
newparents, peoplelooking to make money,cooking
groups and many, manymore.

Onceyou knowwhatagroupofpeople areinterested in,
it's easy tofind and recommend products theymaybe

•AppsAndGames–Facebookallows youto see what apps
and games people useonFacebook,which can giveyou
greatinformation about whatelse they mightbeinterested