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iLearnOregon Quick Start Tutorial


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iLearnOregon Create A New Account IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STATE EMPLOYEES In to create a new account you must know the user’s first and last name exactly as it appears on their paycheck stub; or you must know their Employee Identification Number (i.e. OR1234567). When you are selecting the user’s job title, you may see the same one multiple times but with a different job classification code. You will need to know the user’s job classification code so that you can select the correct job title. If the user’s manager does not have an account within iLearnOregon, you must know their first and last name exactly as it appears on their paycheck stub; or you must know their Employee Identification Number (i.e. OR1234567). To create a new account complete the following steps: 1. In your web browser type in the following URL 2. Once you are logged in, select "Administration" 3. Select “Manage Users”. This will take you to the Manage Users page. Before creating a new account search to make sure they do not already have one. 4. Click the Create New Account link. This will take you to the User Information page. 1 of 14 iLearnOregon 5. From the User Information page you will need to select one of the following options for type: Select State Employee if the user has a valid state issued email address (i.e. Select State Employee ...



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iLearnOregon 5.  From the User Irnmfoation page you will nee to select one of the following options for t   Select State Employee if the user has valid state issued email address (i.e.   Select State Employee with Non-State Email if the user doesn’t have a valid state issued email address or would like to use an alternative email address.   Select Not a State Eomyeple if the user is not an employee hoef  tstate of Oregon.  6.  Enter the user’s full first and last name. 7.  Click on the Find It button next to the Employde. e  OIDn cfiee lthe users r de ciso found, the system will automatically populate thes  uEsmerployee ID and email ad drV e srisf.y  that the users email address is correct. N : O  T E E mail addresses should be entienrge dt hues users public email address and not their agencies intern a i l  aedmdress. For exampoleu:r instead of 8.  Enter text for the user’s Logi N n O ID T .: E  The login must be at least 6 characters and cannot contain spaces or characters such as /, @, or &.                9.  Once you complete the User Information scrweielln ,n eyeodu  to select Next to continue to the Job Title screen.  The job titles come from et'hse  PSotsai t ion and Personnel Data Base (PPDB) and are in alphabetical order.          
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iLearnOregon 10  . Using the drop down menu, select the appropriate R j E o M b t E itl M e B . E : R If there are several of the same job titles listed, look for the one with the sasmsiefi jcoabti oclna #.           11.  Once you have selected the appropriate jobwtiit l l en, eyeodu  to select Next to go to the Organization screen.  There are 3 categories of otrigoannsi: z aNone, Other, and State of Oregon.           12.  Expand the StateOorfegon tree.             
13  . Locate the user’s agency and expand the agency tree. 14  .On your agency's expanded tree, t hs e l edicvtision/section/unit thhea tu tser works for and then select Next.           
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iLearnOregon IMPORTANT INFORMATIORN  SFEOLECTING A MANAGER  You will have the option oefr ienngt the users managfeo r  imnation.  This cwrilel ate an account for their manager.  In order to enter tehres  umsanager information you wiltl on keneod w their first and last name exactly as it appears on their paycheck stub; osrt  kynoou wm tuheir Employ e en tIidfication Number (i.e. OR1234567).  15.  Using the drop down menu, sh e e  uifs ters manager is listed.           16.  If their manager isn't listed,  s"eElentcetr Managers Informatio ny".o  u Ocran select None on the drop down menu and then select finish.         17  . Enter the user’s manager full first and last name. 18.  Click on the Find It button next to the Employe  eV IeDri f iye the us e rmsail address is correct.  NOTE : Email addresses should be entered using the user’s public email address and not their agencies internal email address. aFmorp l e x: instead of yourname@odf.state. . o  r  .  us 19  .Once you have entered the man ianfgoe r 'msation, select "Save Managers Information .   "              
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