Magento Accounting Integration
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Magento Accounting Integration

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Find out how to empower your B2B solution by performing magento accounting integration.



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Published 04 March 2016
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Magento Accounting Integration
Accounting System
Keeps a record of income and expenses
Manages payable and receivable accounts
Creates invoices
Organizes information into detailed reports
Table of Contents
1. Why Integrate 2. Challenges 3. Solutions 4. Significant Opportunities that API2Cart Offers
5. WhyAPI2Cart? 6. Supported Platforms 7. Conclusion
Why Integrate?
Reasons for an Accounting System to Integrate with Magento
Market share expansion (250 000+ online store owners as potential clients)
Extensive functionality You can retrieve and operate order, product, customer, and other related store information to satisfy any needs of the clients having their e-stores based on this shopping cart
Applicable results You can use the new functional abilities to run new features and services to attract even more customers
Data retrieving and syncing
Products Orders Customers Categories
Accounting System
Finding a professional to develop the integration module
Loss of time  A long process of integration module elaboration is by no means all;  a ready-to-use integration needs further maintenance
Vast expenses  Integration module developing, maintaining and updating costs a lot
Accounting System
Solution:Integration withAPI2Cart
Why API2Cart?
API2Cart Presents the Following Opportunities for Accounting System Providers
Save time and money for other objectives
Retrieve all the placed orders and provide your customers with a qualified analysis
Perform product count to establish inventory control on a high level
Extract orders with related information to manage bills and payments easily
API2Cart Features
Why API2Cart?
65+ API methodsto operate with data as you need it
Secure data interactionensured with SSL certificate and 32-symbol API key
Ability to add numerous storesand raise this number if your needs become even bigger
A detailed interactive documentationwith code samples, nothing hidden
What Else You Get as a Bonus:
Integrationwith30+other popular shopping carts:
andmany others
If you’re interested in integration of your accounting system with Magento viaAPI2Cartand would like to find out more information on how it would improve your business, do not hesitate to contact us and have your questions answered.
Thank you for your attention!
Make a big step to defeat your business rivals with API2Cart.
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