Magento Integration With the Help of API
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Magento Integration With the Help of API


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Wondering how to empower your e-Business? Magento Integration will provide you with a huge competitive advantage. Go through this presentation and find out main benefits of API2Cart for Magento Integration.



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Published 01 July 2014
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Magento Integration with the Help of API
Nowadays,APIappears to be the best solution for various problems while conductingeBusiness. It provides merchants with advantages which are worth considering.  APImakes it easier to manipulate with data. Moreover, it’ appears to be a key for everyone who is willing to empower ones online trade. Taking into consideration all digital market requirements, integrationsbetween different platforms and ser the help of API, are increasingly demanded.
Step by Step
1. MagentoIntegration 2. Whatis API2Cart 3. API2Cart’sBenefits
Magento Integration
Magento is a powerful shopping platformwhich is rightly seen in the leadership position among various shopping carts.
26% of eCommerce storeswork under Magento umbrella more than240 000 online shops are powered by Magento
Magento Integration
Integrate your eBusiness soft with Magentoin order to increase your income.
Retrieve, update and sync various data from your clients’ stores on Magento and integrate it with your software with the help of API.
What is API2Cart
A robust solution for the problem is API2Cart ,a unified shopping cart data interface that provides single API to work with 30+ e Commerce platforms
API2Cart’s Benefits
API2Cart is a powerful servicewith the help of which dozens of customers have already integrated with Magento.
API2Cart serves more than4 mln API callsper month supports1000+ online storeswhich is definitely not a limit retrieves, adds, updates and syncs various data you need, includingproducts, prices, customers,orders and other information.
API2Cart’s Benefits
API2Cart establishes quick and secure Magento Integration which is a crucial factor of success for such eCommerce systems:
Email Marketing System Challenge: retrieving customers info from Magento store in order to implement highly efficient email campaignsSolution: seamlessly retrieve and synccustomers’ names and email addresseswith the help of API
Mobile Commerce
Challenge: synchronization of eCommerce and mCommerce stores functionality
Solution: retrieve products, customers and orders from online store and transfer them to mobile one sync an estore with mstore including products, prices, orders, categories, customers, etc.
Accounting System
Challenge: keep record of accounting transactions or manage receivable as well as payable accounts
Solution : get and update customers’ info, product count, orders’ list, pricesand other necessaryinformati
Inventory Management
Challenge: keeping track of inventory, processing payments an replenishing stock levels
Solution: retrieve information on inventory and stock levels including products, prices, orders, products quantity, categories, etc.